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Many envy the happy owners of curly hair. Curly locks emphasize the natural beauty of the girl, successfully hide the shortcomings of the shape of the face, give the image lightness and refinement. However, few people think that charming curls require special attention and careful care. But with curls you can make charming hairstyles. To create hairstyles for curly hair, you need to show a little imagination and patience.

The subtleties of creating hairdos with curls

For laying strands of this type very often you have to use a special gel or foam. The reason is not that curls do not have sufficient strength or health, they simply can not be called obedient. This is their peculiarity and attractiveness.

The fashion for laying, like any other, does not stand still. Stylists called trend curly hairstyles:

  • effect of wet curls,
  • various weaving,
  • flower accessories,
  • flat bangs( it will have to be ironed if the hair is curled).

Stitched on the side with curls

Looks very feminine, and the technology of its creation is one of the easiest:

  1. You need to wash your hair.
  2. Make a side part.
  3. Dry curls with a little addition of styling products. For example, take a little gel on the palm and highlight the strands lying on the face. So that they do not fall over your eyes, fix them invisible.

The effect of wet strands

For curly hair this is one of the most successful hairstyles, because you do not change their structure, but improve what is given to you by nature. Styling means will make the hair less lush, and curls - clear.

The effect of wet hair largely depends on the used stowage. A large amount of gel will make the strands immobile or too stuck together.

For your hair to acquire a noble glossy sheen, stylists recommend applying a spray( which will create a beach effect) and smooth the hair with a comb. What options can be made:

  • Beach waves.
    1. To do this, spray.
    2. Twist the strands with a tourniquet and do not comb any more.
    3. Then spread out the curls to make the hair look the right shape.
  • Lush bottom. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair.
    1. Small curls need to be combed.
    2. Make an oblique parting and smooth the hair at the roots using a spray or gel. Get a smooth top( up to the ear line) and a magnificent bottom.
    3. If you are wearing a bang, it will need to be ironed.
  • Strict part. It looks beautiful on medium hair.
    1. It is necessary to make an even parting on two sides.
    2. Root the roots with a spray and comb, and leave the remaining strands curly.
    3. As an option - to make curls behind the ears and pin on the sides of the invisible.

All kinds of weaving

Spit is again popular, especially in combination with curls - so it turns out wavy and more voluminous. Spikelets, baskets, waterfalls and other weaving in the trend of 2017.Now you can find many variations of the weave. Each of them will suit your case: for work, study, walk. If you decorate the weaving with accessories, then you can safely go to a party.

  • Especially popular is the sturdy, casual fish-tail braid. She needs to be weave the same way as usual, without first leveling curls, and at the end of laying it is necessary to simply stretch out all the links of the braid. In strands, you can weave all kinds of jewelry( ribbons, chains, laces, flowers).
  • The "basket" hairstyle familiar to you since childhood is an ideal variant for hot days. It is done on the basis of an ordinary French braid, which is braided in a spiral. As a result, at the back of the head are obtained strands. Remember: the more intricate the weave, the more fashionable it will look like a hairstyle.

Flower accessories for curls

Decorations from flowers are especially beautiful with curls, so these accessories can be considered as part of the hairstyle.

In the season-2017, lush rims and hairpins are popular with large flowers. And you can select them according to the event. If you are going to make an appearance, choose a hoop decorated with beads with rhinestones and flowers made of silk.

Small flowers are decorated with hairstyles for short hair with curls. Wearing a dress and a bezel with a flower, a girl with a short haircut immediately becomes the embodiment of femininity.

Festive hairstyles

Hairdressers come up with original hairstyles at the prom with curls, weaving fresh flowers into strands. It looks elegant laying out the curls laid over the head with the flowers placed in their middle. When going to the graduation party, remember: the simpler the outfit, the harder the hairstyle should be, and vice versa.

Wedding hairstyles with curls are a classic. Owners of even hair often for a wedding curl them in curls, and if you have such a nature - you were lucky twice. Curls can form the basis of a beautiful cockleshell or fall freely. To pick up the perfect option, go for a trial hairstyle with a wedding gown.

Fashionable hairstyles for curly hair 2017 year

With the onset of the new season, I want to change my makeup, style, suit or the whole image. Hairstyle refers to that part of the exterior that can constantly change and adapt to fashion trends. In 2017, there is a fashion for different hairstyles, so there is where to go for a walk.

  1. Curly hair combed back.
    Many Hollywood stars on the red carpet can see such a styling. It is very simple to perform. Hair must be combed back, side curls hidden behind the ears and left loose. When laying, you can use mousse or varnish. Such a simple hairstyle will "open" the face and make you more fresh.
  2. Bright shades of curls. Very often in this season you can meet girls with bright hair or with brightly colored ends. This color is called "ombre", and it looks best on curls: the colors seem to pour into each other, there are no clear boundaries. You can use crayons for hair and change color more often. They do not harm hair as much as paint. Plus ombre is that the bright ends can always be cut and change the hair.
  3. Waves. Are actual at any time of year, on strands of different length. It's about free waves. There are a lot of options for their creation: you can leave just loose hair, pin them back or up, make a tail.
  4. Perfectly "even" hairstyle. It's about hairstyle for curls of the same length. Hair is simply combed back and fixed with stowage. They are torn off behind the barrette, which resembles "malvinka".With this hair style, it's worth emphasizing the eyes. Unusually, she looks at short hair with curls in the form of small spirals. They will have to twist with a special ployka. Shaved sections of hair. Do you think shaved whiskeys are suitable only for even hair? Nothing of the sort, the main thing is to make the line thin, elegant. Suitable for self-confident personalities.

It should be remembered that the hairstyle is a very individual matter. Not always the styling, which looks great on the TV presenter, will suit the spectator sitting in front of the screen. Therefore, in order to understand what is right for you, experiment, make hair more often and enjoy the process!

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