Beautiful tattoo inscriptions for girls

There are many directions in the world of tattoo, which, in turn, are also divided into their directions. Is not an exception and a tattoo inscription. Place an inscription on any area of ​​the body. The most popular places are the clavicle, wrist, foot, belly, shoulder, back, neck.

  • Commemorative
  • Religious
  • Motto or creed
  • Hieroglyphs
  • Names

    Neat tattoo names are best seen on the wrists, shoulder, on the collarbone, on the inside of the finger, near the heel. This can be the name of the owner of the tattoo in his native language or in some other language, maybe the name of a loved one and a loved one, a child. Also, the inscription may contain several names, for example, the names of friends or brothers and sisters.

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    Almost all memorable tattoo inscriptions are individual and contain a meaning that is understandable only to their owners. Most often this tattoo contains a date and a short inscription, sometimes one date. Also, a tattoo can consist of a single word or phrase that is meant to remind the wearer of a tattoo.

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    The most popular religious inscriptions are quotes from religious books, especially from the Bible, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran and so on. Religious subjects extend not only to Catholicism, Islam and Christianity. This includes other recognized religions of the world, both popular and little-known.

    Very often religious inscriptions are made with a drawing executed also in religious style, for example, wings, angels, six-pointed stars, faces of saints, faces of gods of different pantheons, mythical creatures of different religions, crescent and the like.

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    Motto or creed

    For each person in life there can be a personal credo. Tattoo lovers often formulate their life position as a tattoo of an inscription. The authorship of these inscriptions can belong to the owner of the tattoo, but often the motto is drawn in the aphorisms and statements of famous people of the past and present. As a rule, these are recognizable, meaningful phrases.

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    A hieroglyph stands for one word. The most popular are Chinese, Egyptian and Japanese hieroglyphs. The best places for them are the back( line on the spine), the zone of the shoulder blades, the neck. The most popular hieroglyphs are those that signify strength, love, purposefulness, fidelity, health, beauty, prosperity, confidence, success, wealth.

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