With what you can wear shorts of different styles

  • Denim models: their advantages and place in the wardrobe of a woman
  • Leather models and nuances of their combination with
  • clothing Inflated shorts: the latest fashion squeak and his place in the wardrobe
  • Classic shorts with which to wear them
  • Basics of color combinations

Shorts are incloakroom, perhaps, every woman, because this universal clothing is able to emphasize the dignity of the figure and at the same time looks great in any style. So, for example, this thing can look sporty in combination with sneakers and t-shirts, or it can become an ornament of an elegant bow. With what can you wear shorts of different styles and on what combinations should you build your daily bow?

Denim models: their advantages and place in the wardrobe of a woman

No doubt denim shorts are the most popular models because of their versatility. Such clothes look good on a lady aged, and on a young person. With what should they be combined when creating a bright onion?

  1. Jeans shorts look optimal in combination with a variety of T-shirts and trendy now shortened tops.
  2. Wishing to play on the contrast of light and warm clothes, a lady can choose as a top sweater with a large viscous.
  3. As an addition to such a thing, a variety of shirts that help in creating a spectacular youthful bow are also suitable.

It's amazing, but even within the framework of office style such youth clothes can be entered. To do this, it is sufficient to supplement the shorts with medium-sized heels and a light blouse of any color. The result is a stylish and unencumbered official bow.

If a lady loves ultra-short shorts, then she needs to forget about shoes and ankle boots on time. In combination with such clothes heels look too vulgar.

It will perfectly look shoes in the men's style, as well as sneakers of all possible styles and colors.

It is with denim shorts that the sneakers look especially advantageous. High models or low sneakers perfectly complement the youth atmosphere of the image. In addition to her everyday bow, the lady can choose numerous accessories, for example, bracelets, pendants, as well as scarves and caps.

In addition to very short shorts, ragged models are also popular. Such clothes with rivets, a few holes and even appliqués are more suitable for lovers of street style of a young age, but also fashion fans aged can choose this thing to express their inner self.

Leather models and nuances of their combination with

clothing Leather shorts area separate topic for conversation. The fact is that such models have gained popularity about 3 seasons ago, when all clothes from the skin suddenly found themselves in demand among celebrities and fashion designers. The main advantage of leather models is that they look classically elegant, but add the image of youthful arrogance.

You can combine such shorts with the following clothes:

  • with a variety of blouses with a free cut of white or pastel tones;
  • with loose t-shirts;
  • with jumper of different colors in warm weather;
  • with sexy cro-tops or with body.
A bow with a T-shirt will be even brighter if the girl complements the image with a sneaker on a low stroke. Keds will also look great within this youth style.

The final choice always depends on the mood of the girl herself. For example, if she wants to create a youth image with a note of protest, she needs to give preference to T-shirts or body. The image created with a tight body will be extremely sexy, so it should not be supplemented with high-heeled shoes, otherwise the lady risks to look too vulgar.

Many fans of leather clothing have a special weakness in order to fit it into the framework of an everyday, business wardrobe. So, for example, the original audacity, which radiate leather shorts is smoothed, if the lady supplements them with loose blouses of menthol or white color. This blouse in combination with coarse at first glance shorts looks extremely impressive, and the whole bow plays completely new colors. Supplement the shorts can be sandals with a medium-sized heel.

Most often, ladies choose leather shorts, because they are much easier to fit into a casual wardrobe. If the girl has made a choice in favor of the bright colors of such clothes, then she should take care of the advantageous color combination.

Overestimated shorts: the latest squeak of fashion and its place in the wardrobe

Clothing with an inflated waist came to us from the 80's and seems to have settled on the fashion podiums for a long time. Overestimated shorts and there are now every lady who follows fashion trends.

The main advantage of this clothing is that it emphasizes all the curves of the figure, makes the forms mouth-watering and attractive. In addition, these shorts can visually extend the legs, skimming along a few extra pounds. With what should you combine these clothes?

  1. With tucked blouses of all colors and styles.
  2. With fitted jumper in cold weather.
  3. With a variety of T-shirts and cro-tops.
  4. With elegant sweatshirts with style sleeves bat.

The main rule of of using such a model is that the top must necessarily be tucked into the shorts themselves, otherwise the whole beauty of the overstated waist, all the advantages of this unusual style are lost.

Now a high waist can be found on jeans models, and on leather shorts. Even classic women's shorts made of dense fabric are made with a high waistline, which gives them extra elegance.

In terms of combining with shoes, the palm tree is held by a variety of shoes and sandals. This clothing looks extremely feminine, and it is with heels that it acquires its maximum attractiveness. If we are talking about a denim thing, then it can be supplemented with low-top sneakers, which will only add to the image of youthful enthusiasm and chic.

If a girl has plump hips, she should refrain from choosing shortened models. Too short the shorts will fit the female legs, demonstrating all their shortcomings. The best option will be things of medium length.

Classic shorts, with which to wear them

Shorts of classic cut from dense fabric - this is a kind of must-have of any wardrobe. Such clothes can ideally fit into the official and business style, and in the youth bow, and even in the classical.

The easiest way to combine such shorts with blouses, as these two things are literally created for each other. Blouse, tucked into a model of the classic style, combined with elegant sandals instantly makes the lady sexy and reserved at the same time.

Classic shorts perfectly match the following elements of the wardrobe:

  • fashionable denim shirts with short or long sleeves;
  • with a variety of fitted T-shirts;
  • with cardigans and jackets of all styles;
  • shirts made of lightweight fabric with a fine pattern.
The only thing that does not fit this element of the wardrobe is the now popular shortened top.

The thing is that classic shorts of dense material look too elegant for such a daring element of street style.

There is an unspoken rule that you should choose a light blouse to dark brown or black shorts. However, modern fashion does not recognize the boundaries, and that's why you can combine such clothes with both colorful tops and blouses with a bright print.

You should also not add such things to your sneakers and sneakers. Much more interesting here will look sandals with a medium-sized heel, shoes on a low course and a variety of botilions.

In the autumn weather, these shorts can be combined with pantyhose, complementing them with half-beads. If the lady wants to make the image a little more controversial, she can pick up the shorts under the boots. This version of the onion is suitable only for a courageous connoisseur of fashion who does not hesitate to pay attention to themselves.

Basics of color combinations

With what to wear shorts - a question that is not so difficult to solve, because such clothes are combined with almost everything. However, in pursuit of bright and original onions, girls sometimes forget about a competent color combination.

There are no secrets in creating an ideal image, and the only thing that is required of a lady is not to be afraid to take risks and experiment. For example, denim shorts are not necessarily complemented with cream or white shirts. A lady can choose a model of a red or deep green color. If she succeeds also in picking up accessories in a tone, then the image will get even stronger.

Women's shorts of classic style can be competently combined with clothing that has a print. For example, jumper with floral print, supplemented with restrained accessories, will become a kind of highlight of the onion, not allowing the lady to get lost on the gray streets of the autumn city.

If a girl chooses the top-crop as a top, then she should remember that such models of clothing immediately attract attention. That is why a shortened top of bright color should be chosen only for those who possess the ideal, flat belly. Screaming, acidic shades and it is better to leave in the past, since such shirts and shirts have long been out of fashion.

Having chosen inflated shorts or models of classic style, the girl usually hastens to immediately enter the thing into her everyday wardrobe. It is not difficult to do this, but it is also important to act with the mind so that the beauty of the acquired new thing does not turn out to be hidden by the improperly chosen top.

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