Anti-cellulite cream at home

  • The effectiveness of anti-cellulite cream
  • Advantages of home anti-cellulite creams
  • How to make the best anti-cellulite cream at home?

Such a problem, like cellulite, today gives a lot of trouble to many women.

If you notice the first manifestations of cellulite, do not panic, and immediately begin to fight it. After all, running cases to eliminate is not so simple.

To remove cellulite will help proper nutrition and home anti-cellulite cream.

The effectiveness of cellulite cream

The most effective cream against cellulite should fulfill its main task - to improve blood circulation in problem areas, stimulating metabolism and splitting of subcutaneous fat.

Most anti-cellulite products contain the following substances:

  • caffeine( stimulates the breakdown of fat);
  • mineral salts( capable of removing toxins and slags);
  • plant extracts of algae, pineapple, cocoa seeds, green tea( contribute to weight reduction, improve metabolic processes);
  • essential oils( remove toxins and stimulate metabolic processes).

Do anti-cellulite creams help? Of course! They really can be effective, as they prevent the appearance of fat, but also tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. The main thing is to choose the right cosmetic product.

Advantages of home anti-cellulite creams

Anti-cellulite cream with its own hands, prepared according to all the rules of suitable ingredients, has a significant advantage over the purchased product:

  • It is natural. As a home product, you do not have to doubt, because you use only those ingredients, in freshness and naturalness of which you are really sure. In store tools are often added are not particularly useful components that help increase the expiration date of the final product.
  • It's effective. In most cases, the effect of using a home cosmetic is better than from a cream purchased at a pharmacy. And this fact has already been proved by scientists.
  • It is inexpensive. The cost of home cream is quite low, because you use simple ingredients for its preparation. While industrial anti-cellulite funds should still pay back the costs of packaging, advertising and other items of expenditure.
  • It's easy to prepare. Usually anti-cellulite cream is done for 5 minutes, and it is impossible to call this task difficult.
The prescription for effective anti-cellulite cream is in video:

Use of cellulite cream

The effectiveness of any anti-cellulite remedy will be high if an integrated approach is used to solve this problem.

The basic conditions for fighting cellulite are diet or proper nutrition, sports and massage( using a special anti-cellulite drug).

An anti-cellulite massage cream is able to prevent the re-emergence of cellulite, moisturize, nourish and improve the structure of the skin.

But how to use anti-cellulite cream so that it really helps?

  1. The product should be used for rubbing and massage, with the main condition being daily use for several weeks. If you apply the cream once a week, it will not have any effect.
  2. Before applying the product, the skin needs to be warmed up with a massage.
  3. Using light massaging movements, on the problem areas of the body clockwise, the cream is applied, and then rubbed into the skin.

Preparing massage against cellulite

Simple techniques of manual massage will help prepare the skin for anti-cellulite cream.

You can proceed as follows:

  1. Perform 3-4 strokes of the hips, moving from the bottom up.
  2. Advance up the outside of the thighs roller of skin and fat that is under the skin( 2 times for each side).
  3. Hold knuckles on the thigh( up from the knee) 4-5 times.
  4. Slap your hands over your hips.
  5. Squeeze your hand into a fist and hold it over the skin from top to bottom, then back until it begins to blush.
  6. Fold all the fingers together. Massage the skin in a circular motion, lightly pressing on it.

How to make the best anti-cellulite cream at home?

To prepare an anti-cellulite body cream at home, in most cases you need to take a regular lotion or cream and add active ingredients to it. It can be caffeine, algae extracts or essential oils.

Find out which anti-cellulite cream is the most effective, can only be experienced. Choose any recipe for cooking anti-cellulite cream and make your body beautiful.

Anti-cellulite cream with mummy

For the preparation of the cream you will need essential oils of cinnamon, orange and juniper, any children's cream that does not contain zinc, and mummies in tablets( buy at the pharmacy).

A warming anti-cellulite cream with a mummy is also used in the fight against stretch marks. After a long course they become almost invisible.
  1. In a small jar of plastic or glass to squeeze out 2 tablespoons of baby cream.
  2. Add also 4 tablets of mummies, which you must first crush, and essential oils. Oils take in the amount of 10 drops for orange and juniper and not more than 5 drops for cinnamon.
  3. Mix components, put in a dark place for 30 minutes. The room should have room temperature. The mummy will completely dissolve, and the remedy can be used.

Mustard Cream of Cellulite

  1. Dilute 2 tbsp. Spoons of hot water dry mustard powder and fresh honey( in equal parts). Then add this mass to the usual body milk.
  2. Stir, then apply to problem areas affected by cellulite.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove excess media with a dry paper towel.

Anti-cellulite cream with essential oils

  1. To prepare a quality anti-cellulite massage massage, take 30 ml of body milk( without paraffin), 3 drops of essential oil of orange and juniper, 1 drop of cayenne pepper oil and 1 tsp of guarana( can be replaced with extractcoffee).
  2. Mix all the ingredients in a ceramic or glass container.
  3. When anti-cellulite cream with pepper becomes homogeneous, it can be used for easy massage of problem areas.
  4. Before use, lightly heat the cream in the palms. Now you can apply to the body.
It is recommended to rub the home cosmetic product into the skin for at least 10 minutes.

Cream with apple vinegar against cellulite

  1. To prepare this cream, you need to take 2 parts of massage oil and 1 part of natural apple cider vinegar.
  2. All mix well.
  3. Apply to clean skin.

The advantage of this remedy is that apple cider vinegar is a good remedy against fat deposits.

The use of anti-cellulite cream with vinegar helps to remove excess fluid, strengthen the vessels and serves as a preventive measure for various diseases.

Anti-cellulite cream from grape juice

Many cosmeticians advise in the fight against the "orange peel" daily to wrap with anti-cellulite cream. For this procedure, a cream based on grape juice is suitable.

  1. To prepare a useful tool, you need 5 tbsp.spoons of grape juice, 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and 2 teaspoons of a day cream. Mix the grape juice with liquid honey and add the day cream to the resulting mass.
  2. Stir and apply to the affected area for 15 minutes.
  3. The remnants of the remedy are removed with the tapping movements of the fingertips. Then take a shower.

If you do a wrap, after applying the cream, you need to wrap the thighs and legs with a special film and lie down for a while, so that the cream gives its effect. After the completion of the procedure, you also need to take a shower.

Anti-cellulite cream with caffeine

  1. For its preparation, you need 2 cups of olive oil, 1 glass of sugar and 1 cup of natural ground coffee.
  2. Mix the ingredients in the blender at medium speed( a homogeneous mass should be obtained).
  3. Put the cream in a jar, close the lid.
Such cream will not only reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also eliminate puffiness in problem areas.

Before taking a shower, apply anti-cellulite cream to problem areas using soft massaging movements. The product should be gently rubbed into the skin. After a while you can wash off the remains under the shower.

Now you know what a good anti-cellulite cream will help you eliminate the "orange peel" on the hips and legs.

  • Before applying any medication, even a cooked home, it is important to test it for allergy.
Preliminary test:

A small amount of cream is rubbed into the elbow bend. If after 12 hours you do not have an allergic reaction in this place, you can safely use the prepared remedy.

  • And do not forget about regular application, only so the result will really please you!

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