Photosession in the style of rock

Rock style is not always suitable for everyday life. The images in it are preferable for rebels in spirit and dissenting people. But the style will also be a great idea for a photo shoot. To view the results of such a survey is always equally pleasant, because they will invariably keep a positive and incendiary attitude.

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Features of

The style itself derives from the eponymous subculture that arose in the United States in the 50s of the last century. Later, depending on which singer or group became rock icons, the appearance of the style also changed slightly. So his well-known offshoots appeared: hard rock style, glam rock style, rock and roll style, etc.
Rocker style provides many images. In order to fit into its framework, it is necessary to take into account only a few important rules for creating an image, from clothing to make-up, as well as paying attention to standing recommendations regarding the choice of scenery and the location of the photo session.

Depending on what genre you would like, the main component of the image is chosen - clothes and accessories.

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Requisites. Images

As the most common accessories and entourage in this direction are musical instruments, especially guitars, studded belts, biker gloves, dark massive glasses, massive jewelry, baseball bats, notes, metal chains on belts, neck, as bracelets.

If you want a sexy rock image in a photo shoot, choose open, more candid outfits.

The second option is a black mini-dress, preferably made of leather, high boots of the same material, you can put a leather jacket with thorns on top, or a denim jacket, but necessarily with chains or thorns.

If you want a more hardcore image, put on ripped jeans, a jersey size / two is bigger than yours, on top of all this is a leather braid, tie a bandanna bandanna, and do not forget about the entourage. An electric guitar is suitable, on which strings can be torn for a better effect. Also appropriate and baseball bat.

Makeup should always be bright, saturated. It is allowed to bend the stick, do a double accent, both on the lips and on the eyes at the same time. A popular meik is a combination of fig-ice with pale lipstick, or a combination of fig-ice with rich red and burgundy shades of lipsticks. As for the hairstyle for a photo shoot, it is preferable to make a small or big mess on the head - loose hair or hair in a tight braid. Also appropriate are beautifully designed high stacks that would mimic the Iroquois.

To achieve the ideal image of a rock girl, contact a friend of the photographer. This style is quite emotional and it is difficult to reveal it in front of an outsider.

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Where to hold

In many respects the success of the photo session will depend on the chosen place for its holding. Of course, in the extreme case, you can stop the choice and at the studio, but "rock" - this is not the direction that will fit into it, it certainly will not give you a chance, except perhaps in terms of portrait photos. The ideal place is, of course, a recording studio and a full concert stage, as it should with columns, instruments, a microphone stand, soffits, etc.

Next, not a bad option for an exit photo shoot in the style of rock will be a massive abandoned building, especially if it's the shop of the old factory. The more and the dilapidated the premises of the abandoned building, the better. You can also take a photo session in the city's night streets. To traffic was minimal, it will have to be removed from two nights. But at such a time all large areas or intersections are almost deserted, and such an atmosphere is needed for this style. It is very good to add to this photo session as an entourage a real biker motorcycle. It will be interesting to look in the middle of the street and placed instruments - drums, keyboards, guitars and so on.

Returning to shooting in the studio. To liven up the situation, use the available effects: you can smoke and highlight it with one or several colored searchlights.

Interestingly, the rock looks in a black and white palette. The taken out material can be converted into a black-and-white format.

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