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Waterfall of long hair- the decoration of any woman, whether it's a small fashionista, a young charmer or a lady of Balzac's age. But it is simply impossible to wear them forever, in winter you have to wear headdresses, in the spring a strong wind can sweep any curls, and in the summer heat you want coolness. In all these cases weaving braid comes to the aid. There are a lot of variants of braid, but now we will talk about how to braid French pigtails.

About the first braids and not only

Hair braids in braids since the earliest times. The ancient Slavs believed that a long and thick spit is an indicator of good female health. In general, in Russia, by the scythes it was possible to learn a lot. A girl with one braid is unmarried. A girl with a braid, in which a bright ribbon is woven, is a bride. The hair of two braids meant that the woman was married.

Do not think that braided hair was worn by only Slavic women, Europeans also competed in the length and beauty of the braids. In those days, when the Catholic Church began to pursue women with particular zeal, forcing them to wear headwear all the time, very unusual hairstyles appeared: braids braided at the temples, braids decorating the forehead, scythe-braids covering the ears. So women could demonstrate the beauty of their hair against church canons.

But the appearance of the French weaving is hidden in the darkness of centuries. Even in the rock paintings in the caves of Algeria, women with similar hairstyles are depicted, one can see such weaving on ancient Greek statues, these braids are described in ancient Chinese manuscripts, noble women made very complex and high hairstyles.

What is the "French" braid?

Description of the hairstyle with this name appeared in the American women's magazine in the late nineteenth century, with the light hand of the publisher and began to be called this braid French.

It seems that it is not difficult to braid French plaits. Maybe so, but first you need to practice properly. It is best to ask a friend with long hair to allow her to learn the weave on her. After several sessions of hair styling you can become a real professional in weaving. Only after such trainings it will turn out to braid your hair by yourself, and there is no need to think about complex styling. At any time, you can create a real masterpiece from your hair.

So what is a French braid? This weaving of three strands of hair, the hair must be pressed tightly to the head, the braid itself is slightly out of the way.

There are options when pigtails are woven as if on the contrary, they decorate the head like a wreath or have a zigzag shape.

Everything you need to braid the braids

You need: a great desire to learn, a little time and accessories for hair care. The latter should be discussed in more detail.

  1. For long hair, you need to get a good quality massage brush.
  2. Comb with sparse teeth, long handle and pointed tip.
  3. Hair elastic. There should work a fantasy, you can choose simple, smooth gum of different colors or decorated with textiles, rhinestones, flowers. For girls, elastic bands with funny cartoon characters or bright fruits are good.
  4. Ribbons for hair, they can also be any colors and textures, depending on the color of clothes, style and mood.
  5. Set of invisible. If the hair is shorter than the rest of the hair, strands, it is better to pick them up in a braid, so that the hair does not look sloppy. Such hairpins are purchased under the color of hair, the benefit of modern industry it allows.
  6. If the hair is made for a special occasion, you can weave in the braid unusual hair decorations: strings of pearls, golden strips, accessories with beads and rhinestones.
  7. Fixing means for styling. It can be light mousse or lacquer.

Classic French braid

Starting to learn the technique of weaving, the first thing is to master the classic version, it is the most easy to perform. It is worth remembering that the hair before weaving should be washed and carefully combed, the braid looks good only from clean, well-groomed hair.

  1. The classic weave goes all over the head, up to the back of the head. The braid is weaved into the braid, if there is one.
  2. This braid is woven out of three strands, so you need to divide a part of the hair into three identical bundles. We need to start the weave directly from the forehead, holding the braid with large and index fingers, gradually adding the rest of the hair, alternately grabbing them from two sides with free fingers. At the end of the process, you should get a tightly braided braid running all over the head.
  3. The whole difficulty lies in picking the same strings, which is why training is needed.
  4. At the end of the weaving, you need to fix the hair with a ribbon or a hair clip. The best fastening is obtained from rubber bands.

How to weave a French classic braid - a video lesson

A reverse braid and a wreath

Having learned the classics, you can try and more complicated ways of weaving braids. For example, learn how to weave a pigtail on the contrary, or an inverted French pigtail. Hair, as in the first case, must be washed and properly combed. The difference between such a braid is that it is padded as if from the wrong side, and this gives the hair a great splendor and volume.

  1. On the prepared hair to put a little mousse, that the hairdress better kept the form.
  2. Divide the mass of hair into three strands, from the place where the braid should begin.
  3. The strand located to the left, it is necessary to get under the middle, after weave the right strand.
  4. Add a little hair again on the left side, winding them under the middle strand, repeat the procedure on the right.
  5. Weave all the curls in this way. At the end of the hair, you can make a simple pigtail, but the reverse weave.
  6. To give the spit a special splendor, you need to grab the ends of your hair with your left hand, and straighten evenly each tangled strand, creating the right volume.

From such a weaving can create a lot of options that every day will give a new look to long hair. Pigtail, embracing the head, like a wreath, is the most successful option for practicing sports or going to the beach. Its creation is not much different from the weave on the contrary, although there are some nuances.

  1. Such a scythe must begin to weave not from the middle of the head, but from the temporal part. You should choose which side to start with.
  2. Take a strand of hair growing at the temple, and divide it into three.
  3. Weave in the same way that was described earlier, alternately adding hair from the left and right sides, trying to pick up the strands evenly. The braid should be like holding your head.
  4. Weaving should be done until the entire mass of hair is in the braid. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.
  5. The elastic hair must be removed under the beginning of the hairstyle, their pins are invisible.

Braiding the braids around the head - video

The most stylish hairstyle

Often on the street you can meet girls with two pigtails, braided this way. But such a weaving is perfect for young girls who want to give their appearance a certain style of a tomboy. Two French braids will emphasize the individuality, add charm, help change the image of any of their possessor.

How to braid 2 French braids:

  1. All hair mass is divided in half, one part is prepared for braiding, the second is fixed with a hair clip, so as not to interfere with the process.
  2. Weave one side in a classic way or in a back braid, fix the ends of the hair.
  3. Proceed to braiding the second braid, adhering to the same style in which the first was performed, to fix.


  • If you divide your hair into an oblique parting, you can create an even more interesting version of this hairstyle.
  • Another unusual way: dividing hair into unequal parts, braids will be different in volume, which will give each girl who ventured to make such a hairstyle, a special charm.
  • Sometimes, starting the weaving of two braids, they are combined into one on the occipital part of the head. This hairstyle looks not only stylish, but also adds some severity to the created image.

French braid: how to weave, if there is a fringe

Many women with long hair often have a question, is it possible to braid such a braid if the bangs are trimmed? Of course, you can. In the classic version of the weaving, the bangs must be removed in the braid, but there are ways to make the hairstyle more unusual, leaving the hair on the forehead.

  • When starting the weaving, it is necessary to comb and pin the bang in advance so that short strands can not get into the braid. Weak any of the described methods of hair, fix the ends. Now you can gently split the bangs and give vent to fantasy.
  • The bang can be wound. And if you take a couple of strands out of the braid and also curl it, you get a festive hairstyle. For this model, a variety of fancy decorations are perfect: rhinestones, beads, large hairpins.
  • Another way is to straighten the bangs with a special iron. In this case, braid the braid better from the side. This option looks strictly, it is suitable for creating a business image, it is appropriate in an official setting.

Long hair is the wealth of every woman, and the mass of hairstyles that you can create from them will always help to change your image.


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