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Fashionable sunglasses are an indispensable thing for a modern person. They are used not only for protection from sunlight, but also as an accessory. In 2017, designers included in their collections a large number of models with an original and daring design.

Fashionable women's sunglasses 2017

Let's consider, what actual models should be chosen and worn.

  1. "Chanterelles".This summer, designers paid much attention to retro models."Chanterelles" - this is one of those models that they revived from the distant past. The design is perfect for any outfit: romantic, evening, business, etc.
  2. Rounded shapes. This model appeared on the catwalks last year. It will not lose its relevance in this season. This summer, designers offer both discreet and extravagant round models.
  3. Cat's Eye. The designers who presented this model on the catwalks, for sure, were inspired by the eyes of their favorite pets. Women will have plenty to choose from, because both fashion and sports were represented in fashion collections.
  4. Vanguard. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be in the spotlight? Then pay attention to glasses with large rims in the style of the avant-garde. Their lenses are darkened to the maximum, which gives the image some kind of insolence.
  5. Retro style. In 2017, models from the past will be a huge success. This small detail is able to radically change its image.
  6. "Tisheydy" .This version of glasses with round lenses. They look very stylish and extravagant. The accessory is suitable for creating both an everyday and a romantic image.
  7. Waifarers. This accessory will be one of the most in demand. Earlier they were worn only by hipsters, and today they fit harmoniously into any image.
  8. Brouliers. This model is distinguished by the absence of the upper part of the frame. It is quite restrained, so it will be a good addition to any image. In the summer collections, the broulayers are presented with multi-colored frames and glasses.
  9. Scary sunglasses. No fashion show is complete without outrageous models. This year, designers are offering women of fashion accessories accessories, similar to ski masks. They cover almost the entire face. Only the bravest women of fashion will want to wear them, as well as all those who are very afraid of the sun.
  10. Models with catchy decoration. In fashion collections such variants are not very common. The main emphasis this year is on the form, not on the features of the decor. Designers decorated the rims with a lot of beads, rhinestones and beads.
  11. Double-rimmed glasses. This accessory will be able to afford only stylish, non-ordinary personalities who like to be in the spotlight. Its characteristic feature is that the main frame is complemented by a curved decor.

Color scheme

Fashionable glasses for the summer of 2017 will not be rich in rich colors. Designers bet on the form, not the color.

In the fashion there will be models, in which the colors of the lenses and the frames coincide.

In some collections you can see glasses of pink, green and blue. However, designers saved this option for women of fashion who do not want to remain invisible in the summer. The glasses with the animal print, with which the frame is decorated, will be actual.

Functionality of

Even the most fashionable glasses should be not just stylish, but also protect from exposure to ultraviolet rays. That's why the models with large lenses will be very popular. They will protect not only the eyes themselves, but also the delicate skin around them.

The couturier was also worried about mods with poor eyesight. In the collections were presented women's glasses with lenses that improve vision.

Choose fashionable glasses by the face type

Sunglasses are chosen not only according to the current fashion trends, but also the shape of the face. If you look at the current models of 2017, then it's easy to see that with the choice of a suitable frame there can be difficulties. However, the options are still possible.

  • Owners of the oval type face can afford almost any option of setting. You need to focus only on your preferences and financial possibilities.
  • Chubby fashionable women should pay attention to glasses with a straight and acute-angled frame.
  • For owners of narrow and elongated faces designers offer rectangular and oval frames.
  • Girls with a square face shape can pick up teardrop-shaped or large
    rims. Points should not have any sharp angles or sharp jumps.
  • Holders of triangular face shape should pay attention to oval and round frames. From glasses with catchy elements of the decor will have to be abandoned.

In the pursuit of fashion, girls are often saved. Instead of quality accessories, they choose cheap counterfeits, than they only harm their health. Sometimes they make choices consciously, but sometimes - simply by ignorance. Very often manufacturers give out the cheap goods for brand models.

Tips for choosing quality sunglasses

  1. Dark lenses are not an indicator of high quality sunglasses. If they are made of cheap plastic, then they will not protect the sun anyway. This does not mean that you should give preference to lenses made of glass. High quality plastic is much lighter and safer than glass. In addition, it can be applied to any kind of spraying, which protects well from UV rays.
    By the way, in some countries glass lenses are prohibited, since they are traumatic.
  2. On branded glasses the brand name should be written both on the frame and on the lenses. The same inscription must be duplicated on the label. Sometimes, in order to determine a fake, the accessory should be worn for several days. Faking will let the sun go through the lens, and the skin around the eyes will completely burn. But the quality lenses will not miss the rays, so there will be white traces around the eyes. There is another distinctive feature - the smell. If you put on glasses and felt a sharp smell of plastic, then it's a fake.
  3. Information on the degree of protection against sunlight must be indicated on the label.
  4. There are 2 types of lenses: polarized and photochromic. Polarized glasses protect the eyes well from the sun. Their price is from 100 dollars. They are suitable even for people who have undergone eye surgery or have poor eyesight. Photochromic lenses are used to make chameleon glasses. This option is perfect for people who are constantly moving from the room to the street and back. Unfortunately, this accessory is not too durable, therefore in 1-2 years it will be necessary to select new glasses.

Fashionable men's sun glasses

Glasses from the sun - this is one of the most favorite accessories for men. In the spring and summer of 2017 they will be able to pick up their glasses for every taste. Which models will be most relevant?

  • Mirrored glasses. This option appeared on the catwalks a year ago, immediately gaining popularity. They liked the strong half of humanity so much that the designers included them in their collections this year too. In the new season in special honor will be glasses-aviators with mirror lenses.
  • Round glasses. This is another popular trend of the fashionable season-2016.The round form of the rim is found both in women's and in men's collections. Unfortunately, they do not go to all. However, if you are the owner of an oval face, you can safely try on this option. The round frame appeared in fashion collections in the 1920s. In those days, people began to wear glasses not only to protect themselves from ultraviolet glasses, but also for the image.
  • Sports glasses. This accessory will be an excellent solution for young people who lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time in the sun.
  • Points in the style of "D-Frame".This model has angular lines. This gives the image of impudence and futurism.
  • Style «Wayfarer».In fashion collections such points appeared back in the 1950s. In those days they literally blew up the catwalks. Since that time, they have become fashionable, then disappeared.

This summer, "Wayfarer" will again be at the peak of popularity, like all retrostyle models.

The fashionable season of 2017 will please us with interesting models of sunglasses. In the trend there will be rounded forms, glasses "faces" and "cat's eye", tisheydas, vufarers, broulayers, glasses with double and exclusive frames. The main emphasis designers made on the shape of the frame. The color and decor have faded into the background. Although in some collections you can see accessories with colored lenses and frames. They will please those who do not represent the summer without bright glasses.

The designers and the strong half of mankind did not spare their attention. At the men's shows, they presented mirror, sports models, as well as variants in the style of "Wayfarer" and "D-Frame".Do not forget that all accessories must be selected taking into account not only fashion trends, but also the features of their appearance.


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