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The harmonious image of a woman consists of many factors, not least among which is a stylish, well-chosen haircut. It is she who allows expressing individual characteristics of the character and mood of its owner. Consider what fashionable women's haircuts should be done this year.

Fashion for a note

The trends of the coming season are pleasing with diversity. Today both traditional variants and memorable novelties are in demand. In fashion, naturalness and ease, as well as healthy and carefully trimmed curls. No matter how stylish the hairstyle is, if the head of hair needs urgent "resuscitation", the image of the woman will not be ideal.

It is important that the haircut is selected with regard to the individual features of the exterior, emphasizes the beauty of a woman and does not get out of the general style.

Any haircut is performed based on the structure and color of the hair, the shape of the face and the age of the woman. Agree, megapopular in recent years Iroquois, and even generously decorated with multicolor marking, will look more than strange on a woman over 50, but the elegant classic quart can suit her just superb.

Stylists offer modern girls to combine elegant aristocratic shapes with easy uncomplicated styling.

When choosing the method of styling, you should take into account the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. Ways how to beautifully style hair, have any haircuts a few.

You can create a slight chaos on your head or, conversely, gently comb back, lay with wax individual strands.


As for bangs, in the coming year will be relevant:

  • round;
  • asymmetric;
  • graphic;
  • torn with side extensions;
  • is cascaded;
  • extended.

For long hair

Beautiful hair up to the waist and below have always been the object of the desire of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, because a girl with a luxurious well-groomed hair looks attractive and seductive. The undoubted advantage of long hair before short is their versatility, because a woman has the opportunity to build on the head any styling, make an elegant bun or tail, braid braids - in a word, transform yourself.

Heavy cumbersome stacks are a thing of the past, as are carefully curled, laid hair to hair curls. Now in vogue, the accentuated elegant negligence, light waves, dried without the help of a hairdryer.

At the top of the popularity is the charming Boho style. Bohemian locks are designed for women who can boast of hair below the shoulder blades. Stylists recommend to make a variety of onions, supplementing it with fashionable bangs, combed back, strands freely falling down, graduated cut, curls giving additional volume.

It is very important that the long curls look flawless, because the latest innovations of the feshen industry are not only natural waves, but also perfectly smooth cuts that give the hair accuracy and rigor. On the basis of such a modern haircut, performed professionally, you can create a variety of hairstyles, including in retro style, original weaving and braids.

Extended cascade

Already the season does not cease to be so popular with modern women cascading haircuts. The traditional variant looks as follows: strings of different length harmoniously pass into each other, forming a kind of ladder.

  • Other haircuts can also include individual cascade elements, for example, on side strands or on the contour of the head of hear. The second option this year is particularly in demand.
  • Designers draw the attention of women of fashion to the women's haircuts cascade with a long bangs, laid on one side.

    A luxurious hairstyle goes to all women without exception, regardless of the thickness and structure of the hairline, oval face and age. The cascade transforms the image, makes the woman younger, gives extra volume to the hair.

  • A cascade with an open forehead is very fashionable. This option is easy to care for and allows you to build a variety of hairstyles. Styling does not take much time, while a woman looks just irresistible.

What other haircuts can I make for long hair?

Graduated ladder

It differs from a conventional ladder with the presence of multi-level strands, the difference in length is sometimes very significant, but this is the attraction of the haircut. On the one hand, strands can be cut at an angle of 45 degrees, and on the other hand, they can be straight.

In addition to the , this hairstyle includes several levels of curl length that gives the hair volume and a well-groomed look:

  • The graded haircut looks great on long hair, but requires timely and careful care, otherwise all the efforts of the master creating this perfection on the female head,will be useless.
  • It is necessary to periodically get rid of the tips of the tips, use special tools for styling, so that the hair does not crumble.

Average length

An excellent option for girls who prefer hair to the shoulders or slightly lower and do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time laying out are fashionable haircuts of medium length.

Women with curly hair of medium length are ideally suited cascade, bean and graded square, as they are unpretentious in care and help to structure natural curls.


