How to do effective weight loss belly massage

There are no women in the world who do not dream about the appearance of a Hollywood star and an ideal figure. But it happens that both appearance and a slender figure they have, but there is also a small tummy, the cause of which may be a recent pregnancy or errors in nutrition. How to make the stomach "go away" and never again reminded of yourself? Massage will help!

  • Features of the procedure
  • Professional massage
  • How to make at home
  • Types
  • Oils
  • Contraindications

Features of the procedure

Massage itself brings great pleasure to every person, because during this procedure you relax both emotionally and physically. For women, massage is very useful in terms of figure correction: it reduces the volume, tidies the abdominal skin, helps in the fight against stretch marks, and also improves the digestive process.

There is an opinion of dietitians that a belly massage promotes weight loss without the use of physical exertion and debilitating diets, only if the weight does not exceed the permissible standards. It will be more effective to massage the abdomen in combination with a well-balanced diet and special physical exercises. Its advantage lies in the fact that during the massaging of the abdomen in this place increases lymph flow and blood circulation, and along with it the process of fat burning in the body is accelerated and the peristalsis of the intestine improves.

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Professional massage

Massage during a session with a specialist begins with a slight stroking of the skin clockwise. It is this movement that improves digestion. Then stroking becomes more energetic and is carried out not only with the palms, but also with the fists. Particular attention to the massage therapist during the session is given to fat folds, which are fingered and "rubbed" with palms. Gradually the movements acquire a vibrating character, followed by a sharp pressure, and then their pressure decreases and turns to calm stroking.

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How to do at home

Many women want to do a massage for losing weight belly, but can not afford to go to the procedure. Despair is not necessary, because a massage for losing weight belly can be done at home.

To begin massage it is desirable in the morning, minutes through 30 after a breakfast or in the evening, hour through 3 or 4 after last meal. Before you start a stomach massage, you need to empty your bladder and intestines, this is a very important condition.

Do it best in standing or lying position, trying to strain the abdominal muscles. Thus, you can conduct the best massage of adipose tissue of your abdomen.

After this, it is worth switching to easy stroking of the abdomen with both hands, without forgetting to do the movements clockwise. Begin at this stage of the massage to gradually use the fat fold under the breast itself: first pull it, then rub it with your fingers, then go on to the next folds. Then you need to calm the skin of the abdomen with light strokes.

After stroking, start the next stage of the massage - rubbing the abdomen from the very top to the bottom with the bones of your jaws. To finish these movements, as well as previous, it is necessary easy strokes.

Do the right massage for losing weight belly, do not forget about the sense of proportion. If you are sick or uncomfortable, you should stop exercising massage movements.

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Types of

At home, you can make several effective types of massage for weight loss of the abdomen, namely:

  • Lymphatic drainage - for carrying it you will need a very fat cream or oil, which should be applied to the entire abdomen. Begins massage with light strokes, which become more intense, while you should consider the lymph flow - to the center of the periphery. It is this massage that increases the flow of blood through the veins to the heart and removes liquid and slag from the body. It should be carried out for at least 15 minutes.
  • Chinese point - promotes weight loss, if you perform daily simple strokes for 25 days. Universal is the point of Guan-yuan, which is located on the midline of the abdomen below the navel. To conduct the massage you need to lie on your back. Mass circular movements are carried out with a thumb of medium intensity, the duration of the massage is about 30 minutes.
  • Padded - this kind of abdominal massage helps to remove stretch marks, soften the abdominal muscles, smooth the skin and increase its tone. To make it effective, it should be done using a cream or oil( they must first be applied to the skin of the stomach).Such a massage provides circular tingle of the abdomen, which with each circle intensifies, which leads to a slight reddening of the skin. After the massage, rub the abdomen with a towel in a circular motion.
  • Anti-cellulite - makes the skin of the abdomen more elastic and reduces the amount of fat under the skin. For such self-massage, you need an anti-cellulite cream or oil. Massage begins with stroking along the large intestine, then proceed to more intense circular motions. After that, start kneading the muscles of the press: from the pubic to the ribs. Then you should make light pats and tingle. End a session of this massage for weight loss should be light, smooth, circular movements, and then apply to the massaged area of ​​anti-cellulite cream or wrap with clay, algae or coffee. The whole massage procedure should take no more than 5 minutes.
  • Honey - not only reduces the stomach, but also makes the skin tender and supple. For 1 massage you need 1-1.5 tablespoons of honey, in which you can also add 3-4 drops of essential oil: lemon, orange, lavender, juniper. Liquid honey is applied on the palm of the hand, with a smooth movement, the palm is pressed to the stomach, and then the tighter is torn off. The abdomen should be strained. For a visible effect, honey massage should be performed every other day for a month.
  • Water - this kind of massage of the abdomen is done during the shower. It is necessary to direct the flow of cool water to the abdomen and to drive it in a circle. It is recommended to change the water pressure from time to time. Such a massage of the abdomen not only promotes weight loss, but also relieves stress at the end of the day.
  • Vacuum - is considered one of the most effective types of self-massage. To conduct it, you need to buy special silicone jars( in the pharmacy), cosmetic lotion and massage oil. The procedure of canning for weight loss belly is quite easy: skin of the stomach needs to be wiped with lotion, apply a massage oil on it and fix the jar so that under it is about 1.5 cm of your skin. Then you should start pulling the can on the belly, making movements in zigzags or spirals clockwise. Do the massage of the belly by the banks should be 6-7 minutes.
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It is recommended to use mineral, essential or base oils of plant origin during the belly slimming massage. They promote a better slip and soften the skin of the abdomen. The most suitable for massage the abdomen are:

  • olive oil;
  • almond oil;
  • avocado oil;
  • peach oil;
  • grape seed oil.
Read about the benefits and effective recipes of a turpentine bath in the article
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Massage of the abdomen is not always useful, and sometimes even contraindicated. For weight loss it can not be done, if you:

  • chronic acute diseases of organs in the abdominal cavity;
  • diseases of the stomach or intestines;
  • stones in the bile or in the kidneys;
  • exacerbation of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • monthly;
  • pregnancy( at any time);
  • period of recovery after abortion or childbirth( two months);
  • presence of venereal diseases;
  • various skin diseases;
  • presence of malignant neoplasms.

Algal wraps also help to get rid of subcutaneous fat on your stomach, first you can well scrub the skin, you can use this coffee with honey.


I gave birth to three years ago, I lost weight at once, but my stomach has not yet come to the desired form. The skin is stretched, flabby. Tried to go in for sports, but I did not notice the results. Today I will make a couple of procedures. Whether prompt it is possible to carry out simultaneously some kinds of massage?( For example: in the morning vacuum, in the evening honey?)

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