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This is one of the most stylish and effective haircuts. Kare on the leg got its name due to a very interesting design of hair on the back of the head. The classic square in this case is combined with a relatively short haircut from behind, which gives the image elegance and courage.

What are the varieties of square on the stalk, and who will approach such a haircut? How to care for a haircut and style your hair to look really stylish and fashionable? Consider what the stylists advise.

To whom does this hairstyle go?

Haircut on the leg is suitable for girls and women of any age. But there are several features that are important to consider when choosing this haircut:

  • The correct face shape is oval or elongated, since the haircut will reveal all the flaws, if any.
  • Straight hair. Wavy, and the more curly, it will be very difficult or even impossible to lay.
  • Slender physique and flawless neck. Such a haircut completely bares the neck and chin line, which visually emphasizes the presence of excess weight. Looks unattractive to the penalty if the neck is too long.
  • It's best to look on the leg on the leg on dark hair, but the right color accents on the light strands will help make the hair style bright and stylish.

It is also important to note that such a hairstyle emphasizes facial features and makes them more expressive. Therefore, if the nose, lips or chin are not the pride of their possessor, then it is better to refuse such a haircut.

Kinds of quads on the foot

Variations of hairstyles set. The choice depends on the face oval, type of hair, physique and personal preferences.

  1. Shortened square - a classic, which became the basis of all kinds of this hairstyle. In this case, the nape is sheared under the comb or shorter, and the rest of the hair is made one length approximately at the level of the cheekbone. Often this haircut is complemented by a straight even bang. The rear view of this square resembles a mushroom in shape. Many girls like to shave on the back of the head various patterns, which adds a hairstyle of originality and courage.
  2. Haircut on the leg. This hairstyle is suitable for even hair of medium density. Haircut easily fits, looks feminine and gentle on women of any age and build.
  3. The elongated square on the leg adds a special charm and elegance. The more the difference between the length of the hair on the back of the head and the front strands, the more effectively the hairstyle looks. You can combine it with a straight line, and with a slanting bang. Very stylish looks such a square with asymmetrical front strands, which can be achieved by styling on an oblique parting.
  4. Graduated square is ideal for owners of thin and not too thick hair. However, it is important that the hair is even, as on curly locks such a haircut will lose its lines and look sloppy. Such a haircut differs in a smooth transition of length from the occiput to the face, which adds extra splendor and lightness to the hair.
  5. The square on the leg is combined with any bangs. The owner of the convex forehead will approach a thick bangs, and the high one - a slanting one.
    Depending on the type of hair, oval and facial features, you can choose a milled, smooth or asymmetrical bangs.

When choosing the option of square, it is important to pay special attention to the type of hair - their density and structure:

  • More dense and heavy head of hair is suitable haircut with even geometric lines: a bob-kara, a shortened version, with straight, massive cheeks.
  • Ideally, such haircuts will look on the hair of black or dark brown hues. Very popular is the square on the leg and among the representatives of subcultures, where the hair is given the most incredible shades - red, blue, purple.
  • For hair that does not have a particular density and thickness, a graduated or elongated square is more suitable. In this case, the hair will look more voluminous and airy, and it will be very easy to lay them. Supplement the haircut can be oblique or straight, milled bangs.
  • This haircut looks great both in dark and light hair, and melirovanie or coloring will add to it the volume.

How to shear?

Any haircut is best entrusted to a professional, but if you want and have a small experience to cope with the quads on the foot, you can even at home. We will analyze step by step how to cut hair in this case:

  1. Hair to wet and carefully comb.
  2. With the help of a thin comb, we divide them into four parts: one parting in the middle of the head from the forehead to the nape, the second part from one temple to the other. Each lock is fixed using clamps.
  3. We begin a haircut from the occipital part. To do this, we separate the lower strand of hair, comb it and give it a "cape" shape with a trimmer or thinning scissors.
  4. Separate the next strand and cut it with a brace of 45 degrees. Then, in the same way, we separate and trim the strands to the level of the ears. The angle of the delay can be changed depending on the desired result.
  5. Having reached the line of the upper edge of the ears, we separate the strand over it and carefully comb it, form the line of the square, passing from the occipital part to the temporal part.
  6. Separate strands in the temporal zone from both sides and cut from the back of the head to the temples.
    Strand cut at the same angle as the occiput, this will help to give the haircut the necessary volume.
  7. Hair dry the hair dryer, and to add extra volume we mend the tips.

For styling and fixing the hairstyle you will need a standard set that can be found in any girl: brashing for drying with a hair dryer, mousse and hair spray.

Bob-kara on the leg( video)

Tips for care and packing

Everyday hair styling does not take much time and can be done by absolutely any young lady. To create the same more interesting and complicated styling, you may need: iron, forceps and large curlers.

  • To date, the most relevant is the hairstyle, in which the hair looks perfectly even and shiny. In this case, you need to use an iron and a means for balancing the hair. When pulling the strings, they should be slightly tucked inside.
  • Another version of the styling, which is perfect for graded and elongated quads, is an artistic mess.
    For this, on the combed hair, it is necessary to apply a little mousse and dry it with a hair dryer, tilting the head forward.
  • To create an additional volume at the roots, you can use large Velcro curlers and a means for radical volume. With the help of forceps and gel, you can create an elegant wave that will look very stylish with an evening gown and a bright make-up.

The square on the foot does not require much care. It is important only to keep fit, regularly visiting the hairdresser, and do not forget about moisturizing and protecting the tips, as they are often exposed to the hair dryer and ironing.

Given the clarity of the lines of this haircut, it is very interesting to look bright coloring or coloring. Despite the relatively small length, you can use when laying the weave and small hairpins that will bring in the image brightness.

Cutting the square on the stalk is simple and unpretentious in styling. At the same time, she always looks very stylish and feminine at the same time. To hairstyle has highlighted the advantages and concealed imperfections, you need to be attentive to the details when choosing a haircut option. Always analyze the type, color and thickness of the hair, the shape of the face, nose, forehead and other. Related Videos:

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