What headgear is in fashion in the spring and autumn of 2016

  • Hats
  • Berets
  • Knitted hats
  • Hats and baseball caps
  • Shawls, turbans and dressings
  • Fashionable colors of headdresses

The secret of the ideal image is hidden in small things, that's why besides clothes it's important to pay attention to accessories. No fresh collection was not without stylish hats, hats, caps and scarves.

In the new season leading designers offer to try on the girls comfortable and practical fashion headwear, which, however, are not devoid of creative strokes. Among the many styles and colors, every fashionista will find a hat to taste.

But how not to get confused in all this diversity and pick up a really stylish headdress, which effectively complement the image, while remaining comfortable? In addition, do not forget about the unity of style, you need to stop your choice on such models in 2017, which will emphasize the dignity, and not spoil the image as a whole.


Most of all in the spring I want to get rid of heavy winter clothes, but windy weather can interfere with the plans. Girls wishing to look stylish in any weather, designers offer to try on all sorts of hats.

  • Wide-brimmed hats at the peak of fashion in the spring-summer season of 2017.They perfectly complement the elegant, low-key image.
  • Fyodor with wide margins, hats with a low round crown, panama with soft edges or extravagant variants in cowboy style will find their admirers among women of all ages - from young hooligans to mature ladies.
  • Men's hats with a high crown can be of particular interest. Fedora gangster or straw canoe, they will remain stylish in any weather. Such headgear should not necessarily be monophonic, fashion models with embroidery or painting, patterned ribbons or other decor are widely represented.

Among the actual materials - felt and felt. As for color, traditional black, all shades of brown, beige, gray remain fashionable. But rather extreme shades, which are suitable for creating a bold image, here like here: bright yellow, violet, green, white. Such models are suitable even for walking on a summer evening.

The main rule when choosing a fashionable headdress in the spring and autumn of 2017 says that the hat should perfectly match the color, texture and print with outer clothing.

You can wear a hat with a coat in tone, a classic English cloak, a bomb jacket or a soft poncho. Shoes should be selected based on the general style: sneakers or ankle boots, thick-soled shoes or elegant boats.


Among the fashionable headdresses of 2017, you can again see berets. The symbol of chic and elegance, takes adds any image of femininity, refinement.

Soft and comfortable, these headgear will suit almost all the girls. Combine them with fashionable woolen coats: monophonic or checkered, classic fitted or oversize.

Among the actual for the berets of the coming season:

  • red;
  • are pink.
  • White;
  • blue;
  • black;

Classic berets in the Parisian style will help create a touching romantic image. Feel free to combine them with fitted checkered coats, ankle boots with low heels, light scarves made of silk or chiffon. Glasses in a thick frame will add the appearance of restraint and modesty.

The enlarged models, knitted or from fabric with a three-dimensional texture, will perfectly fit to loose coats and cloaks with large overhead pockets. Jeans or narrow pants, a silk blouse with a V-neck and sneakers will form the basis of an elegant but relaxed image of a confident girl. Leggings and boots on a thick sole complement the image of a rebel, hiding behind the image of a pay-girl.

Another spring trend - berets of velvet and brocade, which will become part of the bohemian image in combination with lace collars, thin gloves and jewelry made from pearls. Black dress or a white shirt made of silk with a classic narrow skirt will add to the appearance of sexuality.

Some fashion models are decorated with large pompoms, brooches, embroidery, artificial flowers.

Knitted hats

When winter already gives up its rights, but the temperature on the street is still far from comfortable, it's time to choose a comfortable and warm knitted hat. This season, designers are not stingy and presented several interesting models of these fashionable women's hats

  • Sport caps with pompoms or without, monochrome, with ethnic motives, smooth, textured, straight, with wide lapels - you can choose a model for any occasion. They are perfectly combined with voluminous jackets and coats, bombers, elongated jackets. Be sure to complement the fashionable sports hats with a knitted scarf or sweater with a bulky golf collar.
  • A gentle and feminine image will help create knitted patterns from Angora wool. Preference is given to the headgear pastel shades: pearl, pink, gray, blue.
  • Positive mood is provided if you wear a bright fashionable fur hat with a floral or ethnic ornament.

