List of the best psychological thrillers

Psychological thrillers are films that play with the psyche of the viewer, causing inner fear and anticipation of something inevitable. Often they are shot against the background of everyday events, than strongly resemble real life. Today we have compiled a list of the best psychological thrillers that will make you look at the world in a new way.

Beginning of

There is a new caste of people capable of making their way into someone else's dreams. One of these is the talented thief Dominic Cobb, who is able to extract valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious. Once he receives a proposal to penetrate into the subconscious of the heir to a large company and not steal information, but to introduce the idea. But no skill and planning of the operation will prepare Cobb's team for meeting with the most dangerous opponent - his personal subconscious.

The film takes the viewer in 1954, when two American bailiffs Teddy Daniels and Chuck Oul go to the island-fortress of Shatter for mentally unhealthy intruders to investigate the incident that happened there - escape of the prisoner. Once they are on the island, they will face an undisguised lie, a hurricane that blocked the way to return home, and a deadly revolt of the inhabitants of the clinic.

Source code

The main character of the film is a soldier named Coulter, caught in the body of a man who died as a result of a railway accident. He does not remember anything about himself, but he knows he was a military man on assignment. Coulter has to experience death again and again until he accomplishes his main task-he does not find the instigator of the catastrophe. Each time returning to the train the main character acts more quickly and dexterously. But will he be able to find a terrorist and parallelly save the girl Christina from imminent death, in which he fell in love for the time of the assignment?

The anger of

The industrialist Samuel Ramos, fearing for the safety of his nine-year-old daughter Pita, hires the bodyguard of former CIA agent John Crisis. At first, Crisi, who is in a difficult emotional state, finds it difficult to reconcile with society not by the years of a developed girl. Over time, between John and Pete, a warm friendship is fastened, which leads the bodyguard out of depression, but everything collapses when the girl is kidnapped. Krizi in a state of extreme anger swears to kill everyone who is involved in the abduction of his little friend.

Fracture of

Ted Crawford commits an attempt on his wife, now he has to be punished according to the strictness of the law. But with the help of legal delays and his own cunning, he forces justice to make a mistake after a mistake, and, it would seem, already avoids the prison, but the young and ambitious assistant to the district attorney Willie Bichem, who always achieves a just punishment, takes the case.

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Buried alive

The protagonist of the film is Paul, a soldier of the US Army, serving in Iraq on contract. During a combat operation, he loses consciousness, waking up Paul can not understand where he is - around dark and crowded. Using a cigarette lighter, he realizes that it is a coffin in which he was buried alive. The guy has to go through a lot of psychologically difficult, terrible and physically impossible moments in the struggle for his own life.


Detective Ulyam Somerset worked for many years in the police, now he dreams of retiring and going to live outside the city. Seven days before retirement, two problems immediately fall to the detective: a particularly sophisticated murder and a young partner Mills. Experienced Somerset immediately determines that this is only the beginning of a series of terrible killings. Realizing that the maniac is killing people for their mortal sins described in the Bible, Somerset faces a choice - to investigate the case and find a serial killer, or to hand over the case to a beginning detective Mills and wait for retirement?

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Areas of Darkness

Writer from New York, Eddie is experiencing serious difficulties in life - his favorite girl throws, and in his work he has a creative crisis. One day he meets a friend who recommends him a pill "of all problems" - a classified drug "NZT".The tablet activates the brain, which makes Eddie earn a lot of money in a short time. But soon it turns out that the drug is not so harmless, as Eddie begins to suffer from terrible side effects.


One serious corporation is casting for a vacant position. The new place is claimed by eight successful specialists, each of whom is ready to go for everything for the prestigious place. The last test remains - everyone is locked in one room and each of them is given a sheet of paper. Now they have 1.5 hours to answer the question written on the sheet. When the timer starts, everyone will know that the sheet is empty, so the question is not known to anyone. The tension between the heroes is growing, because each of the eight in every way aspires to become the chosen one.

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Nicolas Van Orton is a successful businessman, he embodies calmness and calmness, any situation is always under his control. On his birthday Orton receives an unusual gift - a ticket to participate in a certain project called "The Game".He is promised that this gift will return bright emotions and will allow you to taste the real life. But Nicholas does not immediately realize that this game is serious, the game is not for life, but for death.

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Lucky Number Slevin

The plot of the picture unfolds around a guy named Slevin Kelevra. Arriving to his friend in New York, he immediately falls into a mess. As it turns out, the one for whom the hero was taken should give the local authority a large amount of money to Boss. To pay the debt for a friend, Slevin must kill the son of the ringleader of the rival group, Rabbi. But it soon becomes known that it was Rabbi and Boss who were to blame for the murder of the Slevin family, and he had long vowed to take revenge on them.

Jack Reacher

After killing five random passers-by with a killer, the police detain a person to whom evidence indicates. During interrogation, instead of confessing, he asks to find Jack Reacher. Jack - an agent of the special services retired, he visited a lot of hot spots, has awards for the operations. But it's almost impossible to find it, Reacher has no documents, it does not record any property, in fact - he's a ghost. However, Reacher himself gets in touch and immediately takes up the investigation of this, as it turned out, quite an uneasy business.


The picture, based on real events, tells about a married couple, Bernardo Field and Carla Homolka, who abducted, sexually abused and killed three young girls. Carla was only 17 years old when she met Paul and they became an ideal couple, leading a double life. But perhaps more shocking than the murders of Bernardo - to understand why Carla loved such a man, became his assistant and accomplice, starting a series of murders from his own sister.

Illusion of deceit

The team of magician illusionists "Four Horsemen" led by Mike Atlas stirs the minds of the audience with his high-tech tricks. The last of the numbers, shocking the audience, is a large sum of money, which appeared from nowhere in the studio. It is noteworthy, but at the same time the bank was robbed in Paris. The police did not have enough evidence to blame the magicians for robbery. And they meanwhile turn around more and more impressive numbers.


In the center of the plot of the criminal thriller - employee of the auction house Simon. He is responsible for the safety of paintings during the auctions. In case of danger, Simon should place the exhibits in a special safe. At one of the auctions, a robbery takes place and it is hit on the head, so that it loses memory. Simon is the only one who knows where the hidden picture is worth several million dollars, which is not in the safe or the raiders. The gang kidnaps Simon and tortures him. After an unsuccessful attempt to remember, the robbers hire a hypnotherapist Elizabeth, who should help him remember everything.

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