What exercises with dumbbells can be performed by a woman

The dream of most girls is a beautiful, slender and smart figure. To find her, dealing only with the weight of her own body, is almost impossible. But going to the gym is not necessary, home workouts can be no less effective. It will take only additional equipment - a gym mat, dumbbells or other weighting.

  • Techniques for different muscle groups
    • For the hands of
    • For the chest
    • For the
    • press For the back
    • For the hips
    • For the buttocks
    • When useful
    • When harmful
    • Mandatory rules

    Techniques for different muscle groups

    At home,dumbbells for all muscle groups. It is better to buy collapsible dumbbells, whose weight can be adjusted depending on the degree of the required load.

    There are 2 basic techniques, which are usually dealt with by all athletes: a fulbodi and a split-system. They have cardinal differences among themselves.

    • Fulbodi is a kind of training where all groups of muscles are trained for 1 session. This technique is best suited for beginners, when the body develops evenly and is prepared for further, more serious loads.

    • The split system is better suited for advanced athletes who have been involved for a long time. It assumes the presence of at least 3 workouts a week. Every day you need to work out different muscle groups. Most often, on some days, the emphasis goes to the legs and gluteal muscles, chest and back, as well as shoulders, biceps and triceps. Each muscle group has time to fully recover, thereby increasing their growth.

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    For hands

    Exercises for hands with dumbbells help to bring muscles into tone, make your hands beautiful and sharp, remove the fat layer. To be afraid, that such exercises shake huge arms or hand, it is not necessary - without special additives of it or this precisely will not happen.

    Traction of dumbbells to chest

    Stand up straight, arms with dumbbells lowered down. On exhalation slowly tighten dumbbells with bent hands to chest, while elbows run parallel to the ceiling. Lock this position, and then put your hands down.

    Hand bend over the head with a dumbbell

    Stand up straight, take in both hands 1 dumbbell and lift it up with straight hands. Keep your back and head straight, do not bend back. Bending the elbow joint, lower the dumbbell by the head, maximally stretching the triceps. Return to the starting position. Make sure that your elbows are always close to your head and do not go to the sides.

    Lifting the dumbbell in front of you

    Take the vertical position, take the weight in both hands. Lift one's hands straight ahead, parallel to the floor, then lower them down. Work only with the shoulder joint, the elbow remains motionless all the time.

    Lifting the dumbbells to the sides

    To perform the exercise, stand up straight and lower your hands down. On exhalation, raise your hands to the sides until they become parallel to the floor. Then lower them again.

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    For the chest

    Exercises for the breast, although not able to increase its size, but will help tighten the muscle and increase elasticity.

    Hand dilution with dumbbells to the sides

    Lie down on a horizontal bench, hands with dumbbells in them are lowered to the sides. The feet are densely resting on the floor, the head is pressed against the bench. On exhalation, raise your arms straight up until they touch each other. Then put them down again. If you do not have a bench, then you can perform the same exercise, standing, spreading and wringing your hands.

    Press the dumbbells up

    Sit on a bench or chair, the back is straightened. Raise your hands with dumbbells up above your head, then lower your hands down, bending them in the elbow joint until parallel with the surface. Then push the weight up again.

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    For press

    The complex of exercises for the press helps to tighten the skin and improve the shape of the abdominal muscles.

    Side lath

    Lie down on the floor, turning on your side and leaning on the forearm of one hand. The feet must be on the floor, and the pelvis and the body should be on weight. Fixing the body on one line, you need to take a dumbbell in the hand that was on top, and lower it down, under the waist, and then lift it up. The press should always be in suspense. Exercise allows you to work out and oblique muscles, and muscle stabilizers.


    Sit on the floor, bending your legs at an angle of 90 degrees and keeping your feet at a weight at the knee level. Pick up a dumbbell and hold it in front of you at the chest level. While keeping your back flat and not lowering your feet, turn the body alternately in the right and left sides.


    Lying on your back, cross your arms with dumbbells on your chest, and bend your knees, placing your feet on the floor. On exhalation you need to go up, but not to the end, to stay for three breathing cycles and return to the starting position. You can diversify the exercise by adding to the upward movement of the hands: back, up or down.

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    For the back

    Exercises for the back contribute to strengthening the muscular corset, the waist and the formation of a beautiful posture.

