How to take care of a fur coat

For any woman, buying a fur coat is an important event. To purchase such an expensive piece of clothing should be approached with special care. Correctly selected fur product will serve you more than one year, but for this you need to know how to take care of a fur coat from natural or artificial fur in a timely manner.

  • Features of fur products
  • Care rules
  • Care of artificial fur

Features of fur products

The most common in our market are fur products from mink, sable, marten, scab, sheepskin( mouton), seal, otter, seal, muskrat,nutria, beaver, raccoon, fox, polar fox, lynx, rabbit, chinchilla, squirrel.

The most expensive products are mink, sable, marten, polar fox, chinchilla.

The quality and price of a fur product depends on many factors: color, hairs, hair condition, fur has a reflective and glossy effect, the ability to retain heat, the weight of the product, and so on.

Learn how to properly store mink coat in summer

In this case, a fur coat made from natural raw materials is quite a capricious product in terms of leaving. All such products, no matter what kind of fur they are made of, need regular maintenance, otherwise the fur coat will last no more than two seasons.

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Care rules

Fur products look good and serve only when they can "breathe", that is, it is necessary to ensure sufficient air circulation by hanging the fur coat so that it does not come into contact with other things.

For easy use and care, purchase a zippered carrying case. The cover will help protect the fur coat from creasing, moth and dust in the summer and in the remaining months when it is not needed. In the absence of the necessary ventilation, fur will begin to become brittle and dull, so it is extremely necessary to use covers from natural fabrics, and from time to time to get a fur coat to care for it( airing).

This fur can not be washed. It can be cleaned with special means. If the fur coat accidentally gets wet, it is necessary to get wet with a paper towel and very carefully comb through the direction of the fibers. Dry the coat with a hair dryer or keep it close to a heat source. Do not use it under any circumstances.

How to take care of a fur coat to protect it from moths? It is important not to allow the penetration of moths into the cupboard. To do this, you can use all sorts of means to repel moths. Sachets with a special powder are laid out at different corners of the cabinet. If you do not forget to periodically replace old sachets with new ones, the mole in your closet will never appear.

In order to make the care of the fur coat as simple as possible, store it on a hanger. Never fold or fold it.

It is very difficult to return the original form to a worn fur. With prolonged storage in this form, the fur may begin to break off.

In the cold season, a fur coat can simply be hung in a closet, putting it on occasion. However, please, to avoid problems with the care of fur, you need to wear it as often as possible. If there is such a possibility, then you can walk around the fur with a soft-nosed brush. Dry the coat at room temperature away from heaters.

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Care for artificial fur

Nowadays, quality artificial fur can be confused with the present. The name is eco-fur. It was designed to provide a decent and more affordable alternative to the present and to reduce the number of extermination of the fur-bearing animals.

And, although it is made of special fibers, it needs almost the same care as real fur coats.

Observe the rules concerning the ventilation of the product. He also needs to have his own cover. Folding and storing such a product on the shelf is strictly prohibited. But it is possible to wash( only a delicate mode, the use of a liquid powder and a temperature of not more than 40 degrees).

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