What itches the right palm and other parts of the body

It has long been noted that some of the sensations that appear unexpectedly in a person can be harbingers of certain events. There are no scientific explanations for this fact, but at the same time, all the signs for many years make us be convinced of our truthfulness and effectiveness. So what can the right palm and other parts of the body scratch?

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According to ancient signs, the palm can begin to itch just before pleasant events, for example, acquaintance with a new person orolgozhdannoy meeting with a friend.

Itching in the palm of your hand sometimes means that you will soon have to make an important decision that will change life abruptly. In the East there is a sign - the right palm has combed, it means that a man has accumulated a lot of strength in order to overcome all obstacles and bring to completion the conceived.

It is necessary to pay attention to what day of the week the palm was combed:

  • Monday - we should expect a date, but not a love. Perhaps my colleagues will invite me to lunch or my neighbor will stop by for tea.

  • Tuesday - there will be a meeting with an old friend who has already begun to wear out of memory. There is a chance to refresh both memories and friendship.
  • Wednesday is a romantic date.
  • Thursday is a long-awaited meeting with a loved one after a long separation.
  • Friday is an unplanned date with someone from the past.
  • Saturday - to flirt.
  • Sunday is a meeting with a rich and influential person who will help to overcome difficulties in business.

The interpretation of the sign varies depending on the time of day:

  • If the itching appeared in the morning - to a new acquaintance.
  • Tickling arose in the evening - at the door knock on the changes relating to the business sphere. For example, there will be news of an increase or that the project is recognized as the best, etc.
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The party is concerned about material values. She tends to rustle with money or weigh gifts, both material and spiritual.

In this regard, the resulting itching in the left hand prophesies:

  • Profit. Find, win, large order - the source of material prosperity can become anything.
  • Promotion on the career ladder. Higher post - more money.
  • Unplanned costs. The left hand can both rejoice in profit, and grieve for losses. Perhaps, the purchase is beyond the means or the thief steals the purse.

On days of the week:

  • Monday - to receive an impressive amount, which, most likely, will be spent on various trifles.
  • Tuesday - an old debt will be invested in an itchy palm.
  • Wednesday - to get money that can hurt, so this unexpected profit is better given to those who need it more.
  • Thursday - a sign says that money is rushing into the hands, but then they are having problems with their relatives.
  • Friday - you need to be careful not to miss the gift that fate will throw at your feet.
  • Saturday - to increase the salary.
  • Sunday - you should expect a nice gift.

In the morning or in the evening:

  • The most faithful belief in the fact that an impressive amount of money will soon appear in your pocket is the morning itch in your hand.
  • If such a feeling arose in the evening, and even in the company, we need to look around - is not some of the friends scratching their left palm at this moment? The sign says that this person is the best friend and soul-mate.
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Feathers the edge of the palm of the hand

Attention is called to be careful. Someone wants to give a gift, but not out of good motives.

Itching of the right arm ribs predicts that someone will try to bribe something insignificant in order to get a better service in return.

If the left side is scratching, the person bringing the present will not ask for something in return, but his gift is not from the heart.

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  • Itching of the head warns that in the near future a person will be scolded.
  • The forehead is scratched - the prediction of a long conversation with a man of the opposite sex. According to other beliefs, the sign means that soon it will be necessary to apply for an unpleasant person.
  • The back of his head was combed and he had to go through the abuse in his address.
  • The top of the head itches - to quarrel with family and close people.
  • The right temple is scratched - a conversation will take place with an influential person, who will have to ask for help in matters.
  • The left temple is itchy - a dangerous sign, especially if the work involves a risk to life. The sign calls for increased care and balance of each step.
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According to one belief, the right eyebrow itches before meeting with a good person, perhaps with a friend who praises you. The left eyebrow promises to meet with an unpleasant and evil person who condemns.

According to other predictions, if it itchs the left eyebrow - this is to meet with a man, and the right one - with a woman. It was combed between the eyebrows - to a friendly sitting with a married couple.

There is still a sign when itchy eyebrows - a person will look at an unexpected visitor who came from afar and bow to him or thank him for the good he was given.

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The left itchs to joy, and the right one - to tears. Also, the right eye, according to popular signs, can itch and fortunately - it all depends on the day of the week in which it began to itch. If there is a letter "p" in the name of the day of the week( for example, Sunday), then the eye itches to happiness and joy, on other days to tears. True, if you scratch both eyes at the same time and cross them 3 times, then there are no tears.

