Country style in clothes

Multi-layered clothing, long skirts, leather lace-up shoes, hats - all this reminds us of adventure films of the American West. It was there that the country style, so popular today, appeared for the first time. Discreet shades of beige, black and gray - seemingly boring clothes, but modern fashion has brought in this direction a lot of energy and sexuality. The country style is ideal for walking, horseback riding and meetings with friends in nature.

  • Country-style history
  • Modern country-style clothing
  • Country-style versions
  • Country-style accessories
  • Country-style shoes
  • Hairstyle and make-up in country-style

History of the village style

"Сountry" in English means "village".Characterize this direction in clothing convenience, simplicity and practicality. This style came to us from colonial America. In the 19th century, European settlers who settled in the territory of the modern United States in search of gold and adventure, least of all cared about the external appeal of their outfits.

This style of dressing was later adopted by Western farmers. Leather pants, jackets, jeans were pretty practical things for their occupation. Wear-resistant materials from which clothes were sewed, as well as comfortable shoes - high boots with spurs, wide-brimmed hats with lacing perfectly suited for those dusty places.

Women's clothing was also very simple. Long skirts made of cotton, cotton blouses, woolen jackets for decoration were lace or complemented with lacing. Shoes in hot weather - sandals on straps, and in a colder period - high boots or boots on lacing. Accessories were made of natural materials.

What is this direction today?

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Modern country-style clothing

Trendy designers of the present time dilute their collections in the style of the country with innovations suitable for our generation. However, the classic remains unchanged. It is a cowboy hat with wide margins and most often a front strap, long multi-layered dresses and skirts, jeans, metal ornaments and large buckles on a wide belt, as well as vests made of natural suede or leather.

Modern fashion has made country more elegant and feminine. Dresses and blouses are now sewing fit and tight. The materials are often light chiffon, thin jersey or lace.

Common prints - a cage, a small flower or an ornament in a folk style. The drawing, as a rule, is not very large.

Dresses and sarafans should ideally be long, although many designers now present skirts in country style knee-length. The cut of the dress or skirt is always free. You can use embroidery, lace or appliqués as decoration.

With such clothes, sweaters of large mating, shirts and vests are well combined. The shades of clothing in the country style are muffled, the primary colors are brown, beige, gray, black and soft red.

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Kinds of country style

To date, this trend in fashion acquires new features, and partly because of this - the territorial impact. There are three directions of country:

  • American;
  • English;
  • French.

American country today is considered the most popular. It is based on practical minimalism. This direction is more characteristic than the others, characterizes the style of the Wild West. The main features of American country:

  • bags over the shoulder;
  • check print;
  • fringed decoration;
  • wide boots;
  • cowboy hats;
  • jeans are free cut.

English country has more strict outfits. Here the determining factor is not only the practicality of clothing, but also the quality of the material. As you know, in England the weather is quite damp, so it's important that the clothes warm. The basic elements of the wardrobe in this direction include:

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  • long skirts in Scottish style;
  • vests and hats of large mating;
  • felt hats;
  • tweed coats and jackets;
  • warm shoes.

French country is a style that emphasizes femininity and natural beauty. Here there are rather frank details of clothes, but the main thing that distinguishes the French style is neatness and elegance. Required elements of the rustic style of France:

  • blouses with lacing;
  • deep neckline;
  • corset;
  • sleeves are shutters.

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Country style accessories

The country style can be characterized as a direction that implies a unity with nature, naturalness and harmony. Naturally, not only clothes, but also jewelry correspond to these principles. Materials from which jewelry is made in this style - natural stones, wood and metal.

Here, at all, the refinement, the chic and the high cost are unimportant. The main thing in country style is simplicity. Instead of a gold bracelet with a diamond, it is better to wear a leather strap and a thin chain of silver. Of metals other than silver, preference is given to nickel and copper. On the neck you can tie a silk handkerchief of pastel tones.

Clothing can be decorated with large wooden buttons. Do not forget about the wide belts of leather, decorated with a large metal buckle.

Bags are preferably chosen from denim or leather. Suitable will be a handbag made of suede, trimmed with fringe. Fringe, by the way, is most often used as a decoration for clothes and accessories in the style of western.

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Country style shoe

It is necessary to choose footwear from natural materials for clothes in "rustic" style. Leather shoes with a low or medium massive heel or sandals with a lot of straps are an excellent choice.

But high suede boots, trimmed with fringe - it's classic. These shoes are in good harmony with any clothing in the country style.

The heel is acceptable in the case of shoes or boots, and then only low. In modern collections of fashion designers there are ankle boots with high heels, but the finish and color of such shoes should be kept in a general style.

Shoes should be chosen on a wedge, or pay attention to sandals on a flat sole.

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Hairstyle and make-up in the country-style

Most often, the hair is worn out or simply gathered in the tail. There are unacceptable high excessively neat hairstyles, smooth hair or perfectly even curls. In all, ease is welcomed. You can simply dissolve your hair and tie a leather cord around your head. Collect the hair in the tail with tape. Do not use hair clips from plastic, as well as various means for styling hair.

Make-up assumes a translucent shine for lips of natural shades, a very thin layer of powder, a light blush and a small amount of mascara on the eyelashes. The accent is made to do on eyes, however it is better to avoid shadows of bright colorful colors. The main thing in country style is a fresh look and natural beauty.

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