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Many women make make-up at home. Of course, not every beauty is able to walk completely without makeup, and every time you turn to professionals for help is quite problematic. Most of the fair sex are trying to cope with this challenge on their own.

Unfortunately, often girls act on a whim. They do not know how to make make-up at home, they do not know the basic rules and recommendations. We must remember all the subtleties. It is important to choose the right cosmetics, use professional brushes, sponges, tassels for the eyelashes and eyebrows. Then you will be able to gracefully hide the flaws, emphasize the advantages, arrange the perfect accents and create a really perfect make-up.

Detailed videos of make-up lessons at home:

Remember useful tips, use the step-by-step instruction and get started! You will notice that they began to look better, changed literally before our eyes.

Subjectivity and make-up

When you decide to make a beautiful make-up at home, it is important first of all to take care of your objectivity. It is necessary to develop good taste, be able to assess your appearance sensibly, appreciate real virtues and not exaggerate shortcomings.

If you always strive for an unattainable ideal, you will not only waste your time, but quickly lose your individuality, your own style. Look for yourself, avoid cardinal transformations. A few tips from the stylist will help you.

  1. Accept yourself. Have you looked through the fashion magazines again, watched photos from the life of Hollywood princesses? Are you upset that you do not meet the ideals and again experience different versions of makeup in front of the mirror? Remember the main thing: in the mirror you should see yourself, not the charming Latin American singer or the star of American melodramas. Do not try to make make-up "for someone"!You still will not become that very star, but you lose your naturalness.
  2. Discover your beauty. When you need to do make-up at home, you first need to determine for yourself the key goal. You need to emphasize individuality, reveal your beauty. This is basic, and everything else you do to achieve this goal. Refuse from sudden changes in appearance. This makeup looks unnatural. In addition, imagine that without such a make-up you may simply not be recognized.
  3. Follow the nature. This rule applies to all parts of the face, the shape of the face as a whole. Unfortunately, the ideal make-up of many is associated with significant changes in appearance. Someone does not completely change, but significantly distorts one or two facial features. As a result, does not have harmony , make-up unnatural, the face seems "puppet", not real. A simple example: a girl has round eyes, a little fat face. And she persistently achieves an almond shape. Such elongated eyes not only look ridiculous on the round face, but also deprive the girl of individuality. You can slightly distract attention from their form, if it does not suit, for example, bring only the upper eyelids. But do not change them so much!
  4. Less cosmetics in everyday life. Look better than Hollywood goddesses, going to the office or for bread is not necessary. Of course, you can shock the people around, but this way is exactly wrong. You will spoil your skin, spend a lot of time on vigil before the mirror. And people will start to wonder how you really look. Strive for naturalness.
  5. Limit the list of deficiencies.
When it comes to drawbacks, overly demanding girls are ready to disguise and change everything literally. Please, define a limited circle of cons and only work with them!

For example, the disadvantage can include skin irregularities, acne, deep wrinkles, pigmentation. Although even in this small list there are exceptions. So, wrinkles near the corners of the lips, the eyes are carefully to powder and mask in a tone is not worth it. It is enough to once walk through powder on the basis of the cream, applying a thin layer. These are natural wrinkles, there is nothing wrong with them. But they can be made less profound.

Adopt and love your face. Then you will be able to make beautiful make-up at home, emphasizing your individuality, natural attractiveness.

Subjectivity has become an important factor for most women. Give up negative views, low self-esteem forever.

The main features of makeup at home

Now you need to remember a few specific rules, simple techniques to do in the home really beautiful make-up.