Every year the popularity of this seemingly simple hairstyle increases. In the spring and summer of 2017, several varieties of quads are relevant, in addition to the classic:

  1. Elongated in the face, forming an acute angle, when viewed from the side. At the back, the hair is cut perfectly perfectly. The bang can be either straight or oblique.
  2. Graduated, which involves cutting the ends of strands of stairs. This method allows you to create an additional volume on the hairstyle and an effective "shaggy".
  3. Short straight, the length of the hair is cut at the level of the ear lobes.


Due to its variation, the second most popular haircut for medium hair is the ageless bean. This year, stylists also distinguish several types of this ageless hairstyle:

  1. Asymmetric. Earlier with the help of asymmetry, the occipital zone or front strands were accented, in 2016 it is allowed to leave several elongated strands in the middle.
  2. Extremely elongated.
  3. Textured. The ends of the strands are cut by a ladder and are milled, so that the haircut looks bulky and colorful.
  4. With a shaven head. More fits into the concept of short haircuts, since the length of the hair in front remains classical, but the crown of the crown is cut as short as possible. In this case, the hair on the occipital becomes voluminous, and the styling is impeccable.


Hair of medium length looks great tattered haircuts. A characteristic feature that brings a zest to an image is artificially created negligence, which is not so easy to achieve.

If you do not do the styling daily and care for your hair, the hairstyle will look messy. You can only limit the torn bangs.

For short hair

The standard of femininity and charm at all times was considered long hair, however in modern society with its frantic rhythms and an active way of life more and more girls choose model women's haircuts that do not require special care and long-term styling.

For a girl, short hair is a great opportunity to emphasize the young age, charm, audacity and coquetry.
Short haircuts are suitable for older women.


Translated from English, the name of the haircut sounds like "elf", "fairy".Pixie gives the image of boyish mischief, favorably emphasizes the oval face and neck bend, makes a woman young.

Haircut is ideal for girls who adore changes in their appearance, because it allows you to create a feminine bow, and rocker image.

A characteristic feature of the pixy is the shortened temporal and occipital areas. The combination of strands of different lengths gives the styling the volume and texture. In this season, stylists recommend to this hairstyle a semicircular, sparse bang.


Women who prefer creative solutions, have the opportunity to shine in all its glory, because in the trend - a stylish Iroquois.

Haircut is a thick mop of hair on the crown, which can be stacked in several ways, and shaved whiskey. The contrast between long and short strands looks very impressive and unusual.


The advantage of asymmetrical haircuts is that it goes to almost any type of face, especially looks good on chubby women.

Megapopular asymmetry in 2016: on the one hand, the hair is practically shaved( especially brave girls shave their hair in the form of a pattern), and on the other - strands of medium length or to the chin.

Under the boy

Perfect solution for fine hair. Contrary to popular belief, it fits into any bow( sports, everyday, romantic, business), emphasizes the charm and fragility of its owner.

An essential plus of this haircut: it's very easy to lay it, or you can not do it at all, just comb it or, on the contrary, ruffle it.

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

No matter how stylish the haircut, if it does not match the shape of the face, the choice can be considered unsuccessful. Therefore, do not go on about fashion trends, choose a hairstyle you need in accordance with the individual features of appearance and oval face:

  1. The girl with an oval face was the most fortunate, she is suitable for all kinds of women's haircuts. However, not a very good option - loose hair with a cut in the middle, as this greatly simplifies the image.
  2. A stretched forward haircut, for example, a fashionable bean, will add to the extended face.
  3. A good option for a round face is a ladder with a fringe bang. On chubby full women look square with locks covering their cheeks, asymmetry, soft, soft curls and waves.
  4. To a square wide face it is better to choose haircuts that will round out the shape, for example, a cascade, a graduated ladder below the shoulders with a side parting. You should not wear short haircuts in the men's style, curvy hair, smooth hair, the length of which does not reach the line of the chin.
  5. With a triangular face, a fluffy bean, medium or long hair, a bang above the eyebrows, a multilayered ladder, curly locks look good. Do not wear smooth hair, combed back, model haircuts for short hair.
  6. Rectangular faces are layered, soft elegant waves, different bangs.
    Avoid straight long curls, excessive puffiness on the crown.

As you can see, haircuts for women are quite diverse, among them every lady will find for herself the ideal option.

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