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In the past, the days when women with forms sung by the Renaissance artists were shy of their body and had to walk in shapeless hoodies. Fashionable women's clothes of large sizes 2017goda - this is an incredible variety of interesting options that clearly show how a successful style, color, decor, stylistic compromises and harmoniously chosen elements of jewelry can transform a complex bbw into a fairy queen.

Much credit for defining the trends of the year 2017 belongs to fashion-bloggers who demonstrate fashionable women's clothing on models of magnificent shapes, thus offering to abandon the stereotypes imposed by high fashion legislators.

In new collections of clothing for the full, most are straight jackets, long cardigans, skirts with asymmetrical hem, elongated tops and bolero, restrained minimalism style, colorful bright prints, distracting attention from the shortcomings of the figure.

Fashion for lush women this whole year is a large accessories, nicely included in the style of side draperies, geometric shapes, cuts, non-standard cut, garments made from fabrics of different textures.


Designing collections of fashionable clothes of large sizes, the designers decided to stop their choice on dresses that are able to make a worthy competition to the "faceless" and boring classics.

Models in fluttering, flying, free orders were present, but, unlike the previous years, accounted for only a small part of the presented lines.

In addition, for large women, stylists recommended forever to give up knitwear, stretch and other fabric-tight fabrics. Such materials are an unsuccessful choice, because they only emphasize every fold of fat, large, massive parts of the body.

Instead, fashion designers advise full ladies to pay attention to the dresses of semi-adjacent styles. Silhouettes "case" or "tulip" effectively emphasize the seductive curves of the body and slightly correct the defects of the figure. For example, a well-chosen dress will make the waist more pronounced regardless of what its volume really is.

Geometric drawings and prints will also help. Moreover, such fashionable clothes for the full in this season is very relevant.

The choice should be stopped on such models of dresses:

  1. Models with bright color accents, helping to balance the proportions of the straggly body.
  2. Dresses with light geometric inserts on the bodice, giving the missing chest volume.
  3. Styles with vertical elongated inserts of contrasting colors that visually thin and stretch the figure.

But the classic rules for choosing clothes for fat women should always be remembered, despite the fashion trends. First of all, you need to identify the moments that were and remain the fundamental moments of the image construction:

  • You need to carefully choose the length of the dress. Owners of slender legs can easily experiment with mini.
  • Plump knees can be covered with a midi dress, and graceful ankles and beautiful ankles should be accentuated with a maxi dress or a floor.
  • Girls with big breasts dresses should be selected in V-neck, styles with an accent on the waist.


You can abandon some type of clothing, convincing yourself that the thing does not match the magnificent shapes. But to have in the wardrobe at least a couple of fashionable skirts below the knee should every full woman. The length of the midi is universal and perfectly looks on the ladies of any complexion.

You can put on a skirt of this length anywhere. In addition, midi are always relevant in sets of business and office clothing, in everyday bows.

The most advantageous on a lady of a large complexion look skirts-pencils and "tulips".

The undoubted advantage of skirts to the knees of these styles is that it is very easy to pick up the top. Cut blouses or shirts can be anything - from strict classics and laconic minimalism to casual romanticism.

As with choosing a dress, there are a number of rules for choosing skirts for large ladies:

  • Firstly, this garment should always focus on the waistline.
  • Secondly, , the principle of balancing proportions of the figure remains unchanged.
  • In the third, models with a low waist full of women are contraindicated.
  • Finally, the inner pockets on the hips or the overhead side pockets visually increase the volume, so on large skirts these parts should be missing.


In their latest collections, fashion designers offer women "size +" a lot of stylish models of blouse shirts by the type of men's shirts and a wide range of elegant loose blouses that in the coming year will be in trend not only for ladies of large size, but also for women of normal build.

Appetizing bbw can safely put on blouses of any colors, fashionable this season. There are no restrictions on bright colors or calm colors of the pastel scale. With caution, you only need to choose the decorative elements and prints on the jacket.

At the same time, a variety of drawings and geometric patterns are welcome in any variants. The exception is unless the catchy vertical pattern and tight knitwear with horizontal ornament.

