Gray coat: with what to wear female and male models

  • What to combine with a gray overoverment overcoat
  • Coat of direct cut in an everyday wardrobe
  • Gray coat for a full woman, nuances of combinations
  • Options for men. With what to wear and combine?
  • Accessories and their combination with gray outerwear

Choosing outerwear, ladies are guided by the originality of cut and color, style and personal aesthetic preferences. Of course, not everyone likes the fashionable bright coats nowadays, and so many choose in favor of feminine, non-aggressive colors. With what to wear a gray coat, and whether it is possible to enter classical clothes into a youthful or sportive everyday bow? Read more about this.

With what to combine a gray overtaking coat

In 2017 on all fashionable catwalks appeared approximately the same style, which slightly changed, but kept its youthful audacity. It is, of course, about oversized size models. Such coats, not fitting a lady's figure, and looking like those taken from someone else's shoulder, spread all over the world precisely at the expense of the protection of designers who are in love with such a cut.

The models of a free cut can be either short or long, and here everything depends on the individual preferences of the lady.

With what it is necessary to combine a gray oversco overcoat:

  • With dresses of bright colors, having a classic, straight style.
  • With a variety of skirts, midi and mini, with either a straight form or a "sun" style.
  • With a variety of trousers and jeans with straight and narrowed legs.
  • With overalls of different colors.

Gray coat practical always looks modest and modest. To the whole female image does not seem too moderate, fashion designers urge ladies to choose a bright set of other things for such an outer clothing.

  1. So, for example, you can add a gray coat with a blue, yellow, pink or red dress. Also you can safely choose the model with the original print.
  2. Suitable as formal-business dresses, and fashionable now knitted models. Such items of the wardrobe will not only warm in the autumn season, but also will look extremely harmoniously from a coat of oversize size.
  3. Also, a lady can give preference to the now fashionable midi skirts with the "bell" style.
  4. If, as an outer garment, a coat is chosen in the floor, it is better to refrain from skirts with a cliche on the bottom. The fact is that such models can play with ladies a cruel joke, visually increasing the volume of their hips.
  5. With long coats, you should not combine skirts in the floor, as well as long dresses and excessively flared trousers.
    Such a layering of the fabric eventually leads to the fact that the girl visually adds a few kilograms, worsening the fashionable perception of her bow.

For such top clothes, women's trousers of all styles, short skirts made of fabric and leggings made of leather will fit. All these combinations will help make the image of the ladies reserved and sexy at the same time.

Straight cut coat in an everyday wardrobe

Women's outerwear straight cut has long been considered a must-have any ladies' wardrobe. Such clothes look emphatically feminine, optimally fits into the ladies' wardrobe, combined with almost any clothing.

However, preferring a rather boring gray color, a lady should be aware of the following nuances of creating an ideal appearance:

  • does not cost to combine a gray coat in the fall with the same faded clothes, since the entire image will then be extremely boring;
  • designers are encouraged to combine different textures of fabrics, supplementing the classic cashmere coat with cotton and leather;
  • such clothes should not be combined with sports overalls, since such a classic style is unlikely to be properly perceived with the bright subject of a wardrobe of a different style.

Choosing the right clothes for a gray thing can be difficult because of color combinations.

  1. If a woman wants to play in contrast to the classics, she should choose red or green kulot trousers with shortened and flared trousers under her gray coat. They can be combined with a variety of body and truncated tops of low-key colors( for example, black or brown).
  2. You can also combine similar clothes with jeans shorts and a t-shirt of bright color. If the lady will complement the image with shoes on a small heel or bizarre boots in the men's style, then her appearance will be harmonious.
  3. Hardly more complicated with the creation of a classic, business bow. Here it is very important not to look bored and too restrained, because the modern fashion is more afraid of more incontinence than lack of interesting details at all. That is why, preferring the formal business style, the girl should choose dresses of bright, but not scintillating shades, for example, pink, blue or green.

    If the dress code in the office does not in principle accept bright colors, then it is worth choosing elongated brown dresses or a variety of knitted dresses with a length below the knee in dark colors. Such clothes will add to their restrained onions their zest, creating an amazing and unique image.