    Traction of dumbbells in tilt

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    Stand up, slightly bending your knees and bending down at an angle of 30-35 degrees. Maintain a natural deflection in the lower back, arms extended downward. Bending your arms in the elbow joint, take your shoulders back. You should feel how the broadest muscle of the back and shoulders works. Try not to pull the weight with your hands, namely your back.

    Thrust dumbbells with one hand

    Stand upright, lean one straight hand on a bench or wall. Bend the other arm in the elbow approximately 90 degrees, pull the dumbbell up. Pull the muscles of the back muscles, not the hands. After you lower it down again and repeat to the other hand.

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    For hips

    Such exercises help to remove the "ears", strengthen the hips and make the silhouette more elegant.

    Side attacks

    Stand upright, the legs are much wider than the shoulders, the toes of the legs look to the sides, the back is straight. Take the dumbbells in your hand and slowly transfer the weight of the body to 1 foot, bending it in the knee. Accept the initial position and repeat to the other leg.


    Take the same position as in the previous exercise. Pick up 1 dumbbell, squat down. Try to keep your back straight. Hold at the bottom of a few accounts, and then get up and try again.

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    For the buttocks

    Exercises for girls will help make the shape of the buttocks more rounded, increase their volume and tighten.


    Take the vertical position of the body, the back is straightened, the legs are together, dumbbells in the lowered hands. On exhalation, make a lunging back, bending the front leg at a right angle. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the other leg.

    Classic sit-ups

    The squat is the basic exercise that simultaneously works through several large muscle groups. It is very energy intensive and burns a lot of calories. To perform it, stand upright, legs slightly wider than shoulders, dumbbells in hands. Slowly sit down down to the parallel with the floor or even lower, maximally stretching the gluteal muscles, and then get up. Pay attention to several important points: keep your back straight, weight your body carry on your heels, your knees do not go beyond the toes of your feet.


    A complex exercise that involves the back, hamstrings and buttocks. Stand up straight, legs together, dumbbells in hands. On exhalation, lean forward, keeping the deflection in the lower back, the look looks straight. Imagine dumbbells sliding on your feet, and keep them as close to the body as possible. Weigh the body weight on the heels. Straighten and repeat the exercises, feeling how your muscles are stretched.

    Walking forward

    The technique of execution is similar to the usual attacks, only with each step you do not return the leg back, but continue to move forward. Do not forget to transfer the weight of the body to the heel, follow the direct position of the back and bend the knee strictly at right angles.

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    When useful

    If you want to gain muscle mass, improve the body relief or lose weight exercises with dumbbells at home will be useful in each of these cases. They burn a large amount of energy, involve several groups of muscles and work them out in detail. Correctly selected complex will help to achieve the set goals in the formation of a good figure, as well as contribute to overall health.

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    When harmful

    In some cases, it is necessary to abstain from classes with additional weight. During pregnancy, strength training is better than swimming, yoga or just walking around the house. So the risk for the baby will be minimal. After various operations and injuries, the recovery period is usually 2-3 months, at this time exercises with dumbbells are also contraindicated.

    It is not recommended to perform heavy weight exercises on the lower part of the body to people with varicose veins or predisposition to it - squats, lunges and deadlifts give a load on the veins. It is better to replace these exercises with their analogues without weight or on isolating movements - legs or legs, or the gluteal bridge.

    In the presence of a hernia or protrusions, exercises on the back should be limited. Instead, it is recommended to perform a simple stretching gymnastics.

    Girls who have ever had breast surgeries( lifting or lifting), exercises for this part of the body should be deleted forever.
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    Mandatory rules for

    1. It is necessary to perform warm-up before each training, this will help to avoid injuries and sprains of joints. As a warm-up, regular exercises from school physical education classes will do.
    2. During exercise you need to breathe properly. Inhalation should be performed with the least muscle effort, and exhalation - at the time of maximum resistance. You need to breathe freely without holding your breath.
    3. Exercises with dumbbells for weight loss are performed in 3-5 sets of 20-25 times. If the target is a set of muscle mass, the number of repetitions should be reduced to 8-12.
    4. At the end of the workout, you need to stretch to smoothly prepare the body for further action and reduce the pulse.
    5. To conduct training should be at least 2-3 times a week.
    6. Do not forget about special sportswear and shoes. Classes barefoot are fraught with injuries and improper execution techniques.

    A beautiful body is not only a regular exercise, but also a healthy diet. Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can quickly feel the first results.

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