What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Baku

A trip to the Land of Lights, as Azerbaijan calls locals, will be unforgettable for any traveler. Eyes here literally run away at the sight of the variety of souvenir and handicraft shops and shops, and the hand unwittingly reaches for the wallet. Walking through the old quarters of the historical part of Baku will be enough to get lost in a sea of ​​amazing souvenirs and answer to yourself the question of what to bring from Baku for memory.

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One of the most common souvenirs from Baku are traditional Azerbaijani glasses - armuads. Without them, it's impossible to imagine a tea party. Due to its pear-shaped shape, these glasses do not allow the tea to cool quickly. The absence of the handle does not affect the usability, because you can get used to the unusual shape of the glass in a very short time. Tourists, as a rule, bring whole sets of armuads from Baku.

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When the question arises what to bring from Baku delicious, many experienced travelers will immediately remember about Azerbaijani wines. It is noteworthy that alcoholic drinks of local production are not inferior in quality to their Italian and French competitors.

White and red, dry and semisweet Azerbaijani wine is very popular among tourists. Each variety has its own unique taste, which distinguishes it from the others.

The line "Old Baku" is especially popular, which includes the wines "Sadylly", "Maiden Tower", "Mattress", "Chinar".It is worth trying such varieties as "Bouquet of Azerbaijan", "Seven Beauties", "Fires of Baku", "Ganja".
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Ceramic ware

In any interior, very expressive products created by the hands of the Azerbaijani masters of pottery - among them ceramic lamps, jugs, chiragi, will perfectly fit.

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Articles made of copper

A great popularity among tourists is enjoyed by traditional chasing andengraving. Few will refuse elegant dishes with chased oriental ornaments, from a panel or a beautiful tray. You can even buy a samovar, reminiscent of its appearance, familiar to the Russian eye samovars, but a little differently functioning. The Azerbaijani samovar is more of an adornment.

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Any man will appreciate a beautiful weapon, and even more will be happy to receive it as a gift. Azerbaijani national daggers will be a great solution. Elegant hand-made things will decorate any collection. The choice of daggers in Baku souvenir shops is huge and will satisfy even the most refined taste.

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To visit Baku and not to admire the magnificent carpets that are abundantly presented not only in stores but also in local markets, it would be an unforgivable mistake. Carpets are probably the most famous Azerbaijani brand in the world.

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National clothing

For many centuries, these regions have been associated with the development of sericulture, and it is for this reason that silk elements are an integral part of the costume. The centuries-old tradition of weaving has been reflected in the form of rich ornaments, patterns and other drawings. Each woman will be pleasantly surprised by the beautifully embroidered shawls or silk handkerchief of the finest work.

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Curd is a beaded fur sleeveless vest. To create it, not only fur, but also velvet, silk or velor is used. Very nice and elegant thing, besides, able to protect its owner from the cold.

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This is a bright oriental silk handkerchief. Made of the finest silk, whimsically embroidered with colored threads, such scarves will be a great addition to the outer clothing or even to the summer cardigan.

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A well-known cap-aerodrome can become a safe and funny variant of a souvenir from Baku. This is a purely male gift, because the huge caps, so popular in the middle of the twentieth century, were a demonstration of status. These days these caps are made to order, and local caricature masters continue to find in them a source of inspiration.

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Searching for a gift for your beloved girl or mother in Baku, you can choose your very original product called "charms".So they call very beautiful slippers for the house. Delicate, soft, embroidered with colored threads, they evoke the desire to supplement the image with a luxurious robe or other lush clothing.

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Traditional Baku baklava is prepared from yeast dough using cardamom and finely ground walnuts. They are laid in layers, and then thoroughly impregnated with melted butter, as well as a sweet syrup, made from honey and tincture of saffron. The best delicacy, without which a trip to Azerbaijan can not be imagined.

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Another traditional sweetness with nuts, cooked according to an old recipe, which is usually served for the holiday Navruz.

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A magnificent souvenir from Baku for lovers of sweet - jam from cherries or figs. Such a delicacy will give a special taste to any tea drinking. To bring jam to the house is not difficult, because it is sold in tightly closed glass jars.

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Another traditional dessert for Eastern countries is halva, which is made from nuts, seeds and sugar. In Baku, one should definitely try and buy a famous Sheki halva, which is considered to be the best in Azerbaijan. It has a very special and amazing taste!

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Almost in any Baku store are sold national tablecloths, which will become no less pleasant souvenir. Tablecloths are embroidered with threads and decorated with a special pattern, which at first glance, resembles a drop of water, but in fact is the embodiment of a flame. An element called "buta", which means fire, is considered one of the symbols of Azerbaijan and adorns many items.

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Tea drinking is an integral part of rest in Baku, and locals treat it as an important ritual. Ceremony of drinking tea accompanies the most important events in the life of any Bakunian. And to bring this tradition to your home, you can buy fragrant Azeri tea, Pasha çay, Final, Maryam, Pürrəngi and Beta.

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You can not export

  • Items of the XVIII-XIX centuries, unless they are museum exhibits;
  • Artworks;
  • Archaeological antiquities;
  • Antique items.

The removal of carpets weaved before 1960 requires special permission. You can export jewelry, but only a certain carat and it is better to confirm the belonging of the thing to you.

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