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Blue is one of the most beautiful and mysterious colors. A girl in a blue dress will never go unnoticed by others, and psychologists believe that this beautiful color, from which mysticism blows, is chosen by creative romantic people who love to make an impression, to shock and at the same time strive for peace and harmony with the world around them. Properly made makeup under the blue dress will make the image harmonious and complete, add onions refinement and charm.

Tips for stylists

The blue color is complex and multifaceted, so picking up the makeup is not as easy as it sounds. Stylists recommend taking into account two factors that will affect the choice of makeup: the shade of the blue dress and the features of the woman's appearance.

Flower color "Summer"

Girls of aristocratic color-type "summer", whose appearance is characterized by light brown hair, blue or brown eyes and a light skin tone, it is necessary to make a bright accent on the eyes.

"Summer" women are very blue, it revitalizes the skin and emphasizes the depth of view.

In makeup to a blue dress, you should give preference to the porcelain or silvery tone of the tonal product, but beige and golden are not recommended. Shades used are blue, smoky, gray-brown, marsh and red-brown colors should be avoided.

Color pattern "Autumn"

To women of the contradictory color-type "autumn" with red or chestnut hair and white skin, covered with freckles, it is necessary to give preference to cold make-up, which will look amazing. Thus powder and a voice-frequency cream should be warm shades, red-brown or terracotta blush is recommended, after all at representatives of this type practically there is no natural blush.

Shadows are better to choose light green, beige, pale lilac. Lilacs look good in combination with a pale pink lipstick.

If the girl has gray or blue eyes, then blue, gray or blue shadows should be used with shine. If brown, then all shades of brown or green scale will work.

Color-type "Winter"

Cold "winter" - white-haired brunettes with light eyes - you need to focus on contrasts and boldly combine the white with black. This combination in make-up rarely goes, but the spectacular appearance of "winter" girls allows them to use bright options.

They very much go silver color, which perfectly combines with cold blue, it can be used not only in make-up, but also in accessories for a blue dress.

Shadows can be blue, purple, gray, lilac and even blue, but not in tone to the dress. If the outfit is dark blue, you should pick a purple shadow, and then the lipstick should be pale pink. In other cases, it is better to apply a pink or lilac shade on the lips.

The duet, consisting of a dark blue dress and pale shadows, can be diluted with crimson lipstick, fuchsia will look great.

Tsvetotip "Spring"

Women-"spring", owner of light eyes and hair and warm skin tone, was luckier than anyone else. She goes to any shade of blue, but the most advantageous look light blue and blue.

The tonal cream should be beige or Ivory. Shadows - different shades of blue, light green or pale lilac. As for lipstick, the preference should be given a light brown and beige shade.

When doing makeup for a blue dress, stylists do not recommend using black ink, pencil or eyeliner, it is better to give preference to decorative cosmetics of gray color. The inner eyelid can be distinguished with a white pencil or shadows, they will make the eyes bigger and more expressive.

Great value for creating a successful image has a properly selected shade of blue dress.

Women with light or, conversely, dark hair and light skin should prefer a saturated blue color.

Red-haired beauties will approach a gentle blue tint, but dark shades should be avoided so that the image does not turn out gloomy.

Features of makeup for blue dress

In 2017 stylists recommend to adhere to the following rule: the brighter the dress, the more expressive the makeup, and vice versa, the more restrained the shade, the more relaxed the makeup. Key features of correctly executed makeup:

  1. The shades of the outfit and eye shadow should not be identical, they will not harmonize and merge into one. But the blue hands will look very stylish.
  2. Blue dress is self-sufficient in itself, so make-up should only complement it, but not dominate the image.
  3. The blue outfit requires an ideally executed make-up. To achieve a perfect smooth tone of the face, you need to use corrective means: corrector and hailer.
  4. Blue looks best on tanned skin, so use of a bronzer is welcome. In this case, it is necessary to apply it not only on the face, but also on the body.
  5. The combination of bright blush and no less bright lipstick is better not to use. This will make the image puppet and unnatural.
  6. Evening make-up can be more colorful, however here it is important to observe the measure. Optimal option - neat arrows, different color combinations of shadows and sequins.

Make-up for a blue dress - video

How to choose shades

Make-up artists recommend choosing a shade of shadows, starting from the color of the eyes.

Gray eyes

They are considered universal. Gray-eyed women have blue color, shadow can be used almost any.

The coldness of blue softens warm shades, such as terracotta, orange, peach, golden, sand.

But red shades in combination with a blue dress are strictly not recommended, eyes will appear sore and tired.

For the brown eyes

Under the blue dress you need to choose shades of brown and green. Such a color scheme will emphasize the brightness and depth of view, make it mysterious.


Peach and pink shades are suitable for blue eyes. Evening make-up can be made more vivid. For example, for a sex-smokey-ice you can use smoky shadows.

For green

Choosing shadows for green eyes under a blue dress, you should prefer brown, beige, green hues. Stylish and elegant look beige.

How to paint eyebrows

Makeup under a blue dress can not be considered flawless, if not decorated eyebrows. In a competently executed make-up, their color should be one tone darker than the natural color of the hair.

For coloring, you can use a pencil, which is applied to the tonal basis or powder. Do not draw eyebrows too long, it looks unnatural.

Make-up will be maximally organic, if you use pencils of two shades, one of which is lighter than the second one on tone. The widest part of the eyebrow is painted dark, on the narrow - light. After that, pencils need to be shaded and combed with a special brush.

How to choose a lipstick

When choosing a lipstick, you should follow the shadows used in make-up. If the shadows are shiny, then the lipstick should also be with a shine, and the accent on the eyes excludes the emphasis on the lips, otherwise the image will turn out to be too bright and defiant. An exception is made only for brunettes, whose catchy appearance requires an appropriate make-up. Blondes are suitable lipstick warm, for example, orange shade.

Red lipstick looks perfect with a discreet elegant make-up in the nude style, in some cases, depending on the color, it is allowed to use a pink, but not bright puppet, and a gentle pastel shade, as well as cherry and burgundy.

If a woman finds it difficult to choose a lipstick, it's easiest to apply a transparent shine to her lips, this is a win-win option.

As you can see, the make-up under the blue dress requires observance of certain subtleties, knowing about which, you will be irresistible! Related Videos:

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