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Beautiful long hair -the dream of many girls who do not have the patience to grow them. This is a long process, which can last for 5-6 years. Hair on the hairpins can radically change the image in minutes. With their help you can create different hairstyles to complement the everyday or evening image. This is the cheapest and safest method to change the length in comparison with the expensive procedure of building, which, moreover, harms the hair.

selection rules When buying overhead strands, it is worth paying attention to the following factors:

  • Material. There are natural and artificial strands. As for the natural, if the shade is chosen correctly, it will be impossible to distinguish them from their own. They are easier to care for, they will last longer. In addition, they can be painted. But it's worth the pleasure is not cheap.

Artificial hair created from synthetic materials: nylon, vinyl and kanakelon. The latter option is slightly more expensive than the first two, it looks more like a kanakelon, does not have a characteristic synthetic luster. In its composition, there are laminaria, which impart false hair with such properties as elasticity, silkiness, natural shine. This material is not spoiled for a long time, but it quickly becomes entangled.

For those who love experiments, thermal hairpins on hairpins are created - these are artificial strands that easily tolerate hot styling using a hair dryer or a rectifier. The temperature range is from 170 to 220 ° C.To restore their shape, strands need to be washed.

  • Color of strands. There are ringlets of bright and natural shades. Color strands are more suitable for a party, carnival, a trip to the club. It is necessary to choose contrasting colors, for example, dark hair is more suitable strands of red, blue hues, blonde - copper or blue, and red - green. As for natural shades, they should be combined with your natural color.
  • Completeness. You have the opportunity to buy a few strands or a whole set. To decide, think for which hairstyles you will use them. A package to buy is preferable, with its help you can create a lot of styling.

Kinds of strands

Overhead hair can be of different types, one of the most popular is straight monophonic ringlets on rivets. A little later, there were strands that imitate the waves and elastic curls. The products are fastened to the head with special hairpins, ribbons, elastic bands.

Types of false curls:

  • Strands on rivets or tracks. Most fashionistas choose this option, because they securely attach, give volume and extend the hair. The color palette is wide, so there will be no problems with the choice of shade.
  • Tail-hairpiece. It is a bunch of smooth or curly hair on a hairpin, reminiscent of a pony tail. Chignons are also in the form of bundles. To create an elegant image, fasten the chignon to the tail, hiding it under the hair. Bunches are put on the tail and fixed with an elastic band or ribbon.
  • Strands of acid color. This option is popular with young people, it is suitable for creating a vivid, rebellious image. Thin neon ringlets are fastened to the head on rivets, they look like elements of coloring.
  • Silicone strands. They consist of natural and luminous silicone hairs. Such locks are fastened to barrettes. The glow is due to phosphorus. This is also more of a club accessory, which does not fit into the everyday image.
    Such strands can not be squeezed with elastic bands or hair clips, silicone hairs from such treatment will quickly become unusable.
  • Beam. This is a high, volumetric hair band. It is attached to the tail to create an elegant shingle or a bulk beam. The form should be selected at your discretion, and the shade should match your natural. Bunches of artificial materials are pushed, electrified, quickly lose shape.

In addition, there are mini-wigs to increase the volume of bangs.

Instructions for fastening curls

How to fix overhead strands so that they do not slip? To do this, you will need a set of strands, comb, lacquer strong fixation and clamps. As for the length of the overhead curls, it should not exceed your hair more than 20 cm.


  1. If the stitches are even, then straighten your hair, and if curly, then wind it.
  2. Divide the hair into 3 levels, attach the top layer to the crown. Start working from the occipital area.
  3. Separate the middle strand, lift it up and scratch it. Repeat the procedure for the entire lower level, treat the radical space with lacquer. Take the widest element from the kit, attach to your hair( as close as possible to the roots), plant and snap rivets.
  4. Now start the middle layer, lower the hair, fix the result with varnish.
    Take two more strands from the kit, choose those that are thicker, the thinnest will go to the whiskey. Put it on your hair and close the hairpin.
  5. Mop up, sprinkle the upper part and cover the hair with strands.
  6. Now go to the temples. Take a strand over the ear, lift it, make it light and sprinkle with varnish. Put on one thin strand, cover it with hair. Repeat the procedure for the other side. Done!