Fashionable sports hats designers recommend combining with a simple hairstyle, in particular with loose long hair.

Caps and baseball caps

Choosing fashionable hats for the spring and summer of 2017, girls must pay attention to all possible models of caps, among which you can find both sporting and elegant options.

  • Fans of sports style will like single-use baseball caps, which should be worn with jackets-bombers or Olympics, jeans.
  • A romantic image is obtained if you combine a short dress or a lace top with an original baseball cap made of textured fabric with beautiful floral, lacy ornaments.
  • On the podium again returned the style of military, which is also represented among fashionable headdresses in 2017.Caps and caps - a classic style or three-dimensional - designers advise choosing muted tones: cream, beige, gray.
  • No less in demand models made of leather, monochrome black or with a texture for reptiles. You can combine such caps and caps with anything from leather jackets to light sundresses.
  • Caps-binis, eight-notes in the style of "Gavroche" will complement the hooligan image. Models can be knitted and felt, monophonic and checkered. Supplement them with loose coats, classic trench coats, short quilted jackets. Perfect shoes - army boots or shoes in the style of the English school uniform in combination with knitted golf.

The English style is extremely popular in 2017.An example of this is the classic woolen cap with a visor, and sometimes with a pompon or brush. And those who want to give their image an aristocratic chic, it's worth looking at elegant fashionable helmets in a jockey style. You can choose a one-color model, checkered, with print or embroidery.

Shawls, turbans and bandages

Fashionable headscarves in large numbers were presented at the shows of spring-summer 2017. They will suit any style and will change the appearance for the better.

Designers offer to wear them as a bandanna or tie in the manner of a turban, leaving the hair loose or completely removing them.

Ethnic motives are especially popular - African or Arabic. The print on the scarf is desirable to combine with the ornament on other garments.

  1. From monochrome scarves of turquoise, red, gray shades, you can build a turban or turban in retro style, adding an image with a silk dress, a short light jacket, large sunglasses, make-up "smokey aise" with bright red lipstick.
  2. A scarf with large ornaments can be tied in the manner of shawls, as it was fashionable in the 50s, and the hairstyle under such a headdress will not lose its volume.
  3. With the help of fashionable scarves it is possible to decorate other headgear. Some designers call attention to mesh scarves and veils.

Another greetings from the past - knitted headbands that will not only harmoniously fit into the retro style, but also allow you to remove the annoying bangs. They are better to choose monochrome, for example, black or red.

The image with a handkerchief or bandage must be supplemented with glasses of the appropriate style, placing emphasis on a beautiful forehead and bright lips.

Fashionable colors of hats

The arrival of spring or motley autumn is always accompanied by bright colors, the color range of fashionable female headdresses is no exception. The warm season of 2017 practically does not restrict girls in choosing shades, so it's much easier to create a trendy and stylish image. But first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the following scales:

  1. Earth tones, which include all shades of brown, sand, clay. In one headdress, several shades of this scale can be present at once, including in the form of gradient transitions.
  2. Pastel scale. Delicate shades of pink, mint, lilac, blue will be an excellent occasion for creating romantic images.
  3. Black and white gamma, including all shades of gray. Colors can be combined on fabrics in a cage, giving space at drawing up of a wardrobe in classical style.
  4. Bright, flashy colors. With the help of fashionable headwear scarlet, turquoise, electric blue you can safely declare yourself, and it is not necessary to choose similar models for the color of clothes. They may well become an effective accent, attracting the attention of others.

Choosing a fashionable hat for the spring of 2017, you should focus on your mood. But factors such as face shape, hair style, hair color are also important, they should be with the shape and color of the cap in perfect harmony.

Buying a hat, do it in the clothes with which you plan to wear it, and always in front of the mirror. Do not miss the first model you got just because it is in a trend. For example, fashionable oversize can often afford only tall girls, otherwise you can easily get into a mess.

The secret of style is not in vogue, but how comfortable a person feels in clothes. When choosing a hat, it is worth considering only your opinion, because it will not be worn by advisers or consultants from the store. Video on the topic:

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