Victorian style in modern women's clothing

The main fashionable revolutionary of the late XIX century, the world over, consider the Queen of England Victoria. She stepped on the throne as a very young eighteen-year-old girl and immediately turned the notions and views on the female fashion. She boldly wore feminine outfits with numerous ruffles and frills, and also densely tightened her waist in the corset, emphasizing the beautiful curves of the female figure.

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    In addition to new items in clothing, the queen never went out without the expensive family jewelry that adorned her neck and wrist. The young queen became a good example for imitation of women of fashion not only in England, but throughout the world. With her light hand, a new style appeared in the clothes of the Victorian era, which is named after its founder.

    The collections of modern designers also have elements of the Victorian style that can be easily recognized by the characteristic features:

    • corset,
    • jabot,
    • shawl,
    • massive ornaments,
    • pastel muted tones in combination with white( blue, beige, gray, elephant, pudrovy, pink, green, blue, golden and so on),
    • frills, lace,
    • flying natural fabrics,
    • predominance of floral ornaments,
    • overstated waist,
    • sleeves-flashlights,
    • long or shortsingle-colored aprons worn over light blouses,
    • black dresses trimmed with black lace, frills( based on Victoria's style during her mourning for her deceased husband),
    • A-silhouette skirt with moderate or minimal flakiness down.
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    The corset is the main detail of the wardrobe of the woman of the late 19th century.

    Corsets are also present in fashion collections, but nowadays it is just one of the elements of the image that goes well with trousers, skirts, jeans and dresses made of fine natural fabric. The only difference between corsets of those times and modern ones is the way they dress. Doctors forbid women to tighten themselves in corsets, so as not to harm their health.

    In the style of corsets rarely act as a separate element worn over the dress, they are usually either sewn into a dress or blouse, or the dress or blouse

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    The feature of dresses sewn in Victorian style consists in a combination of differentby texture, but the same or monochrome in color expensive fabrics.

    As in the time of Queen Victoria, bright and rich accessories are still present in this style, and multilayered skirts, wide sleeves, collar-stand with brooch, numerous frills and ruffles remain relevant. But the minimalist Victorian style is also in demand, when only the recognizable style remains from the style, and the rich finish falls.

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    The main difference between them is a layered design with a lot of scarfs and ruches. It was Queen Victoria who made popular the crinolines - multi-layered skirts on hoops, giving the hips a beautiful roundness. At the same time Victorian style does not like splendor and skirts are magnificent in collections are rare. As a rule, this is a moderate A-silhouette or a hint of a ballroom style.

    Also popular are the wide skirt-pants.

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    A prerequisite for sewing a blouse in a Victorian style is a luxurious and rich fabric. It can be velvet, satin, silk and so on, which can also be embroidered with beautiful embroidery. To give the image of importance and greatness will help the collar-stand, decorated with frill or brooches. Wide sleeves with ruffles, ruffles and ribbons are also characteristic for blouses of this style.

    The style does not consider a different waist fit, except for overstated, so the blouses are designed to be refueled. Often, for convenience they are made in the form of a combination.

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    In Victorian style, decorations and accessories are one of the main elements. Welcome large and expensive jewelry made of natural stones or made in the technique of modeling. You can also wear quality jewelry( pearls, black lace sets, worn close to the neck, wreaths of artificial flowers, massive brooches, cameos, neat little clutches, tall monochrome black or white gloves, or small neat delicate gloves, monotone belts with a round plaque and so onFurther).

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