Air semi-fitted blouses made of linen, cotton, materials with translucent texture make the silhouette more elegant, lighter. For girls with broad shoulders, short torso, large breasts such models are an optimal variant. As an ornament, you can use very relevant in this year's bows, assemblies, drapes, ruches, other decor elements, but very moderately.

The fashion for large women suggests this year to give preference to classic "men's" shirts in neutral colors, models with a miniature collar-stand, high waist, colorful prints.

With decors in the form of frill, lush ruffles, flounces, you need to be careful. This is especially true for low, fat girls, since such details visually expand and shorten the torso.

If you want to dress in something bright and unordinary, the stylists advise to look closer to blouses with an emphasis on the waist, décolletage and neck.

The undisputed favorite of the season is long and long blouses. They perfectly match with skirts, classic trousers, jeans of different styles and styles. Among other things, such fashionable clothes for plump men perfectly conceal extra pounds at the waist, abdomen, hips and slim figure.


The main task of trousers for girls of a large complexion is to emphasize the beauty of graceful ankles. Therefore, fashion designers advise choosing models with either shortened or bottom-cut pants. An alternative and very successful option - pants with a small cut in the toe.

The only ban for fat women on the trendy trousers this season is the style of flares. Despite the fact that the popularity of expanding trousers is gaining momentum, the girls of the plus-size hippie style are contraindicated. Having dressed in pants flared, you can achieve an undesirable effect when the waist and hips will appear even wider. Spacious pants visually increase the volume of the upper leg and "steal" growth.

The choice should be stopped on elegant clothes of the big sizes, for example, on straight or slightly narrowed trousers. Such models well coordinate the proportions of the body, add a few centimeters of growth, slender legs. In this case, it should be noted that the trousers should lie on the legs freely, in no case do not fit them.

The color of trousers this year is better to choose a calm, but not boring. The ideal choice: asphalt, gray, snow-white, black, beige. Top of the trousers of this color can be picked up absolutely any.

Favorites collections - trousers with narrow stripes, cage "tartan", wide lines. Of the tissues, the most relevant will be those in which elastane is present. For the cold season - wool, corduroy, tweed.

As for jeans, they inherited the fashion marks of the past. In the trend, ragged denim pants, "varenki", high waist.

Spring fashion for complete

The trend of spring 2017 is a classic trench coat. From year to year this piece of clothing for the complete undergoes some changes affecting individual details. This time the fashionable thing will be cuff straps, patch pockets, double-breasted style, skins and shoulder straps.

To wear a long trench coat is best with a straight skirt or trousers under elegant shoes or high boots on the platform.

Casual version of fashionable clothes of large sizes for women of all ages:

  • A dress made of cotton cloth with a modest print.
  • Set of white blouse and lush black skirt covering the knees.
  • Jeans or fabric jackets, skirts up to the middle of the thigh.
  • Ensembles of elongated top and jeans.

The classic image is still impossible to imagine without the traditional pencil skirt.

Straight silhouette remains relevant for business style and looks great in combination with elegant feminine top. A pencil skirt can be boldly combined with a long cardigan, a loose-fitting blouse, a jacket, a jacket. Such outfits are appropriate both in the working environment and at the solemn event.

Summer fashion for large ladies

When choosing summer clothes of large sizes, the following points should be taken into account:

  • The size of the thing must exactly match the size of the body to hide, rather than emphasize the imperfection of the figure.
  • Drapery is able to divert attention from excessively large volume. Cleverly positioning her on a dress, you can disguise the folds of fat and redirect the attention of others to the dignity of the figure.
  • To structure the shape of the chest on the bodice should be tucks.
  • Pull out the neck and narrow the oval of the face with an elongated, sharp neckline or deep decollete.

The main fashion trends of this summer are light air dresses with a tight bodice, complemented by elegant lace mantles. A transparent cape will divert attention from the imperfections of the figure, make the image more feminine, romantic.

The lace of the flowing mantle can be made from organza with gold embroidery, kisei, chiffon, lace. Leaf fashion designers offer to decorate the drapery or expressive decor.

As you can see, full ladies this year choose fashionable clothes to your liking will be easy. Therefore, you can safely choose the actual new image for yourself, do not be afraid to try on effective dresses to feel the confidence in your beauty.

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