How to make douche douche

Very often, in combination with the medical treatment of gynecological diseases, doctors prescribe and herbal douches, for example, chamomile. This is a folk way of treatment and prevention, allowing in the early stages of the disease to do without synthetic drugs.

  • Application of chamomile in gynecology
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Chamomile application in gynecology

Broths and infusions of chamomile flowers are a good choleretic, laxative and antispasmodic. In gynecology the plant has found application due to the ability to exert a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Doctors often prescribe to their patients douche douche during the course of treatment for yeast infection, with cystitis and other female diseases, while taking the main medications.

In some cases, if treatment is started in the early stages of the disease, antibiotics can be avoided and confined to daisies.

Unlike antibacterial drugs, chamomile broth is a natural and environmentally friendly remedy that has a gentle and gentle effect on the female sexual sphere. It is indispensable in cases where it is necessary to get rid of itching and general discomfort in a short time.

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Indications for syringing

Most often, syringing with decoction of chamomile is prescribed in the following diseases.

  • Cystitis is an unpleasant disease of the urogenital system with pronounced burning sensations when urinating, frequent urge to urinate, accompanied by discomfort, pain and sometimes blood clots in the urine. The disease involves a complex treatment in the form of heating procedures in combination with the processing of internal sex organs by the decoction of chamomile. Douching with cystitis helps prevent the development of re-infection, relieve pain and eliminate discomfort.
  • Candidiasis is a fungal disease of female genital organs, which manifests itself with reduced immunity, non-observance of intimate hygiene, after taking antibiotics. Its symptoms are irritation, curd discharge, itching, discomfort. In this case, syringing with chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect. Organic substances( saponins) contained in the herb infusion cleanse and soothe the mucous of the genital organs. Herbal decoction does not disturb the normal microflora of the vagina.
  • Erosion of the cervix is ​​treated with douching only in the initial stages. It helps to get rid of infections in the uterus. In neglected cases, one of these procedures is indispensable. Douching can be done only after a medical examination and treatment of the causes that provoked the disease.
  • Hemorrhoids. Syringe daisies can be performed during the period of weakening or disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. The plant has a bactericidal and soothing effect, eliminates spasm of smooth vascular tissues. During the period of remission, it is allowed to do 1 micro-enema a day for 7 days.

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How to brew a camomile

There are several ways to brew a medicinal plant for syringing at home:

  • To prepare a medicinal broth you need 1 liter of water and 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers. In enameled dishes you need to brew inflorescences with steep boiling water, put the container on a weak fire and bring to a boil. Then remove the dishes from the stove and allow to cool. Broth strain through several layers of gauze wipe. Douching with a ready-made broth is done 3-4 times a day.
  • For better effect of decoction, it is better to combine camomile with calendula. To prepare the product, take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and 1 tablespoon of marigold for the same volume of water, bring to a boil, remove from the plate and allow to cool. Then strain and perform the procedure 3-4 times a day.
  • From thrush, you can prepare the infusion according to the following recipe: 3 tablespoons dried flower plants pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist for 30 minutes and strain.
  • For the treatment of erosion of the cervix, it is necessary to prepare an infusion of chamomile and aloe leaves. Aloe leaves must first be crushed into a slurry, then in a ratio of 1: 1 mixed with dried flowers of the plant and add 100 milliliters of boiling water. Leave the infusion for 30 minutes, and then drain. Douching should be done once a day for 10 days.
  • To treat menstrual irregularities, douches are recommended with the following decoction: mix 1 tablespoon of oak bark, chamomile and sporicha, then pour the mixture with boiling water( 200 milliliters) and leave to infuse for 1 hour. At the end of the time, the infusion is filtered and the procedures are carried out 2 times a day.
  • Infusion for douching with hemorrhoids: 3 tablespoons of chamomile, pour 250 milliliters of boiling water, pour into a thermos bottle and leave for 1 hour. After filter and carry out the procedure.

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How to do the procedure

Douching is done using a special medical pear - syringes. It is necessary to pour into the pear cooled to a temperature of 36-38 degrees decoction, then proceed to irrigation.

The procedure itself is recommended to be carried out in a horizontal position. To do this, you can sit in the bathroom, placing your feet on its edge. Before the introduction of a syringe, the muscles of the vagina should be relaxed as much as possible. Insert the tip of the pear into the vagina and gradually pour in the liquid without exerting strong pressure on the syringe. The procedure takes about 10 minutes on average. Douching is best done in the evening before bedtime. During the treatment period it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse.

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What canlead

It should be borne in mind that even such a safe method of treatment, like syringing chamomile broth, with the wrong approach can provoke a violation of the microflora of the vagina. Therefore, it is impossible to do douching too often, otherwise there is a risk to wash useful bacteria and provoke a dysbacteriosis.

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In addition, you can not perform the douching procedure during menstruation. During this period, the cervix is ​​relaxed and ajar, and it is possible to provoke the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the internal sexual organs.

It is not necessary to carry out the procedure without consulting a gynecologist to women who have reached the age of 40, since syringing in this case can cause dryness and irritation of the vaginal mucosa.

Also it is impossible to conduct the procedure before visiting a doctor and taking tests, so as not to distort the clinical picture.

It is very important to follow the rules of douching to prevent fluid from entering the uterine cavity, thus provoking further infection. In addition, when signs of the disease appear, you should try to immediately consult a doctor. Douching is only an auxiliary method in the fight against diseases.

Also need to understand that douche douche does not increase the chance to conceive a child, but, on the contrary, reduces - its frequent use destroys the microflora of the vagina.

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Any douches are forbidden at any time of pregnancy, except the recommendations of the attending physician.

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