Herpes on the lips and nose: symptoms, causes, treatment. Is herpes dangerous, like herpes infection?

Article will introduce you to the causes of herpes. Also, you will learn how to treat the virus with traditional drugs and folk remedies.


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The person who at least once in a life has docked with herpes knows, what to treat this disease difficultly enough. But, perhaps, the most unpleasant thing is that it will not completely get rid of this disease.

Once in the body, the virus remains in it forever. There are simply periods when he behaves inactive, and when a person's immunity decreases, the disease manifests itself at full strength.

Most often this disease affects the lips and nose. Herpes on the lips or in the nose causes discomfort and spoils the mood. To put it mildly, ugly bubble rashes constantly hurt, itch and spoil the appearance of a person. To help get rid of this problem can only timely treatment.
Therefore, let's see why there is herpes on the lips and how to deal with it correctly.

Herpes simplex on the lips: causes, symptoms, methods of infection, photos

There are many causes of herpes on the lips, but the most important factor is the decrease in the immunity of .

Usually, the herpes virus will enter the body of an adult from a long-infected person. This can happen at a time, for example,

  • kissing or
  • through small wounds on the body and mucous membranes.
  • For children, the disease is transmitted from the mother. If a pregnant woman is a carrier of the virus, then the child is more likely to be born infected.
  • But there are other reasons that provoke the appearance of herpes on the lips.

Factors that contribute to infection with the herpes virus:
• Frequent hypothermia.
• Lack of proper rest.
• Smoking, alcohol abuse and energy drinks.
• Regular use of antibiotics.
• Constant stress and overwork.
• Chronic diseases of the respiratory system.
• Unbalanced food and fast food.
• Menstruation and pregnancy.

Once the virus enters the body, it moves to the central nervous system and begins to multiply there. And he does it so that a person does not even notice before a certain time that he is ill. When the favorable period comes, the herpes manifests itself in all its glory.

The skin of the lips, in the place where watery bubbles will soon appear, starts to itch and tingle.
The harbingers of herpes on the lips are the following symptoms:
• Painful sensation in the throat during swallowing.
• Abundant salivation.
• Swelling of the salivary glands.
• Bad mood and fast fatigue.
• Increased body temperature.
• Specific odor from the mouth.

Herpes in the nose causes, symptoms, photos

To begin to treat herpes in the nose it is necessary in the first days of the onset of symptoms. The use of an antiviral ointment will help to avoid the complications of .

Most often, herpes in the nose appears in the period of reducing the defenses of the body. Infection affects the nasal mucosa and skin areas that are near the nose. In addition to reducing immunity, the following are the reasons for the onset of herpes rash:

• An infectious disease transferred in severe form.
• Stress and fatigue.
• Contaminated environment.
• Drafts and hypothermia.

If you will be attentive to your body, then even at the initial stage you will be able to understand that you will soon have herpes in your nose. The harbingers of the disease are always the same symptoms. The sick person's state of health worsens, the temperature rises and pains in the nasal cavity appear. Without timely treatment, these symptoms will worsen, and a rash will appear in the nose.
Symptoms of herpes in the nose:
• Itching and burning.
• Red swelling in the nasal cavity.
• Watery vesicles.
• The tubercle is like a furuncle.
• Cracks on the nasal mucosa.

Herpes treatment medications

Using medicines, you can treat herpes not only locally, but also from the inside.

Herpes on the lips and nose can be treated with modern medicines, and folk. Each person has the right to choose which method suits him best. But still, official medicine will help you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms much faster and minimize the manifestation of the disease. It will be better if the drug treatment will appoint you an expert, because only he can figure out what drugs you need to treat your disease.

Drugs that help get rid of herpes on the lips

Ointments .They can be used only at the initial stage of the disease. The following preparations are ideal for treatment: Gerpevir, Gerpferon, Zovirax, Kamistad.
Means responsible for drying the bubbles .For these purposes, you can use propolis, zelenoku, fukortsin.
Preparations for wound healing of .The oil of fir, or creams made on the basis of calendula and chamomile will cope with painful sensations.
Tablets for fighting the virus. This medication must be prescribed by a doctor. Take them strictly according to the instructions.
Vitamins. Increase immunity and tone of the body.

Herpes on the lips: Folk remedies for herpes, treatment at home

To restore and heal the skin, medicinal herbs will help.

Folk remedies, too, give a good result, although the time for such treatment goes a little more. After all, what helps one person, may not be suitable for another. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose the right remedy from the first time. But still if you approach this issue thoroughly, then in this case you can get a positive result.

Methods of treating herpes on lips with folk remedies

Soda baking solution .Soda is dissolved in warm water and with the help of a cotton swab the resulting solution is applied to the affected area.
Black tea .For treatment it is best to take quality non-packaged tea. Pour a teaspoon of tea with boiling water and put a teaspoon into the tea leaves. It should pierce in the liquid for at least 5 minutes. At the end of time, remove the spoon and attach it to the lip.
Film from the egg .Remove the egg shell from the egg shell and attach it to the site of the rash.
Decoction of camomile .Brew chamomile, add a couple of drops of propolis to the resulting broth and treat herpes vesicles.
Calendula and Vaseline .From the leaves of calendula squeeze out the juice, mix it with Vaseline and rub the resulting mixture into the rash.
Aloe .Carefully cut the leaf, remove all the spines and apply it for 20-30 minutes to the affected area.

Homeopathy for the treatment of herpes

Using homeopathic drugs, you can achieve an increase in the body's defenses .

Although herpes is a disease that is difficult to treat, it can still be done so that it does not manifest itself at all. Help to do this you can a doctor homeopath. Usually, such a specialist does not treat all patients according to the same pattern. Each person after a personal meeting and putting all the tests, receives an individual appointment. The homeopath prescribes medications depending on the symptoms and intensity of their manifestation. In the process of treatment, the drug itself and the scheme of its application can change.

Drugs that treat herpes well on lips

Sumate poisonous .Substances that are in this plant treat diseases associated with hypothermia, respectively, will help get rid of herpes.
Thuya West. Preparations based on this plant are ideal for the treatment of the genital virus.
Bee products. Honey, propolis, flower pollen very good immunity.
Graphite. Used for the treatment of herpes simplex rash.

Herpes: reviews and tips

Of course, herpes on the lips or in the nose is a completely unpleasant sight. But still, how often he will show himself, largely depends on you. After all, if you are cheerful and healthy, then it is unlikely to disturb you often.
To avoid relapse, follow these guidelines:
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• Eat as much fruit and nuts as possible.
• Try hardening.
• Do not overwork and avoid stressful situations.

Daria : I almost every cold ended with herpes on the lips. As soon as I started to feel itching, I started hysterically. All these advertised ointments helped me somehow for a long time, but the baking soda solution quite effectively relieved me of the rash.
Catherine: Herpes has herpes. Most often, bubbles appear after high temperatures. As soon as the rash appears I run to the pharmacy, I buy fucocin and treat it affected areas several times a day. Four days later, herpes is gone.

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