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Sultry summer dress is the most comfortable clothing. It can go anywhere: to work, walk, shop, to the beach, to visit, etc. It's no wonder that this summer wardrobe item enjoys constant popularity among women of all ages and does not leave the catwalks at fashion shows.

What fashionable sarafans for the summer of 2017 offer us famous and novice fashion designers? What will the beauties flaunt, punctually follow the directions of modern fashion? As in past years, without a summer sundress, not a single fashion show of the "spring-summer" season has taken place. This has already become a good, well-founded tradition, since without such a comfortable, perfectly emphasizing elegance, refinement and elegance of the female image of the garment, no fashionista thinks herself. Judging by the models presented on the world catwalks, this summer sarafans will please us with a variety of styles, extraordinary, bright colors, variety of prints, variation of the creation of stylish images. The main trends of the fashion of 2017 are lightness, airiness, femininity. In addition, there is an erasure between the dress and the summer sarafan.

The models proposed by the modelers are distinguished by style, variants of cuts, styles.

  • In the fad of modern fashion, fitted models with wide or narrow straps, loose "hoodies", sarafans with a smell or buttoned. In the trend of a product with a V-neck, smoothly turning into straps.
  • In accordance with with the trends of this time in everything should be traced the style of minimalism. Therefore, in the new collections of world famous brands there are necessarily models of monophonic sarafans of simple cut, designed for everyday wear. Minimalism is characterized by restraint, rigor and modesty in all details. A minimum of decorations, lack of decor is welcomed.
  • At the same time, a considerable part of the fashion lines is occupied by exquisite products that can easily compete with chic evening dresses.
  • Lovers of summer fashionable sarafans with an American armhole can be calm. This style has not lost its relevance, smoothly moving from last year's collections in the current year. The unconditional advantage of sarafans of this cut is the fact that they look equally good at women of all ages, from yesterday's schoolgirls to middle-aged and older women. Especially to the face of the model with the American armhole girls with a tiny chest, and also "inch" with an aspen low waist.
  • Another hit of the next summer is sarafans with non-standard straps. In addition to the classic options, fashion designers offer a variety of other interesting chips to choose from, for example, in sundresses with original asymmetrical straps that cross on the back with straps or form a loop around the neck.

Shapes and fashonchiki

At the height of popularity, as in previous years - long sarafans. At any time of the day and evening on a female figure they look very sexy and at the same time give the image a romantic look.

In addition, long sarafans visually thin out the silhouette, hide flaws, create the effect of higher growth, make the figure light, airy. However, the actual in this season will be products in length to the floor, to the knee.

  • Classic, sitting strictly in the shape of models in the business style will have skirts of different cuts. Fashionable this summer will be models with a traditional flowing skirt of maxi length, as well as products with a pencil skirt. There are no special restrictions on the style and width of straps.
  • Evening options this year will be no less diverse. At the peak of popularity models with sleeves, high waist and lush skirts, products made of pleated chiffon.
  • Greek style, for which the characteristic features are the lightness of the silhouette, the loose cut and the overstated waist, also has not lost relevance. Sarafans in the Greek style this year will continue to be created from weightless materials. The preferred length of the products is maxi.

In the choice of color palette, the tradition should traditionally be given to pastel delicate shades.

For celebrations, a trip to the theater or a nightclub, fashion designers prepared models of luxurious sundresses with flowing skirts and different styles of bodices, as well as shaping patterns with an adorned or draped bottom and a deep narrow neckline.

Youth Fashion

Young girls will like the taste of bright fashion sarafan mini. Ultra-short models - an ideal outfit, allowing to show the surrounding slender legs, covered with a beautiful golden tan.

Insanely attractive for slender girlish figures look short sarafans with a multi-layer skirt of tulle.

Note that the styles of youth sarafans are incredibly diverse. Season's favorites:

  • Mini-sarafans of free cut.
  • Corset lacing.
  • Sarafans with an expanding bottom hem.
  • Cut the "balloon".
  • Models, reminiscent of night shirts and short, candid combinations.
  • Models, complemented by lace trim or inserts of transparent fabric.

