How to wear a scarf

The appearance of the snipe refers to the late 80's. Then it was often worn as a hat-trumpet. The modern snud is similar visually to this product, but it has mutated and added new shapes to its arsenal. At the same time, it began to be manufactured in the most unusual manners, using a variety of materials and colors.

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With what to wear

You can use snood as a scarf, while you can pick up a hat to it. Remembering those same 80-ies, nobody wore a cap-trumpet with a usual hat - it was not only comical and ridiculous, but it was also very inconvenient.

These days there are no problems with this: the snuff's overall size allows him to perform the role of a scarf, and at the same time, almost any headwear can be worn with him.

Use snooper and as a headdress. It must be worn in such a way that a hood is formed from behind.

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You can twist the snood with a figure eight or leave it just double.

Suitable for wearing under winter down jackets and coats of a fitted cut or under free youth models.

With the shoes of young girls it is better to choose uggs that will complement the whole image.

But for older girls it is preferable to wear a snob like a neat pancho or stole in combination with different models of shoes( ankle boots, boots, boots, high boots).Snud can be thrown not with the shoulders of a coat.

If you want to wear this stylish little thing in a warmer time, for example, in early spring or late autumn, then you can use scarves made from thinner fabrics.

The main function of these snoops is the ability to add the missing element to the full image.

Here you can safely combine it with cardigans, pullovers, sweaters and vests.

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Useful advices

First of all, as far as color matching is concerned. Snood is an accessory. Its color will be optional in the ensemble, but not the main one.

It is desirable to tie the color of this product to other accessories, for example, with a handbag, the color of shoes or with the color of mittens, if they are made of the same material.

But also the snuff can be a bright accent in the ensemble. For example, under the classic coffee coat, brown boots and a dark brown bag, you can pick a gently-blue color snod that will revive the image.

The choice of material for snuff is also important. So, a large volume plus a large mating suit only for thin and tall ladies, for this will give the volume of the upper body.

The average size of the snoop is suitable for average data, and the snuff from a thin fabric is also universal and is especially suitable for miniature girls or at excess weight.

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