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  • They say: "innose sverbit - the joy of being. "
  • Itches the bridge of the nose - someone will report the deceased person.
  • The tip of the nose itches - means, in a glass look.
  • Right nostril tickled - friends will have a son, a left one - a daughter.
  • I combed myself under the nose - I'll have to face ingratitude.
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Burning cheeks are messengers of long-awaited guests. The right one promises a meeting with people who came from afar, the left one - with those who live side by side.

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  • The left cheek is scratched, so you must be careful in dealing with people around you, someone behind them starts to dissolve gossip.
  • Itches the right cheekbone - good words are said about a person.
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Scuffed lips - to kisses. The lower lip promises kisses with a woman or a child, the upper lip with a man. When both lips itch, it is necessary to kiss with spouses.

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  • The tip was combed - to gossip. To stop this, you have to tie a tight knot on something, so that the ill-wishers get their mouths tied. You can also sprinkle the tongue with salt, in this case all directed evil will return to the one who has conceived it.
  • It is scratched all the language - to long conversations with friends.
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  • Itching in this part of the face promises a romantic date. If you like a person and during his thoughts he combed his chin, then you can be sure that the relationship will go well.
  • For people in a relationship, the itch on the chin indicates that the beloved person is very jealous. You have to be more careful and do not provoke a partner, as this may end in parting.
  • The chin was scraped from the right side - to quarrels and conflicts, from the left - to the reception of pleasant news.
  • In ancient times, tickling sensation on the chin was associated with a person's health. If the itching is strong, then soon someone from relatives or friends will get sick.
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  • If it itches in both ears, one must expect wind or bad weather. A more joyful explanation of this sign indicates the birth of a child in the family. When the left ear itches - someone praises, the right one - scolds.
  • It is scratched in the ear shells, it means that someone condemns: to the right - relatives and friends, to the left - strangers.
  • The earlobe is itching to the news: right - to sad, left - to joyful.
  • Ears were combed in winter - warming will soon come, in other seasons - to receive unexpected news.
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If an itchy or tingling sensation appears in the chest area, this heralds a bother:

  • Right breast - to cheating on the part of the lover.
  • Left - indicates the melancholy of the chosen one.
  • Both breasts - to the scandal with close people.
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  • Left - a sign says that in the near future there will be a lot of trouble. It is recommended to postpone important trips and business for another day.
  • Right - a warning that you will have to leave your home for an indefinite time.
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  • Left - to serious conflicts with native people. For businessmen, such a foretold predicts financial problems. Itching in the left elbow for young people means getting a chance to meet true love. If such discomfort occurs for married people, then in the coming days you need to be reserved, as innocent flirting can cause quarrels that can lead to divorce.
  • Right - to a quarrel, which can result in a fight.
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  • Thumb is a sign of luck.
  • The index finger is responsible for the professional qualities of a person. The itch in this place foreshadows for the student - getting a good evaluation in the educational institution, for the working person - promotion on the career ladder.
  • The middle finger is a good sign, you need to expect a wage increase or an inheritance from a distant relative.
  • An unnamed finger - promises increased attention from the opposite sex. Perhaps in a short time in life will happen an event in which a person will be in the spotlight.
  • The little finger is a bad sign, meaning that hard times will come soon.
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Belly of the

  • If the stomach is itchy - we must expect a change in the weather, the upper part itches - the weather will change for one day;and if in the lower area - the change will be in a few days.
  • The navel itself is scratched or around it - to the fun at a party or a meeting of guests.
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When tickling the neck from the front, soon it will be necessary to assemble on the road. If it itches the occipital region - it is necessary to come back from the road half way.

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If the itching appeared under the right armpit - to the disease, under the left one - someone close will get sick.

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Sadness, longing for the soul and very sad prospects carries with it a sign about the combed back.

  • Tingles the lower back - to misfortunes and misfortune.
  • Blades - to the bad news.
  • The tailbone is scratched - it will be possible to avoid trouble.
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Suddenly the priest began to itch, it means that someone sincerely praises. Also, the folk sign says that soon there will be an important mysterious event that will positively affect the course of fate.

Both buttocks begin to itch usually before good events related to personal life. If such feelings appeared on the one hand, the right one promises rivals or envious persons with bad intentions, while the left one attracts pleasant news or a meeting.
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  • We combed below the knees - the weather will deteriorate.
  • Under the knee - the head of the family will leave on a long journey.
  • His left knee scratched - to the unpleasant news;right - to unexpected joy.
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In summer - to a thunderstorm and torrential rains, in winter - to a thaw.

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Feet of

The people have a saying: "the soles were combed, to know to be on the shoulders of boots".Scuffed feet always foreshadow the way. If the foot or feet are burning, then you have to dance until you drop.

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