How to take care of your skin correctly

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The face is a business card of a person, therefore it is necessary to take care of it constantly. Doing procedures and following the advice of specialists, you can prevent the appearance of such deficiencies as acne, black dots, wrinkles, flabbiness, and other unpleasant to any woman defects. Proper skin care for the face, especially the problem, you need to start as early as possible, and then it will radiate beauty and youth much longer.

Define the skin type

Many companies offer to buy miracle cures that solve all cosmetic problems, relieve dryness and fatness forever. This is a lie, unfortunately, you can not completely change the characteristics of the skin, but you can always pick up cosmetics for a particular type of skin that will make the care more effective. Before choosing the means, you need to determine the type of skin of the face.

  1. Oily. The skin is thick, the enlarged pores are clearly visible. Identify the fat content can be by the characteristic brilliance, because of which the face is collected dust, which is the cause of acne and acne. Pluses: there is no dryness, with careful care for oily skin, you can forget about wrinkles for a long time.
  2. Dry - soft and transparent. Exposed to drying, peeling, poorly reacted to hard water. Dryness requires constant care and moisturizing.
  3. Combined. Includes elements of two types of skin. The most common is the option: in the forehead area the skin is oily, and in the cheek, eye and temples - dry.
  4. Normal, balanced. Such skin looks young and beautiful for a long time and does not need treatment.

How to determine the type of skin - video tutorial

Tips for skin care professionals

  • To protect the skin from the influence of external factors, you need to remember three basic rules: to cleanse, tone up, moisturize. You can do all this at home. We repeat the procedure three times a day - in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.
  • Some girls do not know how to look after themselves in this or that time of the year. In summer, the skin releases more fat, whereas in winter it is more prone to drying out. It is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the skin and use cosmetics, depending on the fat and dryness.
If you buy cosmetics in stores, carefully read the composition, give preference to natural ingredients. Owners of oily skin need to forget about cleansing tonics based on alcohol, they only complicate the problem. Experts recommend using organic professional cosmetics.
  • Before the procedures, wash with warm boiled water, and your movements during application of creams should be calm and smooth - any aggressive effect injures the skin.
  • Apply the cream correctly: the forehead area is treated with two hands from the bottom up, the cheeks - from the nose to the forehead, the area around the lips - from the corners to the chin, the neck area - in circular motions. We collect the remains of the cream with a napkin, you can not use a towel.

    Face cream application technique

  • If you have severe skin problems, this indicates a problem in the body. The use of cosmetics does not eliminate the cause, but only softens the signs of various diseases. In this case, only the endocrinologist can help. Do not be afraid and do not postpone the visit to the doctor, perhaps the reason lies in the hormonal problems.

If you have oily skin

The principle that should be followed when caring for oily skin is thorough cleansing.
Sebaceous glands create a suitable habitat for microbes, resulting in a large number of unwanted rashes. You can reduce the risk of their occurrence to a minimum.
  • Limit washing with hot water, do not use soap, it only strengthens the activity of the sebaceous glands, while warm or cool water soothes tired skin. You can clean it with sponge and such gels that dissolve easily in the liquid.
  • Oily skin for use will go massage with a light brush. Pores are cleaned if you use a special milk with a brush.
  • For cleansing and calming the inflamed skin, use lotions, which contain salicylic acid - they restore and narrow the pores, and the eels heal faster.
  • You need to forget about fatty creams forever, a wonderful alternative is tea tree oil - moisten pimples with a solution of 5%.

Recipes of useful masks for oily skin

  1. Kefir mix. Thanks to this mask, the skin will get a fresh and healthy look. The product dries out the necessary places perfectly. Sponge or cotton wool apply low-fat kefir or yogurt. Wash off after about fifteen minutes.
  2. Cucumber. Grate a small piece of the vegetable or finely chop it. Treat the face, leave for 15 minutes. Lemon and Egg. A wonderful mask for cleaning pores. Separate the egg yolk from the protein. Squeeze the lemon and mix the ingredients. Time is 15 minutes.
  3. Green tea. Two tablespoons of milk mixed with rastolchennym green tea( a few spoons).Apply on face and follow the time: after 20 minutes you can wash off.
  4. Strawberries. Crush berries of wild strawberries or blackberries with raw eggs, treat the face. When the mask has dried, apply a second coat, and then a third. Time is a maximum of 20 minutes.
  5. Starch pear. Soothing peeling. Pear the chop, mix with a spoonful of potato starch. Time is 15 minutes.

If you have dry skin

The main problem of women with dry skin type is peeling and contraction. When caring for dry skin, you need to make sure that it is always moistened - this will prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Wash should be followed by means for dry skin: tonics for removing make-up or decoction of medicinal herbs.
  • Eliminate masks, which include oil products: they create a barrier, harm and do not allow the skin to breathe.
Use a scrub carefully, use light, gentle, anti-allergenic drugs.
  • When choosing a cream, pay attention to the soft options that create a protective film, apply a fat cream before bed, alternate moisturizing and toning masks.