  1. Think about the details of the image. It is necessary to begin with this, and not from going to the store for cosmetics! Many women continue to "follow the colors."They have a certain set of cosmetics, some money suddenly liked, so they were bought. And then there are strange makeup options with "favorite" lipstick and "very beautiful" shadows. Lipstick can go to the blouse, and shadows to the eyes. But we need to achieve their harmonious combination with each other! Think about it when thinking about a new image.
  2. We choose cosmetics. When you have determined the range of shades, you decided which shades, lipsticks, pencils and carcasses you need, you can go to the store. Do not buy a lot of unnecessary makeup, make a beautiful makeup at home only with those sets that you really fit.
  3. Compare the options. Never stop on one or two options. So you will not be able to make a perfect make-up at home. We need to compare at least 3-5 different options.
  4. Cosmetic spectrum. Of course, in order to have freedom of choice, it is important to stock up with a decent range of cosmetics.
    Choose shades with a wide palette, have at least a minimum of eight shades of lipsticks. Blush should also be used different. Their color will depend not only on the type of make-up( everyday or evening), but also on the time of the year, clothing, shade and skin condition.
    A limited set of cosmetics will reduce your chances of doing professional make-up at home. Pay attention, how many different tubes makeup artists! Of course, you do not need to buy everything, but there must be a lot of high-quality cosmetics that are right for you.
  5. We follow the purity, skin condition. Yes, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the face. It is important to monitor the health of the skin, remove cosmetics in time, leaving no traces. Cleansing is necessary, but it is better to give up artificial scrubs. Half an hour in a warm bath with a pleasant mist, a natural scrub of oatmeal with honey will help much more. And do not hurt.
  6. Confidence and speed. The following advice relates directly to the technique of applying cosmetics. Movements must be confident, clear. Do not be distracted, apply makeup layers to adjust it. You do not need to take a pencil, if you have not exactly decided how to look down. First you need to prepare, and then confidently, without losing time, to put all the necessary strokes.
  7. Without categorical recommendations.
    Everyone has probably read at least once advice on makeup for a certain type of face, shape, eye color. They can be quite useful, but do not take them as the truth in the last resort. It is important for you to take into account your own facial features, all the nuances, features of appearance.
    We all understand that a thousand women with round faces should not be equally blush. Focus more on the mirror.
  8. Watch for the colors. Avoid kaleidoscopy, do not make your makeup too mottled. You can come up with original combinations, but one shade is best left soft, background. Two or three accents already spoil the impression, the face becomes "mosaic."

Watch the video how to make Hollywood smoky makeup at home:

You will surely be able to make catchy make-up at home if you follow these simple tips! Some questions may arise. Now consider a few important points.

Make-up delicacy at home

Several more moments are important to remember so that you can easily create effective make-up at home.

  • Permanent. If you already have permanent make-up, additionally cosmetics should be used sparingly. Remember that it should not "conflict" with the base! Watch out for the combination of colors. It is desirable to be limited to permanent eyebrows, otherwise it will be difficult for you to change the images.
  • Eyelashes. Eyelashes should be given special attention. If they are too thin, sparse, you can slightly powder them, and then carefully make up. The reception is effective, but do not use it often! Remember the advice only in special cases. If you do this regularly, eyelashes will fall out even more. Also note that it's better to paint lower, upper eyelashes, not just the upper ones. Without colored lower eyelashes, the eyes will visually become smaller.
  • Blush. When you decide to do makeup at home, be sure to consider the nuances of lighting. Take care that the blush does not look too bright, unnatural. And apply them evenly, one by one! Blush on different heights is a common problem in modern women. The ideal option is to buy a dressing table.
  • Eyebrow makeup. The eyebrows should also be paid attention. Even if they are thinly plucked, you must always adjust their shape with gel, lightly color the hairs. Thick eyebrows must be combed, carefully laid, hair to the hair.
  • Shadows.
    Do not put shadows on clean skin!
    Someone uses cream as a basis, but it is advisable to have a special base. Then you will make a beautiful make-up at home. Shadows will not be smeared, crumbled, their layer will remain even even after many hours.
  • Foto. Brighter make-up for a photo shoot. Use blush, shadows, it is better to make up eyelashes and at least bring a little eye. If you are a blonde, want to do natural make-up at home, choose a brown pencil, the same ink, but do not discard them altogether. Otherwise, the face in the photo will look faded.
  • Evening make-up. Of course, for the celebration, for the evening it is necessary to create a catchy image.

Watch video how to do beautiful evening make-up:

Evening make-up is usually made more vivid, but the natural style is also suitable. Just be sure to make one accent. For example, on long fluffy eyelashes. Someone chooses a sensual mouth, and someone better make a thick eyeliner. You can easily create a beautiful make-up at home, if you choose a good accent and shades to create it. So, for a beige dress, you can focus on the eyes, bring them down and apply golden shadows.

  • Natural Beauty. Easy makeup is better to make the main for ordinary life. Mask the skin imperfections, use a gentle lipstick, soft shades of the shadows, refrain from constant eyeliner, less paint eyelashes. Note that both ordinary beige or grayish shades perfectly emphasize the beauty of the eyes, the expressiveness of the look.

Make a beautiful makeup at home - your best! Do you want to receive a source of inspiration and new ideas? Then watch the lessons on the video. There they talk about the secrets of makeup at home, step by step. Remember tips, emphasize your personality and change with pleasure!

Watch a video of how make a beautiful daytime make-up:

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