Step-by-step tutorials of makeup, visually enlarging the eyes

Eyes - the most truthful mirror of the soul of any person. And for women, the eyes are also the most effective weapon in battles on the personal front. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that every girl, woman or even grandmother always tries to emphasize the dignity and expressiveness of her eyes with all available ways. And the first thing a woman wants to do with her own eyes is to visually make them as much as possible, so that the look becomes childish, naive and gullible.

Make-up with arrows
  • Make-up with light liner
  • Make-up with contrasting tones
  • Make-up in dark tones
  • Make-up in bright and juicy tones
  • Make-up with arrows

    For greater expressiveness along the edge of the eyelashes, usually draw a thin black line - eyeliner, for verysmall or closely planted eyes, it should begin somewhere from the middle of the century and go to the outer edge, gradually thickening.

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    It is better to apply eyeliner after applying the shadows, so as not to weaken it, it does notspread out and stayed longer.

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    Make-up with a lightweight eyeliner

    The eyes will literally swing open if you bring them through the lower eyelid white, light blue or silver pencil. Similar shades do not go to all, especially it's worth to be cautious white and light-eyed girls - white lines can make them even paler.

    In addition to the upper and lower eyelids, light shadows can be applied in a small amount under the eyebrow - this will lift it, giving the child a somewhat surprised and childlike expression.

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    Make-up with contrasting tones

    Apply light shades closer to the bridge of the nose, and dark ones to the outer corner of the eye. If your eyes are naturally more round in shape and rather large, then an excessive increase in their similar techniques can give your face a somewhat sick or even an alien look, so the main thing here is not to overdo it.

    Round by nature, the eyes are best corrected with the help of a liner, giving them a more horizontally extended shape. It will also help in this application of mascara in the direction of the temples, so that the eyelashes were slightly inclined.

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    Makeup in dark colors

    Here you can include all possible variations of the ice fig. To enlarge the eyes, choose several shades of dark shadows of the monochrome palette and an accentual light shade, which needs to be applied a little under the eyebrow and in the corner of the eye.

    For almond-shaped and closely-set eyes, the imposition of shadows should go from light to dark tone, distributing the transition from the bridge of the nose, and for wide-set eyes, on the contrary.

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    Make-up in bright and juicy tones

    Using an unconventional palette of shadows, podvodok and pencils can visually open your eyes. Try to choose no more than two or three bright colors.

    The peach and soft pink tones applied to the outer edge of the upper eyelid are considered universal. They will make the look fresh and open.

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