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Have you ever wondered why the carnival doll is not for sale in stores? After all, in order to decorate your house for other traditional holidays, it's enough to go to the nearest supermarket. It's all about the ancient traditions of the Slavic celebration of the end of winter and the attraction of the spring sun. It's not about burning a straw dummy or delicious pancakes, but about the home guard, which every mistress made herself. Here's how to make Shrovetide with your own hands, and you'll find out now.

General rules

First, decide on the priorities. What do you want - to create an up-to-date interior in the Old Slav style, surprise the guests with a fashion accessory and send a scarecrow to the trash in a week? Then you can not really strain, but even in this version, the doll should be authentic, otherwise a carefully thought out plan for decorating the home will look at least unsubstantial. Or maybe you want to make an amulet for a house that should be kept all year round?

In any case, you need to know the conditions for how to make a carnival carnival by all the rules:

  • Do not use a needle and scissors: sharp and cutting objects, according to ancient beliefs, carry destructive energy. The fabric can be gently torn along the share or transverse thread, the paper is torn along the ruler, and the yarn, thread, straw or bast can be divided into stretches by hands or simply snack.
  • Eliminate materials of gloomy and even neutral shades. Give preference to red, orange, corn-yellow, green and sky-blue colors. It is also good to use tissue or paper with a vegetable print. Be sure to include a wool thread bright red in the design.
  • Important, so that the carnival guardian does not have a face. Our great-grandmothers believed that if we draw a doll with our own face, it will lose its protective properties and begin to live its own life - so that a funny smiling face on such a doll will be inopportune.
  • Size also matters, the best option for a long time is considered to be a carnival doll height of about 25 centimeters.

The location of this amulet in the house is also very important. It used to be placed in a red corner, now it's best to place it directly opposite the front door. Such a guard is kept until the next holiday, on the eve it is burned or thrown into the river and a new one is made. So, you have read the basic rules. Now let's move on to particulars, namely - we'll tell you how to make a doll for a carnival by own hands from this or that material.

Paper doll

The easiest way to make a stuffed carnival from paper of different colors. This method is especially suitable for those who master it with young children.

For this you will need:

  • Three sheets of paper in red, orange and yellow.
  • A small piece of white paper and a ruler.
  • Stationery glue and scissors.

First make the dress of the future doll:

  1. For him, take the yellow paper and fold along the accordion. The distance between the folds should be at least two centimeters, otherwise it will not stand. Then bend the accordion precisely in the center and glue together the free central sections.
  2. For orange sleeves, use orange paper. Fold it in the same manner as the skirt, but the folds can be smaller. Mark the center, slightly bending the future puppet handles, and glue the folds over the resulting fold. As a result, there will be a sort of corrugated bow.
  3. Put the sleeves on the skirt, bend them to the bottom and glue them to the dress about 2-3 centimeters from the top. Then bend it so that the handles "look" in the sides.

The dress is ready, now head:

  1. From the corner of the red paper, draw a tied handkerchief and cut it out.
  2. From another angle, you can cut a diamond with sides equal to the edges of the scarf.
  3. In the center of the handkerchief, glue a white circle and attach the head to the dress. From the "back" along the edges of the scarf, glue the back part of it, leaving the lower edges free.

As you can see, it's not difficult to make such a carnival by our own hands. Of course, there are more time-consuming methods, but the result is more impressive.

Tissue doll

There are several ways to make a Masleni doll from a fabric. Consider the most elegant version.

You will need:

  • Square of linen or cotton white fabric.
  • A piece of cotton wool and knitting threads.
  • Three squares of bright, better with a fine floral print, calico.
  • All kinds of scraps, ribbons or braid.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. In the center of the white fabric, place a piece of cotton, then fold the edges and not very tightly tie the thread under the filler. The head is ready.
  2. Now place the square on the table with the "head" down and straighten it to the wrong side. A rhombus is obtained, the upper part of which closes the "face" of the doll.
  3. The next stage is the handle. To do this, connect a pair of centimeters overlapping in the center of the right and left corners. Then lower and upper sections of the future hands bend to the middle. It will be something like a four-pointed star.
  4. Now drop the top corner from the "face".A little deviating from the horizontal ends, make the hands, tying them with a bright thread. The place where you connect the corners in the center, also wind the thread, thereby indicating the waist. The figure is ready, it is necessary to dress it.
  5. Since the doll is a carnival of the feminine gender, you can at the same time make her a bulky chest. To do this, take two colored squares, put some filler in the center and tie them both for the head, but even less tightly. Tie both squares on the figure directly under your hands.
  6. For the sarafan back, fold the remaining piece of fabric diagonally, then again so that a rhombus with a fold in the center turns out - this will be the front side of the back of the puppet dress. Attach it with a smooth underside upwards so that the loose ends cover the head of the carnival. Tie it under the chest and bend it down.
  7. Lush sundress is ready. It remains only to tie a bright handkerchief and decorate your creation with an apron and multi-colored ribbons. If desired, you can weave a thread with a braid with a red bow, replace the white fabric with a cream or gently pink - in general improvise. The only condition is that there are no sparkles and frankly artificial materials.

