Quick hairstyles to medium hair to the shoulders

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Every woman, wishing to be attractive, uses his little tricks and tricks. One of the attributes of female beauty is well-maintained healthy hair, the length of which depends only on the personal preferences of the fashionista herself. Active and bold choose short haircuts, sublime and romantic wear braids up to the waist, and the average length is universal for all. Beautiful hairstyles on the hair up to the shoulders can be created not only in the cabin, but also independently, while looking stunning.

The length to the shoulders has gained popularity in 2013 and since then remains relevant for many women who want to amaze the people with daily transformations. Elegance and cheerfulness, romanticism and tenderness, naturalness and style - with the help of hairstyles on short hair to the shoulders a woman can change beyond recognition, while being and feel like a queen.

Face type and correct haircut

Experiments with different hairstyles can be put on the right basis - a haircut suitable for the type of appearance.

There are four types of face shapes, with proper haircut, each of them will play in a new way.

  1. The face is round. Haircuts with high top, beveled on one side bangs, non-observance of symmetry visually hide the wide cheekbones and stretch the face. Stylists are not advised to choose a classic central part and straight strands, because the face will look even wider.
  2. The face is square. It will look good with a haircut with large wavy curls and a milled elongated bangs. On the contrary, an even parting and a lot of curls will "make things worse".
  3. The face is triangular in shape. Any haircut is suitable, in which the hair grows in volume approximately from the middle of the ears.
  4. The face is oval in shape. When choosing a haircut, you need to rely on skin condition and mood. To divert the attention of others from skin flaws, it is worth opting for an oblique parting and an elongated profiled bang.

Fashionable haircuts for medium hair

Amazing cascade

Cascade cut is interesting for those who want to achieve naturalness and originality at the same time:

  • In this hairstyle there are no straight lines, but the different length of strands adds charm and mystery.
  • Outside the , depending on the age and type of face, the cascade with its unique volume at the roots looks amazing.
  • A unique bang with an oblique or smooth cut, torn strands adds an image of refinement and individuality.

But this haircut has its disadvantages: different lengths do not allow to grow hair for a long time.

Strict and feminine square.

Today, the square again at the peak of fashion. The variety of options for laying on this type of haircuts will provide a woman the opportunity to profitably emphasize the dignity of her appearance. Hair with such a hairstyle can be curled or straightened, worn loose or make an elegant tail or a stiff bundle.

Basic types of square:

  • extended;
  • graduated;
  • "angular" square;
  • with bangs.

Interesting hairstyles for shoulder-length hair at home

Hair up to the shoulders - a real treasure of a woman! They do not require such careful care, as long, and at the same time, unlike short ones, they allow creating a variety of different hairstyles - both everyday and festive.


Perhaps, this is one of the simplest hairstyles for the hair up to the shoulders.

Made on straight or curly strands, with different types of fences or without them at all, the juvenile will always look fresh, fresh and natural.

Will be required:

  • comb with medium-frequency teeth;Curling irons( optional);
  • ;
  • favorite hair clip or hair band;
  • means for fixing the hairstyle.


  1. Carefully comb hair.
  2. If desired, twist the ends of the strands a little( if the hair is wet, you can simply put the tips with your hands).
  3. Comb the front strands back( if desired, you can make a straight / oblique / zigzag parting).
  4. Lock on the vertex( or just below / above) the strings with an elastic band, hair clip, crab or invisible.
  5. Sprinkle the resulting hairdo for fixation.

Beautiful curls

Romantic and delicate, for every day or as a festive version, curls give the image of regal and greatness. It will take quite a bit of time to create this hairstyle. The result will surpass all expectations!


  • comb with medium-frequency teeth;
  • comb with frequent teeth and long handle( for strand separation);
  • foam or spray for styling hair;
  • soldering iron;
  • varnish or spray to fix the hairstyle.


  1. Comb the hair to a silky state( this can be achieved if you first use a conventional comb, and then - with frequent teeth).
  2. Divide the hair into several strands. The more the number of strands, the finer the curls will be.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of styling agent to each strand.
  4. Twist each strand into a tight bundle, then slowly warm it from the roots to the tips with a curling iron.
  5. Make a hair style with your hands.
  6. Finished curls sprinkle with fixative.

