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A leather jacket is a cult item of the wardrobe that remains relevant forover the past several decades. With its help you can give your image a touch of originality, brightness and unbridled. However, in order to create a harmonious image, appropriate to your style and character, you need to know what to wear leather jackets: with what footwear, clothes and hats.

Topical models

For fashionable leather jackets of 2017, the following qualities are typical:

  • Line sharpness.
  • Invoice game.
  • Courage of compositions and simplicity of cut.
  • Variety of colors.
  • No extra elements.

Thanks to , such qualities can be safely experimented with your image, creating a variety of compositions. It is worth noting that in 2017 at the peak of popularity natural colors and shades: brown, black, gray, beige and restrained-blue.

This season, the following models of women's leather jackets are relevant:

  1. Short jacket-aviators are very popular among women. With their help, you can create both a casual and casual look, and an unordinary and biker image. Such products look great both with jeans, and with light short dresses.
  2. Jacket with short sleeves - a stylish and elegant model, which is often used as a jacket. It is perfectly combined with classical and business clothes.
  3. A jacket, tied with a belt in a scent. This option is suitable for those girls and women who prefer a classic and strict style of dress.
  4. The black jacket is a bright example of this year's grunge style. It can be combined with the objects of a wardrobe of different styles: romantic air dresses, strict skirt-pencils, everyday jeans worn to the bottom, etc.
  5. A jacket with a design of lacquered leather and matte texture, as well as neat small inserts of velvet or fur. With the help of this model, you can create a very stylish image.
  6. A simple model of fitted tailoring is an ideal option for the fans of minimalism.
  7. Youth jackets in biker and rocker style, made of patent leather. They can be decorated with pockets, zippers, rivets and straps.

Stylish combinations of

In 2017, stylists recommend combining trendy leather jackets with the following wardrobe items:

  1. Light and romantic dresses, above the knee length.
  2. Short or long skirt.
  3. Flat or colored leggings.
  4. With tight leather trousers.
  5. with pleated maxi dresses.
  6. Jeans for both tight fitting and loose cut.
  7. Jeans and leather shorts of different lengths.

To choose clothes for a leather jacket it is necessary as follows:

  • Under elongated models it is best to choose straight or narrowed trousers, short dresses or skirts.
  • The shortened models are quite versatile. Under them fit pants of different cuts, as well as dresses and skirts of any length.
  • Combining a jacket with shorts is recommended only to graceful girls with thin legs. At full ladies with magnificent forms such a combination will look ugly.
  • It is recommended to choose rocker-style jackets for massive shoes on the tractor sole and lacing, as well as a short skirt or pants-skinny.
Strict cut jackets are best combined with items of bright colors. This will revive the image and give it a note of piquancy.

With what to wear a brown jacket

This year at the peak of popularity different shades of brown - from light beige to rich chocolate. Leather jackets of the presented color are quite well combined with the objects of the wardrobe of almost all styles.

The following combinations of a brown leather jacket with

  • are quite successful: shorts made of dense and warm fabric, as well as brown ankle boots.
  • Classic jeans, white T-shirt and lace-up shoes.
  • Short and long skirts, elegant blouses made of light materials.
  • Dark skinny jeans, brown boots, light gray sweater.
  • Knitted dress, decorated with print the same tone as outerwear.
  • Knitted dress of medium length( in case there is no decor on the jacket).

With what to wear a black jacket

The classic option is a black leather jacket. She can be chosen as a fan of strict style in clothes, and extraordinary rockers. This option is combined with almost all items of the wardrobe of different colors.

To create a business style, you can combine the presented look of the outer clothing with the items of the wardrobe of a strict cut of muffled tones: skirts-pencils, straight trousers, blouses, etc. Such combinations are ideal for work in the office, business negotiations, etc.

Give the image originalitywill help garments of bright colors. Look nice with the outer clothing of leather romantic dresses and skirts with an animalistic, abstract and geometric print.

So, let's look at what else you can combine a black jacket of leather:

  • Black wool trousers, high-heeled shoes and a white shirt.
  • Pleated midi dress with coral or beige shade and black shoes on a graceful heel.
  • A white silk blouse, a light scarf with a black and white print, leather trousers of a tight cut and shoes on a heel.
  • Black skirt-pencil and dressed in a blouse of a natural light shade.

With what to wear a jacket "aviator"

With the presented model the following styles are combined: military, casual, romantic and sporty. Let's look at the most successful combinations:

  • With a short jacket, dresses and skirts of different lengths will look great. A special femininity and romanticism will be created by products made of light and flowing fabric. Such an image will turn out to be gentle and attractive.
  • To create a business style, you can combine the presented model of outerwear with a strict skirt-pencil made of quality textiles. An elegant black handbag with a short handle and ankle boots on an heel will help supplement the image.
  • It will be interesting to look a jacket-aviator with jeans and leather shorts. In this case, shoes can be chosen with both heel and flat soles. Add the image can be a black leather belt, as well as tights of a saturated shade.
Lovers of everyday style can combine this model of outerwear with classic jeans and boots on lacing.

With what to wear a jacket-kosuhu

This is a trendy model, which is a visiting card of rocker, informal and biker style. For the classical version, the following elements are typical:

  • Slanting lapel.
  • Zipper.
  • Shortened length.
  • Additional parts: zippers, belts, rivets.

With this model of outerwear, you can also easily create a romantic and charming image.

So, let's take a look at what you can wear a leather jacket-kosuhu:

  • With short knit dress of bright colors.
  • With a long black dress and boots on heels.
  • Gray skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with a free cut.
  • Black tight trousers or jeans.
  • With denim shorts and boots, matched in tone to the outer clothing.

Choosing a cap

A leather jacket, like the rule, is worn in the off-season. However, there are also warm models that can be worn in the cold autumn or even in winter. In this case, they are combined with warm scarves and caps.

Let's take a look at which hat to choose for different models of leather jackets:

  • An elegant leather hat with fur will look good with an elongated leather jacket of classic cut.
  • Fashionable model of "sock" caps combined with shortened jackets made of genuine leather.
  • Black youth caps can be safely combined with ultra-trendy aviator jackets and suits.
  • A warm hat with a fur hat will look harmonious with a warmed version of outer clothing, decorated with a fur collar.
  • A simple knitted hat can easily be combined with classic leather jackets.
  • Elegant beret will look beautiful with a fitted jacket.
  • Sports style lovers can safely combine shortened outerwear with a baseball cap that can be sewn from both quality textiles and leather. In the latter case, it is not recommended to choose a headdress in tone for outer clothing, since such a combination looks rather tasteless.

Having understood what to wear leather jackets of different styles and colors, you can easily create absolutely any image. The ideal variant will be shortened outerwear of classic black color, as it can be combined with objects of a wardrobe of all styles: rocker, youth, grunge, everyday, classic, romantic, business, etc.

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