How to make a doll-watchdog with your own hands - video

If you do not have time to be particularly wise with the carnival, but decorate the house for the holiday still want, pay attention to the extremely simple way. To do this, take:

  • Piece of 5-6 stripes of fabric 3-5 cm wide and 10 cm long.
  • The same number is twice as long as the stripes.
  • Threads and a pair of pieces of colored fabric.
  • Thin straight stick.

Easy way:

  1. When making a trunk, tie short strips one centimeter from the edge. Put the resulting bundle on the upper end of the stick, bend it down and wind the loose ends around the thread.
  2. For the hands of and the head, fold the long pieces in half, recede from the bend 2.5-3 centimeters and tie them. Put on and tie to the upper end of the stick. After that starch the doll and leave to dry, hanging your head down - so the pens will be raised up.
  3. After drying, tie a fabric gown over her and decorate it with a colorful handkerchief. For the outfit, use bright colors, and an easy-to-make doll-amulet will look festive.

Straw amulet

It's both simple and difficult for people living in big cities to make carnival. Simplicity consists in simple manufacturing techniques. The difficulty is due to the search for the right material: well, it is very difficult to find straw in a megacity. Therefore, if desired, it is permissible to replace it with a mildew. If you have time to look for straws in craft shops, use this material. So, what you need to stock up:

  • Two bundles of straw 15 and 20 centimeters long.
  • White and red woolen thick threads.
  • Triangular piece of canvas, braid and multi-colored fabric.
  • A square flap of white color and cotton wool.
  • Straight twig approximately 20 centimeters long.

The last point should be highlighted. Do not use alder and aspen wood for protection: according to ancient beliefs, these trees are able to weaken the protective properties of the amulet. Now let's move on to the question of how to make a straw doll with your own hands:

  1. Form a cotton wool and cloth head. Wrap the burlap around the sprig with a sachet-cone. With a white thread, carefully tie them to the base.
  2. Take a 15-centimeter bundle of straw, measure from the edges of 7 centimeters, bandage the intended places and the edges of the hands. In the middle section of the free segment, pass the trunk, leaving a place for the neck.
  3. Put the remaining long straw to the upper border of the hands so that the beam covers the head. Tie it slightly below the neck, fold it down and fix it with a red thread on the lower level of the handles. At the same time, wrap the thread several times around and crosswise across the chest and back.
  4. Bind on the head of the kerchief, gently wrapping the neck and tying the ends behind the simple knot.
  5. It remains only to dress up the doll in a colorful skirt, decorate it with braid or any other suitable accessories for your taste.

So, the most popular options for how to make a spring home guard, you know. Now consider another archival attribute of this holiday.

Doing a scarecrow

The traditional manufacture of a scarecrow for carnival does not involve the use of expensive materials and special efforts. From time immemorial, the Slavs crafted the symbol of the last winter from any rubbish that was already unnecessary in the household, which was happily burnt at the end of the festive week, symbolizing thereby the disposal of troubles. So, thinking about how to make a scarecrow on Shrovetide with your own hands and not ruin your budget, make the following list:

  • Two dry wooden bars of different lengths.
  • Hammer, nails and rope.
  • Paper, straw, brooms or other well-burning materials.
  • White old pillowcase, dress or robe with long sleeves.
  • A scarf or a suitable piece of cloth.

How to make a scarecrow:

  1. Nabeyte pillowcase or a bag of light cloth dry grass and newspapers. Tie it and attach it with a string to the long bar.
  2. A little lower nail the cross bar - "hands".Then wind the resulting cross with well-burning materials. If there is tension in the paper and straw, the brooms are suitable.
  3. Put the scarecrow in what I do not mind. It is important only that the outfit was female. Here you can add funny elements. For example, put gloves on the handles, diversify the outfit with all kinds of bows and ribbons. Attach a ridiculous hairstyle from under the kerchief from the pack - the more fun it will be, the better.
  4. The space for creativity provides and the opportunity to draw a scarecrow face. As mentioned above, the Shrovetide-carnival is traditionally done without a face. In this case, not only can, but also need to draw on a stuffed rosy cheeks, crimson lips, nose and eyes. The last must be open.
  5. Add braids of yellow paper or cloth spit with bright bows - and a merry carnival will please you all week.

If you want to fully observe the ancient rituals, put the scarecrow on the sledge on the first day, as by tradition it is supposed to be rolled around the yard and then burned. By the way, you can burn the symbol of winter already on Saturday evening, and on a forgiven Sunday to finish the fun and prepare for the post. However, the latter option is interesting only for religious people. Shrovetide festivities with the generally accepted modern religion are not connected in any way. Related Videos:

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