Soft hair curlers for medium length hair - video

Light negligence

Hairstyle for fashionable and stylish young ladies, occupying an active life position and wishing to show it to others. Laying is easy to do by yourself.


  • comb with medium-frequency teeth and comb with frequent teeth;
  • round comb-brush;
  • curling iron or iron for hair;
  • curling irons or curlers, hair dryer;
  • hair wax, a means for fixing the hair.


  1. It's good to comb your hair with .
  2. Use a curling iron to lay the ends of the strands in or out.
  3. Using a frequent comb or special ploy, create a volume at the roots of the hair.
  4. Curl the hair in curl with a pair of forceps or curlers.
  5. Make a hairdo volume with a hair dryer and a round comb-brush.
  6. Apply a little wax to the ends of the strands, hands to give a shape that creates a feeling of lightness and negligence.
  7. A ready hairstyle to be sprinkled a bit with the fixative.

Elegant low beam

This hairstyle does not require much time. Suitable for business negotiations or other occasions when loose hair to the shoulders will interfere and look elegant and feminine.


  • comb with medium-frequency teeth;
  • hair styler;
  • small hair elastic;
  • two or three studs or invisible;
  • means for fixing the hairstyle.

The order of actions:

  1. It is good to comb your hair, removing it back.
  2. Approximately at the level of the earlobes of the ears separate from each side in strands.
  3. Screw each strand into a tourniquet and tie a regular tail back with the rest of the hair.
  4. Take the end of the hair and pass it over the elastic band at the bottom of the tail. Pull out until the end.
  5. Straighten the beginning of the beam with the hands so that it covers the rubber band completely.
  6. The end of the tail goes back into the base again, this time not to the end, but only removing the tips of the hair.
  7. Attach the end of the tail to the base using invisible.
  8. A ready hairstyle to be sprinkled with the fixing agent.

Pretty braid

Surprisingly beautiful hairstyle based on a convex French braid will be appropriate for studying at the institute, at a meeting with friends and even on a romantic date.


  • frequent comb with a long sharp handle;
  • styling agent;
  • elastic band;
  • means for fixing the hairstyle.
Creating such a stacking requires some skills, but after two or three workouts it will be a masterpiece.


  1. Carefully comb the hair back.
  2. Apply a small amount of styling agent along the entire length.
  3. With the sharp end of the comb, separate the three strands from the front.
  4. Weave the pigtail, incidentally weaving strands under it alternately on each side( i.e., the convex French braid).
  5. When the strands on both sides end, continue to weave the usual braid.
  6. Secure the braid with an elastic band.
  7. Carefully give the spit the volume by slightly loosening the weave.
  8. Drizzle the finished hairstyle with a fixative.

French braids for shoulder-length hair - video

Greek-style hair with rubber band

A hair-length owner can afford luxury such as a Greek hairstyle. This option will be especially appropriate for celebrations and festive banquets. With the right choice, the rim can be used as a daily styling or even become the basis for a wedding hairstyle.


  • conventional comb;
  • bezel;
  • invisible;
  • hair styler;
  • means for fixing the hairstyle.


  1. Carefully comb hair.
  2. Apply the styling agent over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Make a parting( straight, side, even, zigzag - as desired).
  4. Wear an elastic band over the hair.
  5. Separate small strands from the sides.
  6. Each strand is alternately rolled into a loose bundle and freely wrapped under an elastic band from behind.
  7. Repeat with each of the strands on both sides.
  8. The remaining hair is divided into two parts and braided.
  9. Fix the burned ribbon several times.
  10. Finally, fix the hair with hairpins and sprinkle with varnish.

This option can be used as the basis for multiple laying. Instead of harnesses from several strands, you can braid the braids, tucking them under the elastic band. Separate strands can be left loose, twisting them into curls - in short, you can experiment experimentally, creating different images or finding the very one, unique and unique.

Obviously, the choice of hairstyles for short hair up to the shoulders is huge. Many of them can be performed at home without spending a lot of time and money. Improvisation and fantasy are the main assistants in creating the chic image that every lady dreams about. Do not forget that well-groomed and healthy hair is easy enough to comb - such a feminine hairstyle will not leave anyone indifferent! Related Videos:

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