Girls with curly hair do not need to make scuffs, strands and so will be great to hold.

How to attach overhead strands( video)

Care for artificial hair

Overlays require careful care.

  • To comb them better with a wooden scallop with sparse teeth, maximum three times a day.
  • With frequent use, artificial curls must be moisturized and nourished daily. To do this, make the masks that you use for your hair, apply them to strands, and then rinse with warm water. To do this, the most suitable are restorative pharmacy products. Do everything carefully so as not to confuse the curls.
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash false hair. Then they can be treated with a balm rinse, which after 3 minutes must be washed off. Do not wash the hair with a shampoo for dry hair type. As for the water temperature, it should be 37 ° C.It is not recommended to sleep with overhead hair on the head, they will get very confused.

How to wash artificial hair on the hairpins

  1. First of all, you need to find out what material your strands are made of. Cut off a couple of hairs, crumble them and bring them to the flame. Rapid combustion and absence of odor indicate that the strands are made of artificial fibers. With moderate use, artificial hair is washed three times a month.
    Only soft water is suitable for cleaning curtains. To soften the water, pour 6 tsp.baking soda for 3 liters of water. For washing, boiled water is also suitable.
  2. Add shampoo to the water to form a foam, and gently clean the hairpins with a sponge.
  3. Separately mix 3 liters of water with 30 ml of shampoo, apply a brush on the curls of the foam, gently combing them. Do not wring or twist the strands, this can hurt them.
  4. Dip your hair into clean water to completely wash off the foam. Put strands on a large towel and lightly pat. Treat with antistatic agent, comb with comb.
  5. Place the strands on a clean cloth and allow them to dry. Then they need to be carefully combed again.

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol during cleaning, to dry strands with a hair dryer, this will make them dry and brittle.

Hairstyles with false strands

Styling with hair on hairpins looks very elegant and feminine. With their help you can create a restrained everyday image or spectacular evening.

  • Strands are suitable for creating stylish hairstyles with elements of weaving. For example, the popular French, Danish, Greek braids, "mermaid", etc. Overhead curls add to them volume and luxury.
  • Easy dishevelment is relevant in the new season, so braid a loose braid, and a pair of beaten ringlets will only add to the image of attraction. Some fashionistas use a braid as a bezel with loose hair or a tail on the side, it looks very stylish and original.
  • Undoubted trend of the new season - a smooth pony tail. It can be placed on the top, bottom, side. To the gum is not visible, close it with your own curl, wrapping it at the base. This option is suitable for office or an elegant evening image. Also in fashion are beams that perfectly fit into the everyday image.
  • Long hair will always be in fashion, so fasten the hair on your head and go to conquer the world. Hair can be combed back in an aristocratic style or laid on one side, wound. Decorate the curls of fashion in this season with large metal accessories, flowers or braids.

With the help of artificial braids create luxurious, exquisite wedding hairstyles. Complex weaving or weightless, curvy locks can be decorated with a diadem, rhinestones or beads.

Ponytail with false strands( video)

Curling of false hair

How to wind artificial hair? Do the following:

  1. Fasten the thermal hair on the wig so that it's easier for you to do the styling.
  2. Preheat the forceps to 180 ° C.
  3. Take a thin strand, polish with a varnish for elastic fixation. If the thermo-hair is dry, then the curls can not be made.
  4. Hold the tips of the hair between the heating elements, turn the curling bar closer to the roots.
    Ensure that the appliance is in a level position. To create curls, you can use a narrow universal rectifier with rounded ends.
  5. Count to 25, carefully remove the hair ring from the hair clip, fix it with an invisible. Repeat the procedure for the remaining strands.
  6. When the curls cool down, release them, straighten them with your fingers if necessary. Done!

If you dream of long curls, then the hair on the hairpins is just for you. With their help you can create feminine, stylish images in a few minutes. The main thing is to follow the rules of care, and they will look luxurious for a long time. Video on the topic:

How to fix strands on hairpins ❤ false hair Glam Time Hair
How to fix hair on the hairpins, overhead strands
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