Which room design is preferred by young girls

For each of us, the room in which we spend most of the time is a smithy. The place where we rest, where we leave in the morning on business and where we hurry to return, should have a pleasant atmosphere and coziness. They, in turn, are composed of many components: interior, furniture, location of the main zones.

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Style choice

first and mostimportant, what you should pay attention to, choosing the design of the youth room, is a common style and a uniform color scheme. Often in the process of decorating a room, many people neglect the choice of a single interior style, but when the repair is complete, all the shortcomings are visible: the furniture pieces are not combined at all, and the shades of the floor and walls do not harmonize with each other.

Naturally, the first and important step before the repair begins is the choice of the style of the future interior design of the room for the girl. Here it is necessary to rely only on the preferences of the inhabitant herself. It is she who must make a major contribution to the creation of her corner. What are the main stylistic directions of the interior suitable for decorating a young girl's bedroom?

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Delicate floral patterns, pastel colors, golden spray on the handles of furniture and mirror frame, cozy little things: flower pots with flowers, knitted plaid, fruit bowl in papier-mache technique - all these are essential details of unusualstyle cheby-chic. It combines simplicity with artsy details and inconvenience with practicality.

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Stylish modern furniture made of glass or expensive wood, glossy surfaces, lots of black and metallic - these features characterize this style. Practicality, minimalism and compactness - that's the motto of high-tech. A big plasma TV?On the wall. Desktop? Folding, glass. Bed? With a simple design, preferably with drawers for things under the mattress.

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Parisian style

Textile in a small flower, several beautiful and comfortable mirrors, necessarily a spacious bed, dressing table, a sticker with the Eiffel Tower on the wall and a soft mat in the middle of the floor - everything you need for a room in the Parisian style. This is the best idea for the design of a small room. After all, every girl wants to sometimes feel like a coquettish Frenchwoman.

Of course, not all the possible interior styles are described above, because there are a lot of them. It is important to choose the one that you will like, so that in your monastery you can be in harmony with the surrounding situation.

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Color design

The color scheme is no less important for the sense of harmony and comfort in your room. Undoubtedly, furniture, walls and small details of the interior should be combined among themselves in the color plan.

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Do not choose only dark pieces of furniture, this visually narrows the space. Also, designers do not recommend choosing exceptionally bright beds, tables and shelves. If you want to have a dressing table of bright red color, let the rest of the furniture be in more muted but certainly matching colors. More romantic nature will feel comfortable in a room with pink and white furniture, while active and energetic will like the combination of black and metallic.

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Walls are the main component of the color design of the room. It is from their shade that the overall atmosphere of the interior of the room depends. It is better not to use in the design of walls dark blue, black, brown and dark green colors. At least, one should not make them basic. Select the color scheme of the walls follows, based on the chosen style of the room design, photo of which you can print out in advance and take with you when buying wallpapers or panels for wall decoration. The most advantageous look pastel shades: they visually expand the space and make the room lighter.

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If everything is strictly with the color of walls and furniture, you can give vent to fantasy: small little things that complement the interior can be in various bold tones. This will make the interior unusual and will bring a twist to the design of the room.

Choose, for example, bright curtains or a stylish bedside mat, the shade of which will be in harmony with the rest of the environment. You can buy a make-up mirror in a bright frame. Textiles and frames, vases, panels and various details make the room more cozy and personalize it to the taste of the mistress. Memorable photos in the design of a student girl's room, framed in unusual frames, can remind her of an unforgettable rest during her studies.

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Distribution of zones

Any comfortable and cozy room for a girl should be divided into zones. This allows you to keep order and with convenience to do both work and various pleasant things: reading books, drawing or embroidery.
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For studying and working

A convenient desktop with enough space for writing and working at the computer, shelves for books and other necessary items, good lighting - that's all you need to create a comfortable work area. Do not put distracting and unnecessarily bright details of the interior here.

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For a rest

A rocking chair, a cozy blanket and a stack of books on the floor. This is the part of the room where you should feel comfortable. Design it according to your preferences. The rest area can also be called the place where your bed, bedside table or table and lamp with muted light will be located.

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For leisure

Here you can entertain yourself as you like. This zone can be decorated with a soft carpet, floor racks and cozy pillows. Here you can lie down and chat with your girlfriends, putting a mask on your face, and watch TV shows, and play a monopoly. The choice is yours!

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For the wardrobe

This is a very important area in the room for a young girl. It is necessary to have a roomy cupboard or chest. Additionally, you may need a rayle for clothes, which is often worn in the current season. You need a mirror where you can see yourself at full height. Good lighting will be a big plus.

Make room for a young girl will not be difficult, if you clearly define your desires. It is important to select the right zones, choose the style and color scheme of the design, then the room will be the place where you want to return again and again!

The design of a room for a teenage girl is very important, because at this age a person is especially receptive to the world around him, and even the furnishing of a private room can influence the mood.

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