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Jeans skirt can be safely considered the basic thing of the women's wardrobe. Along with ordinary jeans, classic trousers and white T-shirts, this thing is able to pour into a wide variety of images, to become part of fashionable and fresh ideas. The key question for all beginners is about how to wear a denim skirt.

Fashion is back!

The peak of popularity of jeans skirts among the world's fashionable women came at the beginning of the 2000s. However, in the season of 2017 this element of clothing again returns to fashion, even in a slightly modified form. If at first the mini-style was a success, now the appearance in a dress of such length will cause a rather negative reaction. Remember at least the infamous recent appearance of the Hollywood diva Paris Hilton in an incredibly short denim miniskirt.

Now it's better to give preference to other styles: a classic pencil, an air sun, an elegant maxi. However, whatever style you choose, the main thing is to correctly incorporate it into your image. In this case, you will certainly make a splash in any fashionable society.

Pencil skirt

Jeans pencil skirt, as well as the usual straight midi skirt, can be combined with many things. With the help of such styles, you can easily create images for each day, which for work and walks will do. Let's examine some examples in which such styles will be most appropriate.

Ideally, with a pencil and a straight midi skirt, all kinds of shirts are combined. It can be, as the fitted, and free shirts, as things with prints, and monophonic.
  • Top-3 options in this case: a classic snow-white shirt, a model in a Scottish cage, a shirt with small flowers. As for shoes, it is very appropriate in this image will be traditional boat flesh, black or even bright. In summer, the boats can be changed to comfortable sandals or sandals.
  • The second successful combination will be with an oversize sweater. This is such a very fashionable thing today, which is a voluminous sweater for several times the size of your big one. It is not necessary in this case to choose too bright colors. Give preference to noble shades, for example, milky, beige or gently gray. Shoes here fit, in fact, any. However, if you chose a skirt of worn jeans, then give preference to simple sneakers. A highlight of this combination will be a miniature purse on a chain.
  • You can also wear a pencil with an ordinary T-shirt, supplemented with a stylish and original print. In this case, you can always take with you a jacket in light colors and throw it, if it becomes cool.
  • If you are a bold girl, then replace the T-shirt with a short krop-top. To this image perfectly fit jeans jacket. Do not forget that it should be a few tones darker than your skirt made from the same fabric. What shoes to choose - it's up to you, here you can use sneakers and boats.
  • For those who want to create an image in the style of hip-hop culture, a stylish bomb( a light jacket that was worn by American pilots) will suit you. Ideal footwear in this case - slipony, which is now very popular.


The sun is one of the simplest types of cut. It represents the right circle with a cutout in the center. If you want, you can sew yourself a skirt, even if you do not have the special skills of cutting. All you need is a piece of denim and a little patience. In any case, this particular style is considered universal for any type of figure. In addition, you can choose a skirt-sun of any length - mini, to the knee or maxi. Let's look at illustrative and very simple examples of what this style will combine just perfectly.

  1. Very comfortable, you will feel yourself if you put on a skirt-sun with a so-called T-shirt "alcoholic."This is the simplest white T-shirt, which certainly is in any wardrobe. On your feet put on a sandal-gladiator, and in hand take a super-spacious bag-bag.
  2. Regardless of the length of the skirt, it is suitable for a combination of dark top and bright sandals, for example, crimson, light green, or saturated green.
  3. Very stylish and "American" look you get, if you add a dense, massive sweatshirt or sweatshirt to the short sun. In order to make the image complete, take a small backpack and fashionable sneakers.
  4. Another option for a short skirt-the sun - the top in stripes or decorated with fringe, which, by the way, also returns to fashion. This is best suited for elegant sandals on a wedge or sneakers.
  5. If you want to go to work or study in a denim skirt-sun( and you do not have a strict dress code), give preference to a simple shirt with a cardigan and comfortable ballet.
  6. For early autumn, a combination of the sun with turtlenecks in brown tones and traditional Oxford boots is suitable.
  7. If you decide to wear high-heeled shoes, then give preference to a blouse with an unusual and bright print. Especially suited suede shoes.


Jeans long skirts of women wear quite rare. This is due primarily to their weight. But if you prefer this particular style, you will have to bypass more than one store. Pay special attention to the maxi-skirt with buttons in front. They are now the most popular.

  • In cold weather wear such a skirt with jumpers. It is best to give preference to those that in color blend well with a denim fabric: gray, gray-blue, different shades of blue. As an accessory, choose some stylish, but quite massive scarf. It is not only fashionable, but also very warm and cozy.
  • In the heat, you can not spend too much time selecting a company for a denim skirt in the floor. The simplest white shirt, decorated with some stylish inscription or a shirt made of light, airy fabric, will do.
  • As for shoes, it is better not to choose a high heel. Prefer shoes on a small heel or, even better, completely without it. With the shape of maxi, boots and boots will look great, all kinds of shoes, sandals, sneakers.
The main advantage of this denim skirt style is the feeling of comfort that it gives.
In this version, women who feel their legs are not ideal or plump ones will feel great.

Mini skirt

As already mentioned above, a denim miniskirt is not the most relevant option this season. But any fashionista knows that it is not always necessary to blindly follow trends. It is enough to choose the right company, and even this style will be able to play in new colors.

Of course, a mini-skirt of denim will be appropriate for young girls with a good figure. Extra pounds can spoil the whole picture a little.

  • Even the image with a mini-skirt can be given a very strict and almost serious look. To do this, you need to put on a neat jumper, and under it - a white shirt. On their feet boots with thick soles( like cowboys) or on a small heel will do. Such an image is quite suitable for an autumn campaign to the university.
  • You can also create a very light and playful image for walking with girlfriends, hiking on a romantic date or a picnic. Add to your mini stylish moccasins and leggings, and lift your hair to the high ponytail.
  • Another light, summer, airy image is the combination of a mini-skirt of denim with a T-shirt in gentle colors. It can be a t-shirt of soft pink, light blue, turquoise or just white. In addition, you can replace the shirt with a traditional shirt in the same gentle and light colors. On your feet in this case, you can wear sneakers or moccasins. Also in this image are important accessories: a fashionable baseball cap and beautiful sunglasses.
Remember, the combination of a denim mini-skirt and high boots is one of the main fashionable "no" in any season.
It looks very vulgar, and it's not approved by all famous fashion designers.

Jeans skirt and pantyhose - to be or not to be?

If only a couple of years ago at the women's forum you asked a question about whether you can wear a denim skirt in combination with pantyhose, you would surely be "zatyukali", because at the time such a combination was considered a real fashionable "no."But fashion is a very changeable young lady, so now you can more courageously combine a denim bottom and kapron tights.

In our time, such a duet will look quite appropriate in autumn or winter. Supplement it with stylish boots without heels and coats( or a cardigan) and you will get a very stylish image for the cold season. Of course, in summer this combination is still inappropriate, especially if you decide to wear open sandals or slippers. It is also inappropriate at any time of the year to wear a denim skirt with colored pantyhose or pantyhose with a large, catchy pattern.

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