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Owners of long hair often wonder how to put them in a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. At the same time, I want it to be original, simple and long-lasting. A hair bow from a hair fits these requirements. It looks unusual, does not require a lot of time, it's easy to play. Styling is suitable for any occasion of life, brings in the image of individuality, femininity and originality.

Varieties of laying

Bows made of hair come in different shapes and sizes. This feature allows you to wear such a hairstyle to many girls and women, regardless of the shape of the face and length of hair. It is suitable for almost everyone. Depending on the event, the bow can be placed at the top of the head, at the neck level, from the side.

The huge shapeless bows have long ago disappeared. Stylists are able to embody any fashionable variation of styling.

There are the following variants of it:

  1. Bunny Malvinka.
  2. Bow with weave.
  3. A small bow or braid with a bow.
  4. Bow of hair with accessories.

And this list is not limited to. Fashion designers themselves can create new variations of the hairstyle. With the change of details and the way of laying the bow gets an original look. Depending on the availability and types of accessories, the purpose of the hairstyle changes.

  • A bow on the back of the neck with a neatly laid bangs will complement the business suit and the perfect look of a business lady.
  • For ceremonial occasions, a "Malvinka" with a bow is suitable.
  • Moving the bow to the top or side and wearing evening dress and high-heeled shoes, a strict lady turns into a delightful queen of the ball.
  • Beautiful and airy looks spikelet with bows.
  • For a party, for example, there is a bow on the top of the head. He will give the image lightness and playfulness. The main thing is not to overdo it with the size.
  • Hairstyle can perfectly complement the image of the graduate and pokuet all eyes to her. It will be a highlight in the guise of a girl.

Stacking is simple in performance. To make a bow of hair of any length, it will take no more than 15 minutes.

A bow from hair with a scythe for 5 minutes - video

To whom does not approach a hairdress bow

Versatility of stacking nevertheless has some restrictions. Hairstyle is not suitable for owners:

  • brittle hair;
  • thin hair;
  • of unruly hair;
  • large facial features.
On unruly hair, the hairstyle does not hold, it is necessary to correct it all the time. Owners of large features a bow of hair is not recommended, since he will emphasize the negative features of appearance.
Wearing a bow will also cause problems for fashionistas with curly hair, since curls will have to be straightened before laying the hairstyle.

How to make a bow from the hair

In order to make a bow, you should purchase some accessories. There is no need for a large number of accessories, they can only serve as an addition to the image. But without additional funds can not do.

To create a hairstyle on long and medium hair, you will need:

  • Brush. It is desirable that it was made of natural bristles, but you can use ordinary.
  • Styling agent. You can use mousse.
  • Eraser of small thickness. She must securely fix the strands.
  • Hairpins and invisible.
  • Varnish. For giving the originality of the hair, you can use a tool with sparkles.
  • Iron or curling tongs.

Depending on the purpose and size of the planned bow, the number of accessories and accessories required may vary.

The technology of hairstyle is one, but the result can turn out different depending on the length of the hair, accessories and the size of the planned bow.

For a beautiful bow, the hair should be bulky and straight. On a thin hairstyle will not look. With a small amount of hair must be wound on curlers. It is better to wash your hair the day before, so that the hair is better laid and obedient. A bang should be stabbed.

You can apply a small amount of gel to your hands. This technique will help prevent hair from spilling out and give your hair a neat look. Strands will not stick out and stick out.

After completing the preparatory steps, you should:

  1. Tie the tail on the vertex. When you move it to the side, you get a bow on the side.
  2. From the tail make a large loop, dragging it through the elastic band not completely. In this case, the ends of 6-7 cm in length should protrude from the front, they will be required for the middle part of the bow.
  3. Loop divided into 2 parts and form "ears".
  4. Use the tips of the tail to make the middle of the bow. Strands need to be filled with an elastic band. The design must be secured with invisible devices.
  5. The bow is varnished. To correct. Hairstyle is ready.

Hair bow of hair - video

For short hair

If the haircut is very short, then you will not be able to braid the bow. But there is an alternative. You can attach a hair clip in the form of a bow that mimics natural hair. Color should be selected carefully. It should coincide with the basic tone of hair, without this hair will look ugly. For fans of an unusual image there are bright shades of bows: purple, pink, lilac.

Hairstyle can be diversified by adding various accessories to it. The function of the bow is dependent on them. A hairstyle without accessories can serve as an office option.

Decorated with hairpins or small hair clips, the bow is suitable for going out into the light or at a party.

How to beautifully decorate a bow

You can use hair accessories for hair styles. They will give originality and help change the purpose of the hairstyle. In addition to the bow of hair use:

  • Hairpins and hairpins. They can simultaneously serve as a means to fix the hair and decorate it. Hairpins and hairpins will give the image brightness, and hair - completeness.
  • The bezel can be used as a standalone accessory or serve as a basis for additional decorations.
  • Tapes will be an original addition to the image of any fashionista. There can be any color scheme. Do not lose relevance over time.
  • Live or artificial flowers will give the image lightness and romance.
  • Diadem will be suitable for ceremonial exits. Gives the hairstyle refinement, brings in the image element of grace, will allow the girl to feel like a princess.
  • Suspension will emphasize the taste and sophistication of its owner.

How to achieve volume without complex procedures?

For the beauty of the hair, volume is necessary. To give it to your hair, you can apply:

  • Diffuser.
  • Naches.
  • Curlers.

An effective way of giving volume and splendor is usually considered basal. It is simple and effective. The method should be used on clean and dried hair. With the use of additional means of fixing the combs can impart volume for a long period. A bow of hair looks spectacular.

The mod can apply a diffuser - a nozzle for a hair dryer. A well-known and popular way of giving volume - hair curlers. He will help to achieve the necessary fluffiness of the hair before creating a bow.

Why Learn How to Do Yourself

  • The ability to reproduce popular types of laying independently will significantly save time and budget.
  • A bow of hair does not require much time and effort.
  • It gives the appearance of femininity, introduces into it originality and completeness.
  • Styling allows you to look stylish in any situation. It is suitable for different occasions, can be worn without additional accessories or with them.
  • Bant suitable for any woman, regardless of age, will bring a twist to any image. It is ideal for girls who like to dream and want to emphasize individuality.
A bow of hair will give an image of coquetry or severity. The final version of the image depends on the desire and imagination of the girl.

This is a styling that can be performed in different interpretations at home.

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