This summer's chip will be stylish sundresses with a multi-level hem. The front part of such a hem will be a mini length, and from the back it gradually turns into a long air train. In the trend are also beautiful fashionable sarafans made of translucent chiffon, which you need to combine with knitted leggings with knitted leggings.

Summer sarafans of this year, made in a sporty style, are the best option for outdoor activities. Their distinctive feature is the practicality and convenience of socks. As jewelry on such products there are numerous pockets and pockets, colored plastic or metal zippers, large buttons.

Actual in this season will be a combination of different fabrics. For example, a denim bodice is made of a sarafan bodice, and a skirt is sewn from light matter.

Wear short and long fashionable sarafans stylists offer as an independent object of summer clothes or wear them over a harmoniously matched top, short-sleeved T-shirts, blouses made of airy transparent fabric.

Again on top of popularity jeans fashionable sundress. Fasteners of buttons on models from denim can be in front, behind or completely absent. The same applies to straps: this summer jeans sarafans can see wide and thin straps or their absence. Traditionally, at the level of the buttocks of jeans sarafans there are overhead pockets.

Fashion for pregnant women and complete

For a pregnant woman, you can not think of a better dress than a sarafan. He is lightweight, does not fetter movements, he does not squeeze the body anywhere.

Fashion designers advise to pay attention to fashionable sarafans for pregnant women with an overstated waist, models that open the shoulders and with a wide buckle around the neck. This style will distract the attention of others from the tummy.

Actual colors of summer dresses for expectant mothers: turquoise, emerald, peach, whole pastel scale.

All sorts of abstractions are welcome, wide contrasting strips on the sides, floral, animalistic prints.

Some types of clothing designed specifically for pregnant women are becoming a great way to dress up in fashion for full ladies. Such things include large sarafans, in which women with magnificent forms feel very comfortable and confident.

The latest in this year's materials for summer sarafans are the tender chiffon, flowing silk, elegant satin, elegant lace, lace.

Traditional summer materials that help to feel fresh and comfortable even in the midday heat do not lose relevance. It is, of course, thin cotton fabrics and linen. The list of the most popular materials for summer sarafans this year also includes knitted materials and linen fabrics.

Favorites of the season are fabrics of flowing textures. They perfectly emphasize all the curves of the female figure, invariably draw attention to seductive forms and cause the hearts of men to beat more often. Therefore, fashionable stylish sarafans made of flying fabrics, give the woman confidence in their own irresistibility, attractiveness, desire. Exactly what is needed!

Fashionable colors and prints

The color palette of summer fashion for women of all ages this year is more than diverse.

Advantage is given to saturated blue, indigo, sky blue, pink, beige. Not inferior to them in popularity are more neutral tones - olive and pearl gray.

The classic color palette for women's clothing - white and black - is also still in vogue. Moreover, in a snow-white sarafan, women can feel comfortable and at ease.

Casual models of summer sarafans this year are presented in a restrained color scheme. What can not be said about evening dresses. There is a very different picture here, and the chic apparels of red, blue, bright green, gold, burgundy, lilac, gray and charcoal-black appear to the fore.

Youth versions are represented by a riot of colors. In the trend:

  • Lemon, orange, bright yellow.
  • Coral, bright pink.
  • Light green, pistachio.
  • Peach, white.
  • Faded gray.
  • Pastel of any shade.

In the fashion of this in summer, sundresses sewn from fabrics with floral and floral patterns, floral, abstract, geometric and animalistic ornaments. In the summer, the sea theme and funny drawings of cartoon characters are still in demand. In 2017, the summer sarafans made in patchwork patchwork technique will also be very fashionable.

For decoration designers recommend choosing big bows, ruffles, flounces, drapery, fringe, various decorative fabrics and delicate lace. You can create an extraordinary image with the help of large flowers made of fabric, embroidery with beads and beads. In modern style, sarafans sewed from several different textured fabrics of contrasting shades will look stylish.

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