Long skirt: with what and how to wear it

  • To make the long skirt look perfect
  • Topical models 2017 year
  • Choose top
  • Outerwear
  • Competently select accessories and shoes
  • With which long skirts of different shades are combined

Recently, long skirts are very popular. This is due to the fact that they have the attractive property for women to mask the shortcomings of the figure. A miniature lady's skirt maxi generously adds a few centimeters, visually making her taller, a girl with lush shapes will make her slimmer. And in general, this wardrobe looks stylish and feminine. With what to wear a long skirt, how with this thing to create original expressive bows in different styles?

To a long skirt looked perfect

In 2017, the eminent designers presented in their collections original models that amaze with a variety of textures, unusual cut, decor elements.
However, in order for the product to really please its owner, you need to know about some nuances and choose a skirt you need in accordance with the type of figure:
  • A thin woman of small size should make her choice in favor of a narrow long model. As the top you should use a bright volumetric top or blazer. Shoes should be on the heel. In this set, the lady will look irresistible.
  • Girls with magnificent forms need skirts that can hide the flaws of the figure and visually create a slender silhouette. The best option is the classic direct models from dense fabrics.
  • Full-length girls with wide hips are best suited for styles of A-silhouette, this can be as one-color items, or decorated with a small fashionable print. The top in this case should have some detail that will draw attention to the chest and distract it from the hips, it can be a beautifully designed neckline or drapery.
  • Slender girls can easily buy lush long skirts, they will look great on them, but it's better to refuse them from full ladies.

Current models 2017 year

It's strange to imagine, but still some five years ago, girls in long skirts did not cause admiration at all. But in recent years, the maxi skirt - almost the trend number one, one of the favorite things of modern women of fashion.

The most relevant styles of long skirts in the new season are:

  • with a smell;
  • with high waist;
  • strict classical;
  • in retro style;
  • original models, for example, asymmetrical.

Choose the top

  1. To the voluminous and lush bottom fit tight T-shirts and tops, and, conversely, if the skirt is straight and strict, then the blouse or blouse should be free, with ruffles and flounces. Thus, the harmony of the image will not be disturbed.
  2. The principle of the opposite applies to the color scheme: if the skirt is mottled and bright, then the top should be calm and monophonic.
  3. Maxi skirts are perfectly combined with short jackets, vests, bolero, which can be thrown over a shirt or T-shirt, the length of which is up to the middle of the femur.
  • Long skirt with a sweater.

Recently, very popular sweaters of large village knitting. They can be worn with a long skirt, provided that it is straight and tight. Knits are worn out. If the sweater has a cutout, you can pick up a beautiful bright kerchief. The image will turn out to be glamorous, with an intentional touch of negligence. The scarf can be replaced with a stylish necklace.

As for shoes, it will be better to look shoes or boots with heels, but a slender girl can afford a flat sole.

  • Long skirt and turtleneck.

With an elongated model, a good combination of a turtleneck, which is tucked into a skirt. The variant is more suitable for slender girls, since the tight top emphasizes the shortcomings of the figure. Throwing a cardigan on top, you can partially solve this problem. In any case, this trio is considered one of the most successful combinations. Adding it with the appropriate accessories, you can get a stylish and harmonious image, relevant both at work and at a friendly party.

  • Long skirt and jacket.

This combination can be considered only if the rule of harmony of the top and bottom is observed. With long skirts look truncated products from denim. In some cases, when it is necessary to hide the wide hips, elongated jackets are considered.

  • Long skirt with blouse.

In combination with a light chiffon, silk or crepe-de-chine blouse, a straight tight skirt will look feminine and romantic. If the bottom is magnificent, multilayered, then the top should be monophonic without prints and expressive decor elements. All attention in this case should be riveted to a spectacular skirt.

The noble length of the bottom is a great way to demonstrate a luxurious neckline, even a very bold one.
It will not look like it's as if a woman wore a short skirt with a risky blouse.


In the cool season, it can become both a real rescue from the cold and wind, and a problem, because the question of what to wear a long skirt becomes sharper. Winter wardrobe, as a rule, does not differ in variety.

  • It is very important to observe the rule 1: 3 or 1: 4, this is when the outer clothing takes 1/3 or 1/4 of a woman's height. If the rule is violated, the figure is distorted. This is especially true for short girls with lush breasts and wide hips. They also should not wear a maxi skirt too bulky, for example, a down jacket or a jacket with a long fur. About ryushah, dense draperies, too, will have to be forgotten.
  • The best long skirt looks with a short leather jacket. You can try the option with a long fitted coat, provided that from under it will not stick out the hem of the skirt.
  • Suitable also for a small down jacket, stylish short sheepskin coat.
  • Bohemian image will be obtained if an elongated fur waistcoat is worn with a thin spectacular strap.

Competently select accessories and shoes

Stylists recommend to choose a stylish belt and a new bag for a long skirt. In 2017, fashionable belts from fabric and leather, decorated with decorative elements: rhinestones, sequins. This accessory will make the bow expressive and bright.

The bag should fit the style of the belt. It is better to give preference to clutches or small neat handbags on a wireframe, from volumetric options should be discarded, they will not add grace to the image and make it heavyweight. To the sports style, you can pick up a bag on a long strap.

Shoes should be as elegant as possible. The best look is the heel and the wedge, a flat sole is acceptable. The sports model will suit sneakers and conversions. From rough men's shoes it is better to refuse.

With what the long skirts of different shades are combined

  • Beige.

An aristocratic and versatile shade. Best of all with such a luxurious thing look white slim blouses, shirts, colorful tops. As an option, a black slim knitted sweater will do. The bag in this case should be black, and sandals - elegant beige.

  • White.

Light summer skirt looks great with a bleached denim jacket. The advantage of the white model is that you can pick up the top of any color to it.

Romantic people will more like the combination of white with delicate pastel shades: blue, pink, pale lilac.

Courageous girls will like contrasts more: white with red, black, orange, purple, green. Very stylish and effective white looks with fuchsia.

  • Blue.

Why wear a long blue skirt in the summer? Best it will be combined with white, gray, black, beige, coffee top.

  • Yellow.

The bright, bold color will look great with black, gray, blue and gray T-shirts, blouses or thin pullovers.

  • Green.

Skirts of this color look very impressive. They can be worn with white, green( the shade should be lighter), black, yellow, brown top. An exquisite combination of green and burgundy will attract attention to the girl.

  • Brown.

Successful combinations will be brown with white, beige, coffee, chocolate, burgundy, indigo. You can play on the contrasts: the dark, saturated shade of the skirt will look gorgeous with a snow-white blouse.

  • Red.

A skirt of this color already attracts attention by itself, but this does not mean that the top should be modest. Excellent blouses and shirts with an animalistic print, jackets-coats, denim vests with torn edges will suit.

  • Blue.

The indigo-colored skirt will look amazing with a bright pink bag and a gray slim knitted asymmetrical sweatshirt. Blue is successfully combined with white, beige, pink, yellow and black colors.

  • Black.

The undoubted advantage of this color is that it perfectly looks any shade. If a woman chooses a dark top, then the image must be supplemented with contrasting details - ornaments, shoes, bag, otherwise the bow will turn out to be too gloomy. It is better to combine a black skirt with a bright printed top.

  • Checkered.

Looks gentle and feminine. The summer version is combined with cotton shirts, which can be tied up with a stylish knot on the stomach, t-shirts with a beautiful neckline and tops. A skirt in a cage made from a denser material is worn with a knitted top and large knitted sweaters.

So, in 2017godu long skirt - mast-hev every self-respecting girl. You can play the maxi skirt with the help of tops and various accessories.

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