Cypress is evergreen

  • Cypress is evergreen: the main external characteristics of
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Cypress evergreen is a coniferous tree growing in moderately warm climatic conditions. The homeland of cypress is North America, Eurasia, North Africa. In other climatic zones this tree is often grown as an ornamental plant.

Cypress is evergreen: basic external characteristics of

  • are small acicular triangular leaves that are opposite to each other;
  • leaves are always tightly pressed against branches;
  • bark has a greyish-red hue, the leaves are from light green to blue-green hue;
  • cones are globose, more like figures of irregular shape.

What is useful for cypress evergreen?

Useful properties of cypress are most valued in cones, which are still collected in green. In the processing of cones, you get any extract, powder or infusion. The thing is that cones contain flavonoids, dimeric and oligomeric proanthocyanidols, diterpene acids, essential oils. Such a complex of useful substances significantly improves the tone of venous vessels. This helps to overcome venous insufficiency.

Cyicles cones are the main source of active substances. Therefore, they are recommended for use in varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and heaviness in the legs. Treatment will be more effective if using horse chestnut and witch hazel along with cypress.

How can I use cypress?

1. Cypress cones are usually collected as green to make extract, powder and infusions. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are prepared from tablets, gelatin capsules and solutions for drinking. As a therapeutic and cosmetic means, cypress is used for making ointments and gels for external use. The cones contain oligomeric and dimeric proanthocyanidols and flavonols, effectively affecting the tone of venous vessels, thereby improving peripheral circulation.

2. Cypress essential oil is used to cough, disinfect the room from insects, add to aromatic baths from rheumatism, relieve feelings of fatigue, and raise the mood. It is widely used in cosmetology and dermatology, perfume industry.

3. Cypress resin heals wounds and various ulcers.

4. For gynecological diseases, hemorrhoids, joint diseases, gout is recommended to use a decoction of cypress sprigs. Here is one of the recipes: take a third of buckets of cones, top up with water, boil for 15-20 minutes, cool to a temperature of 30-40 degrees and use for local baths for gout( the procedure ends when the temperature of the broth becomes room)

The tree was honored in the old days,it is often mentioned in various national recipes not only for the treatment of the body, but also for expelling evil spirits, protecting the house from dark forces.

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