How to make furniture for dolls from cardboard

Puppet furniture has never been and will not be cheap, unless it's not about Chinese consumer goods. But for every girl this furniture is a dream. If you want to implement it and do not waste the entire family budget, use your wit and ordinary cardboard. It is from him, as a basic material, you can create a good doll furniture.

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Cardboard sofa

It is most convenient to make furniture from cardboard boxes and finishing materials, which then have to decorate the furniture pieces, giving it a realistic look.

Please note that the width of the box is the width of the future sofa. So you can in advance imagine the dimensions of the furniture.

The main thing in this case is that the doll naturally looked on it - this is the main criterion.

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We will create a corner sofa, which requires two identical oblong boxes.

One of them is left unchanged, the second one needs to be shortened by 60%.

It is separately necessary to make a backrest. Tighten it with a cloth and glue it in boxes, forming the shape of the sofa.

Here's how the usual workpiece looks. It is unlikely that she will like the child, so the sofa must be brought to mind.

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How to decorate the

To make a sofa from a cardboard look like a hundred, it will have to be covered with a high-quality fabric and made soft. For this purpose, we need an exceptionally dense fabric, for example, velvet, plush or corduroy.

As for the colors, they should be cheerful and designed for girls.

Softness of the sofa will give a padding( you can make it from felt, sintepon, cotton or cotton wool), which fits under the fabric with a thick layer on the sides of the sofa, forming armrests.

Plus, you need a pen, ruler, double-sided adhesive tape and glue.

Armrests, if they are needed, are sewn according to the principle of elongated rounded pillows.

In the process of stitching the armrest immediately begin to fill it well with filler.

Finished elements can be sewn to already almost ready sofa from a cardboard, and to paste.

At the end it is necessary to put the sofa on the legs.

The material for the legs can serve as caps from small tubes( toothpaste, glue, etc.), but they all need to be the same in size and design.

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