Christmas tree toy "Shar" from satin ribbons by own hands

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  • To make a Christmas tree you will need:
  • Master class of the New Year's toy "Shar" with your own hands:

The symbol of the New Year is a Christmas tree, which is necessarily beautifully dressed. You can make Christmas-tree toys with your own hands and decorate the green beauty. I want to share with you the idea of ​​a simple ball on a Christmas tree from satin ribbons.
It's very interesting and exciting to make New Year crafts with children. And every year you can decorate with new toys spiny sprigs of spruce, experimenting with color and shape. And if you show your imagination, you can make an unusual garland.

To make a Christmas tree you will need:

  • newspaper;
  • thread;
  • satin ribbon 1 cm wide green color;
  • satin ribbon, 0.5 cm in width, crimson;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • needles with a bead on the end.

Master class of the New Year's toy "Shar" with their own hands:

  1. First, prepare all necessary accessories. Then, from a piece of newspaper, question a small ball with a diameter of 4-5 cm. You can also have a larger size at your discretion. Tightly wrap it with threads, no matter what color, as they will not be visible.
  2. Next, take a satin ribbon of light green color, put the tip to the ball and start winding it so that the newspaper can not be seen. Each turn, glue with glue to tape well. Mastering is very convenient with the help of a glue gun or you can use any other glue on the fabric
  3. Wind the entire ball and leave the upper tip of the tape unattached. To the tape is not disheveled, scorch the edges.
  4. From the crimson tape, cut a small piece about 8-10 cm. Bend the piece in half and insert it under the left edge of the tape, bending it. Pretty tighten the tape with a glue gun. .
  5. The ball is now ready only to decorate it. From satiny ribbon of crimson color make bows, having cut a tape on strips in length of 13 sm. Do not forget edges of tapes to sing, that they have not crumbled. Collect the bow the way shown in the photo.
    Photo 5
  6. Bunny prikolite to the ball with a needle and a bead on the end. Igolochka well stick to the newspaper.
  7. In the same way pin the bows chaotically around the ball. Needles take with colorful beads, so it will be more interesting to look.
  8. That's all the Christmas tree toy is ready. Now you can safely hang a new toy on a fragrant spruce. Also combine the colors of the ribbons on the toy, and perhaps you will pick up the most original combination. Try it, fantasize and you will succeed. After all, all the crafts with their own hands are made with love

Author Olga Kostyuk

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Christmas tree toy from satin ribbons by hand
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