Stylish options for women's ragged hair cuts of any length

Ragged haircuts are constantly gaining popularity. During the appearance of this hairstyle, only young eccentric people were solved, now the torn haircut became a trend among the more serious ladies. Because such a haircut creates an image of a cocky self-confident woman. It is suitable for active and energetic people who easily go to experiments with appearance.

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The main feature of the ragged haircut is the effect of dishevelment, as if the hair was not sheared along an even line, but was cut off. Ragged effect is created by the method of uneven hair cutting and edging of the tips with a razor.

In order for the torn haircut to look beautiful, the master carefully thinks through its structure. Therefore, a kind of hooligan disorder on the head is nothing more than a visual effect.

Torn haircut is a great way to adjust the shape of the face, especially for those who do not get short straight hairstyles. With the help of falling on the face of the hair, a short ragged haircut will help narrow the cheekbones and large facial features. A narrow face oval can be "expanded", creating the effect of "flying" in the sides of the strands.

Torn haircut is more suitable for girls with light, soft hair. It is not necessary to perform a similar haircut on thinned, sparse or wavy hair that does not hold the stitch properly. On curly locks, the lacerated effect simply will not be visible.

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For short

The most creative and daring ragged haircut will look on short hair. This hairstyle is easier to experiment with stacking.

The basis for a torn haircut can be traditional quads, beans, pixies, hansons and cascades.

In standard form, the hair is trimmed by a grading method, then milled and processed with a razor or special hairdresser's blade.

Sometimes as a basis choose more creative variants of hairstyles. For example, hairstyles with multi-level locks or with uncomplemented horizontal lines, made by the "blunt-cut" method.

The torn haircut on short hair is perfectly combined with creative coloring. It will only emphasize the originality and extravagance of the image.

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For medium

For medium and long hair, a torn haircut must be selected taking into account the proportions of the face. The torn effect is created by combining strands of different lengths distributed throughout the hair mass. At the same time, the "chopped" strands have a smooth transition through the layers.

The most common basis for torn haircuts on the average length of hair are cascade, aurora, grunge, elongated square.

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On the torn haircut of medium length, any melioration and coloring will look great.

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For long

The torn haircut is perfect for owners of long hair, the main condition is that they are thick and stiff, then they will keep the shape well even without additional styling.

The classic versions of torn haircuts include a cascade and a ladder. In addition to them, asymmetrical ragged haircut with shaved temples looks quite interesting.

For long torn haircut stylists recommend staining in contrasting colors - the bulk of hair in a neutral shade, and tips - in a brighter. It will look good effect burned hair.

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The ragged haircut looks spectacular only if it is laid correctly. Otherwise instead of a fashionable hairdress on a head there will be an untidy shock of hair. Having decided once for such an experiment, you need to understand that it takes a lot of time to pack and care for it.

The ragged haircut will have to be put in order every day. To do this, you need to stock up with the necessary styling and thermal protection means, an iron for straightening hair and curling irons. In addition, it is desirable to purchase a gel or cream for the tips of hair, preventing their fragility and cross section.

Short hair can be dried upside down, to give volume, and then chaotically put the feathers with gel or wax.

Long and medium hair should be dried with a round comb, lifting the roots and twisting the tips inside. If necessary, you can straighten your hair with an iron. Finally, the tips must be treated with wax.

It should be remembered that as the hair grows, the lacerated haircut loses its shape, therefore it is necessary to visit the hairdresser once every 3-4 weeks.
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