How to make beautiful bronzing on dark and light hues

The procedure for hair coloring is becoming increasingly popular. The notion of "bronzing" comes from the combination of the words brown and blond, that is, a harmonious combination of brown and light shades. Bringing can be done on hair of any length, although it looks more impressive on long hair. In addition, it allows you to restore the locks to beauty and health, emphasizing the facial features and skin color.

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  • California or area
  • Ombre
  • Features
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  • lighter shade on the blond hair
  • on red curls
  • on chestnut
  • shade on black
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  • For short haircuts
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Types of coloring

Bronzing is a technique for coloring the hair, in which the base color blends well with the dark and light colorsttenki, creating a noble natural lilt. Bronding can be called an ideal compromise for brunettes and blondes.

Bronzing allows you to implement a variety of stylish options for coloring: highlight the contour of the haircut, shade the strands in the face, create smooth transitions of shades or the effect of burnt curls, and return the natural hair color, restore damaged hair and hide the gray hair.

Coloring options:

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Assumes getting strands of maximum natural color, which differ from the main tone by not more than 1-3 shades. Usually they are applied chaotically with the help of pinting or melioration.

As a result, the hair turns smooth transitions of tones and glare. To create a natural image, the strands should be as thin as possible, and the palette of shades should be as varied as possible. This technique makes the even color of the hair deeper and more complex. After the procedure, the curls glitter, reflect light and visually appear more voluminous.

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California or zoned

Represents layered coloring with the transition from light roots to darker lower levels of hair. In this case, the upper hair is usually lightened, and the lower ones are painted to the maximum natural shade or not affected at all. This creates a fashionable effect of burnt hair.

Sometimes perform the reverse procedure and darken the upper zone of the hair.

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Staining in the ombre technique with its characteristic "overgrown roots" is considered one of the most stylishtechnician of a bronzing. When performing this coloring, the darkened basal zone smoothly blends with lighter shades at the tips of the hair.

The tones for the correct ombre should be as close as possible, ideally adjacent, so that they spill over into each other. As a base, it is better to leave the natural color of the hair, so that, in time, there are no noticeable overgrown roots.

The width of the lightening zone depends on the length of the hair. In rare cases, mixing in the ombre is allowed for contrasting or even absolutely opposite colors.

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Features of the

coloring You can perform the bronze casting absolutely on any curl color. But in order to determine the shades of the armor itself, one should take into account the original hair color, eye and skin type.

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On light shades of

With the classical version of staining, the main thing is to determine the basic color of the hair. For example, if you choose a light blond as the base, then you can do the bronning in both light and dark shades.

An excellent choice if one color will be darker than the base color, and the other will be lighter on tone.

If you plan to conduct a bronzing in the light side, then it is better to choose a very light blond, light blond and bright blond. If in a dark - then a light blond, blond, dark blond.

Staining should be carried out in a uniform warm or cold color scale. Therefore, ashen blondes are suitable for natural brown hues, and golden - honey, chocolate and brown.

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On fair-haired hair

Light-brown hair is considered ideal for carrying out the procedure of classic bronzing, on them this coloring looks most harmoniously and naturally. And the palette of combinations of colors for them is quite wide: light brown, wheat, caramel, coffee, beige, nut, honey, chestnut.

With "ombre" and Californian bronzing, root staining in chestnut, chocolate or dark-brown shades is welcome.
Bronzing with such shades does not fundamentally change the color of the hair, but undoubtedly, will revive the hairdo.

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On the red locks of the

The shades of the bronze for red hair should be selected especially carefully. The fact is that often red-haired girls have a very light skin color, so it is quite problematic to choose a suitable color scheme.

For classic bronzing, brown, beige, light brown, honey, wheat, nut, copper tones are best.

When performing an ombre you can experiment with shades of red, orange, burgundy, chocolate, chestnut.

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On chestnut shades of

On light chestnut hair, any bronning with caramel, chocolate brown, copper-chestnut, natural blond, bronze and coffee tones with notes of blond in walnut, pearl,light-red and copper scale.

The owner of dark brown hair before the procedure of bronzing is necessary to repaint the curls in the middle or ordinary shaten. And only after that, start toning.

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On black hair

Briding on black hair is a complex and time-consuming process. Since beforehand, the hair must necessarily be lightened to light brown or discolored, otherwise you will not get the desired result.

Very red on black hair will look red, copper, cognac, chocolate and chestnut shades.

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Technique for performing

The bronzing will look great on the hair of any length, however uneven or wavy. The only contraindication is very curly locks.

Bronzing is a rather lengthy procedure, which is best to entrust to a professional colorist.

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For the best effect experts advise you to apply the techniques of pinting and highlighting.

  1. Depending on the initial color of the head of hair, the staining starts either with a lightening, or with a darkening, or with the coloring of the hair.
  2. The root tone is applied to the roots from the back of the head to the top of the head. Hair length and tips are not affected yet.
  3. A triangle-shaped strand is selected along the parting line and lightens it.
  4. Choose chaotic strands and process with two tones: the roots are more saturated, and the tips are light.
  5. Several thin strands are painted in dark shades.

Similar manipulations create a glare effect and visually increase the amount of curls. All the charms of ready-made bronzing become noticeable after drying and styling.

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To perform the bronze in the technique of "ombre" it is necessary to prepare several shades of paint as close as possible in color. Although for the simplest version of coloring, one color of the paint is sufficient, which is lighter than the natural color of the hair for not less than 4 tones.

  1. The length of the hair should be visually divided into 3 parts.
  2. Apply the paint to the bottom and hold for 10 minutes.
  3. After the time has expired, apply the paint again, but before the middle of the hair.
  4. After another 5 minutes, apply the coloring composition for 2/3 of the length of the hair.
  5. After 5 minutes, wash off all paint.
  6. In order for the ends of the hair to be as light as possible, they need to be applied again for 10 minutes, covering 3-5 cm from the edge.
  7. After this, wash the hair, apply a fixer, nourishing mask and put it on.

With the correct armoring, the transition from one color to another should be almost imperceptible.

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For short haircuts.

. Stylists assert that the bronzing can be performed on short hair. It will look especially effective on the cuts of the square and the bean. The main thing is that the length of the curls is more than 10 cm.

By means of staining, you can designate precise contours of the haircut, or, on the contrary, highlight asymmetrical strands, lighten the curls in the face, or intensify the color intensity by darkening the roots.

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For medium and long hair

Long and medium hair is considered the most advantageous option for carrying out any kind of bronzing. Very impressive looks staining on haircuts cascades. Color overflows on long curls are more noticeable, and the number of shades used can be practically infinite.

To make the locks look like natural burnt in the sun, but more well-groomed and shiny, you need to use the technique of painting and high-quality coloring agents, for example, clarifying gel without ammonia Casting Sunkiss Jelly from L'Oréal Paris. It will allow to gradually and very gently lighten the hair for at least 2 tones.

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