19 ideas for scarapbooking

Scrapbooking is one of the types of needlework, with which you make or make out ready-made diaries, books, photo albums. For work usually use paper of different types, ready-made albums, cardboard blanks and other accessories. Suggested below 20 ideas for scrapbooking help to make an original thing for yourself or a gift for a wedding, birthday.

Album for the newborn

In this product pages are stitched and inserted into a tight cover. Above the album for the baby is decorated with two squares of different colors and textures. Also a thematic picture and a dummy are pasted. Each page has a ledge in the form of a semicircle, on which you can write a description of the photo located on the page. This will facilitate the search.

Album for the boy

The general ideas for a children's album differ thematically. Each page of the product has its own shape and dimensions. And their edges can look out. In the manufacture, you can apply the technique of sculpting to create animal figures. The front side of the cover is decorated with large multicolored letters. All pages are fastened to the album in three rings.

Album for the girl

The album for the little girl should be colorful. In contrast to the previous version, there is more pink shade. In the decoration of the pages, in addition to animals, flowers and patterns are visible. You can use colorful chamomiles, ribbons or other figures as bookmarks. The inscription on the front of the cover is pink.

Family history of

Make a gift for a wedding couple in an album where they will store a photo story of their family life. To do this, use distressing to give the product an old look. Decorate the album with a rose flower made of cloth. Tie it with a braid of two colors, at the end of which string beads of different sizes, repeating the color of the braid.


travelers For those who decided to save an unforgettable trip in their memory, ideas for scrapbooking help create an album for photos. It has an unusual shape, and internal pages are aged. Between them, they connect the braid, threaded into the holes. The cover of the album is decorated with a picture of a sailboat and a steering wheel. And from the pages there is a pirate flag of black color with a cheerful Roger.


An album is also needed for those who every year go on holiday to other countries. His cover can be decorated with cutouts from the atlas and thematic pictures. You can paste small souvenirs or clippings from newspapers, or magazines, preserved after the trip. Use the map of the area where you visited as a bookmark.

Colorful album

Each page of this album reflects the happiest moments of life. Design them in different ways, including your imagination. Put the pages together by means of a spring. The front side of the cover is decorated with a three-dimensional frame, where you can insert a photograph of the owner and artificial flowers. The corners are decorated with hearts, and at the top there is an inscription written in large letters.

Album for memory

The album is similar to the previous version, but it has its own nuances. The frame on the front side is made of metal, as well as the round medallion. Large letters have a convex shape and are glued first to rectangles of contrasting color and only then to the cover. On the front side, a piece of journalism is a quote about friendship.

Notepad for recipes

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To avoid dessert recipes, make a separate notebook for them. The basis is taken by the finished product. This is a convenient option for beginner needlework. It is desirable that its pages are of different colors, so that it's easier to divide into sections. Wrap the cover with beautiful paper. Lock the corners of the notebook with corners. As decoration decorate thematic pictures, a knitted napkin and buttons. Gift to your beloved

To talk to your loved one, you do not have to say many words. Give him the album "10 reasons for my love."Such an inscription will decorate his cover. And also use paper in polka dots, colorful ribbons, pebbles. In the middle there should be photos of the happiest and memorable moments from the life of lovers.

For you

Another version of the album for a loved one. The design of the pages used paper with various patterns. On the cover of the album is a cascade of several parts. Among them, a text resembling a leaf with a love letter and an inscription. Between each other the pages are fastened with rings, which are decorated with multi-colored ribbons.

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Heart key

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Symbolic album for a loved one. Each page is saturated with emotions and feelings. On the cover are glued a large heart, a key with a ribbon, a small lock on the chain and three-dimensional letters of different texture and size. Between each other the pages are connected by a spring for the binder. Giving such an album, as if presenting a loved one with a key from his heart.

Original album

Usually such albums serve for storage of photos of the child for the certain period. For example, from birth to the age when the baby goes to the kindergarten. For registration use a multi-colored paper of saturated shades. In a tone for her chosen and ribbons. On the cover are the letters that make up the child's name.

Album for photos

The edges of the pages of the album are formed using a figured punch and connected with a spring for the binder. The album pages are executed in green shades, and its cover is decorated with voluminous flowers. They are made of several parts of different shapes, glued to each other. Due to this, the volume effect is created. The upper corner is decorated with an almost weightless bow.

Album "Heart"

To make an album you will need kraft paper. With its help, you get thick pages and a cover. On the front side of the product is a big heart drawing. Everything is done in subdued tones. The edges of the album are decorated with special corners. The pages are fastened with three large rings. Everything looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Gift for Christmas or New Year

Album can serve as an excellent gift for the New Year holidays. Let the cover be made of three layers of paper of different colors located in a cascade. It is better to make the edges of the paper curly. The cover can be decorated with a bell and a flower. Edge the pages of the album with a figured punch. Bright, colorful, in the New Year!

Thematic album

Those who travel a lot and enjoy taking photos are worth creating a separate album for each country. Stickers on the cover of the product should display its subject matter. It can be scraps from brought cards, magazines, photographs or small souvenirs. On the front side, make an inscription from the letters that make up the name of the visited city or country.

Wedding album

To be able to view the captured moments of the main family event, create a wedding album. Its design depends only on imagination. Let his cover adorn the photo of the newlyweds in a frame and big letters, reminiscent of the love that connected the couple. Flowers on the front side of the album will also be appropriate.

Holiday album

Scrapbooking craftsmen can create albums for each holiday. Let there be stored photos taken in honor of a certain celebration. Glue themed images on the cover in several layers. Make a signature indicating in honor of which event photos were taken. So it will be easier to navigate and find the right album.

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