  4. You can also supplement the formal-business style with leather trousers or fabric models with leather inserts. Perhaps, as a separate wardrobe item, such pants look too bright, but in combination with a white blouse they will be able to complement the office style.
  5. To a coat of straight cut the shoes on a heel of the average size, and also various ботильоны and полусапожки are optimum.
    With great caution, you should choose high-heeled shoes, you should also refrain from buying boots, which, combined with similar classic clothes, will look vulgar.

Gray coat for the full woman, nuances of combinations

To ladies with excess weight to choose top clothes costs especially carefully and carefully, as they can easily go too far with fashion trends, visually increasing their volumes. So, for example, girls with mouth-watering forms should avoid too tight, fitting clothes, while carefully using and overcoats.

The ideal option for a full girl is a straight-fitting model with a minimal amount of decorative elements. Gray color perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure, the girl is not full, and so you can confidently wear such clothes at least every day. You can combine the gray coat with the following elements of the wardrobe:

  • with elegant trousers, black leggings or straight cut jeans;
  • with a variety of dresses just above or below the knee, having a straight style;
  • with classic shorts of medium length and a variety of blouses.

Each of these options will favorably emphasize the female figure.

  1. If a girl dreams of creating a modest and elegant image, then she should dwell on the combination of a gray coat with ordinary jeans that have a straight trouser style. You can complement such trousers with a loose-fitting blouse or long-sleeved shirt. As a shoe, you should choose half-boots or medium-sized heels. Such an image turns out to be extremely balanced, emphasizing all the merits of the female figure.
  2. Also the brave lady can choose as a basis of a wardrobe leather leggings and the extended shirt of white or menthol color which visually will hide the imperfections of a figure.
  3. For complete girls, a coat is best suited, having a free style and a small strap, or a trendy cap model.
  4. The coat of the cape looks like an elegant poncho with wide sleeves, also widening downwards. This model can be combined with classic trousers or jeans.
  5. Excess weight is not a limitation for this fashionista, and therefore modern ladies are experimenting in every possible way with a combination of different styles. For example, an elegant gray coat with a mouthful of appetizing shapes can complement the oversize-size dress, which is now very popular. In combination with half-boots on a medium-sized heel, the image will look amazing!

Options for men. With what to wear and combine?

Men, making a choice from the huge variety of outerwear, almost always prefer a coat and jackets of low-key colors. So, for example, men choose gray models because of their simplicity of combination with the everyday wardrobe, external attractiveness and unsurpassed style.

In terms of a combination of such outerwear everything is quite simple:

  1. The choice of should be done in favor of jeans of blue or black color. Such clothes perfectly fit into the framework of business style.
  2. If a man wants to create a bright youth bow, then he should choose fashionable now worn or torn jeans or multi-colored pants, which also do not lose popularity.
  3. When creating an officially-business style, a man should not ignore the classic pants. In combination with an elegant jumper or white shirt, this bow becomes an example of an optimal classic, which looks great under all conditions.

A man should not ignore and a variety of accessories. Since a man's coat often looks too modest and faceless, it should be supplemented with scarves, gloves. Some members of the stronger sex go further, picking up their original brooches or unusual jewelry under their coats. The main thing here is not to go over the frame, because excessive decoration of outer clothing can lead to the fact that the whole appearance will turn out to be ridiculous.

Accessories and their combination with gray outerwear

Since the gray coat almost never looks bright and original, many mods supplement it with accessories.

The ladies in this there is a huge advantage, because they can add to the outer clothing and a variety of hats, and scarves of all colors and styles.

Which accessories are particularly advantageous in combination with a similar coat:

  1. Wide-brimmed hats, emphasizing the elegance and femininity of the image.
  2. Scarves of classical shades, which are suitable for both female and male characters.
  3. A variety of gloves, as well as colored neck scarves, which perfectly fit into the ladies' image.

Of course, when choosing accessories, a woman should think about an organic combination of shades.

If you want to create a bright everyday image, you can stay on an elegant hat of wine color and a scarf of the same shade. This image will look both elegant and sexy.

If a girl adores youth style, then accessories of green, red, yellow flowers will suit her. Similar gloves and scarves add an image of originality, and therefore a girl can safely complement her coat with bright-colored sneakers at low speed. As a result, her image will turn out to be in a good daring and youth way.

When choosing a gray coat, a person should not forget that his main task is to create an original, boring bow. That's why fashion designers should experiment with color combinations, achieving organicity when using clothes of different styles.

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