Recipes of useful masks for dry skin

  1. Potatoes. This vegetable has properties that will be useful for dry skin. Peel the potatoes cooked in a uniform, chop it or mash it and mix it with a small amount of citrus juice. Treat face, after 30 minutes rinse with water.
  2. Summer greens. Two tablespoons of fresh green salad finely chopped, add kefir and raw eggs until the formation of the thick. Treat face, rinse with warm water after a quarter of an hour.
  3. Healing herbs. Dried pre-leaves care groom-and-stepmothers pour boiling water, cover and leave to shudder. Strain, add a large spoon of olive oil and juice of plantain, warm the mixture, stirring constantly. Cool it down. Time is 20 minutes.
  4. Almonds. A teaspoon of beeswax is mixed with two tablespoons of almond oil. Cool and process problem areas.
  5. Manchester. Mix five small spoons of cereals with a spoon of apple puree. After you add a mashed orange skin to the mixture. Dilute with milk to wash to a thick mass. Apply before going to bed.
  6. Cabbage. Rubbed fresh cabbage leaves pour warmed milk, leave for half an hour, strain and treat the face. Time is 20 minutes.

Mask for dry skin of the face with yeast- video

If you have combined skin

As with oily, combination skin, cleansing is essential first. Thoroughly wash your face with care gels, wash off the foam and mask with cool water - it narrows the pores and prevents peeling.

Combined skin is useful in peeling. Using scrubs, pay special attention to the T-zone( chin, nose, forehead).On the cheeks it is better not to apply scrub at all or to clean them very carefully. After the procedures, refrain from entering the street for several hours.

Recipes of useful masks for combination skin.

  • Oatmeal with cream. Triple action: the skin after this mask is clean, matte and moisturized. One spoonful of oatmeal pour boiling water, allow to stand for 15 minutes, add three small spoons of thick cream. The waiting time after application is half an hour.
  • Yogurt. Stretch a couple of pieces of melon in a mash, add half a cup of yogurt - you get a mass that looks like fruit yoghurt. Time is 20 minutes.
  • White clay. With this mask, you can limit the number of black dots. Three teaspoons of soft clay to dilute in 2 tablespoons of orange juice. Apply to the face in the T-zone area. The exposure time is ten minutes, until it dries completely. Cucumber infusion. Helps freshen up, clean bruises under the eyes. Wash cucumber, rub and mix with one spoon of butter. Add the raw egg white to the mixture. Hold for half an hour.
  • Nettle and chamomile. Compress. A large spoonful of dried leaves of chamomile and nettles pour three mugs of steep boiling water, leave for several hours. Wet a small rag or gauze and put on face for 30 minutes.

If you have a normal skin

A feature of normal skin is self-renewal. During this process, the outer layer exfoliates and creates a new one. Women who have this type of dermis, do not feel dryness, tightness, excessive fatness. To keep the skin young and healthy, she also needs the right daily care.

Try to use any cosmetics as little as possible.
  • In the morning it is best to wash with gel or milk, soap should not be used more than once a week.
  • Tonics based on alcohol can be used for cleaning.
  • Combined skin does not tolerate fatty creams, especially in winter. For moistening, you can use light nourishing creams.

Recipes of useful masks for normal skin

  1. Red orange. Peel the skin from the fruit, squeeze out the liquid from it and mix it with two teaspoons of yogurt( if desired, add flesh).Time is 20 minutes.
  2. Sweet melon. People who are exposed to stress, the mask is especially useful, because it calms the skin and at the same time cares for it. Pulp the melon pulp until smooth. Add a few teaspoons kefir. Rub slowly in circular motions for five minutes, then cover your face with a damp towel. After complete soaking, wash and apply moisturizer.
  3. Banana. Used in winter, when the skin is especially prone to weathering. Mash half a small banana, add a spoonful of lemon juice. Exposure time - 20 minutes, you can more. Rinse off with water.
  4. Carrot. Good whitening mask. In the flour add finely chopped or grated carrot, to her a couple drops of juice of any citrus fruit. Time is 20 minutes.
  5. Vegetables. Any vitamins containing vegetables should be rubbed and mixed. Keep on face for about 15 minutes.
  6. Brewer's yeast. Spread a tablespoon of yeast in milk. Stirring constantly, boil, then cool. Apply and leave for 30 minutes.
  7. Gooseberries. About ten sheets of berries pour boiling water, after 20 minutes necessarily strain. If desired, add a couple of spoons of crushed berries. Wet a rag with a solution, apply to face for 15 minutes.

Mask for normal skin - video

Successful facial care at home without going to the doctor is not an invention of housewives, but an ideal option for women who have skin problems. Carefully adhere to the rules presented in the article, and you can forget about the problems with pimples, blackheads, black spots and wrinkles. Remember, you need to take care of your face as early as possible - and then you will shine with freshness and beauty for a long time.


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