How to make a biochemical perming on short, medium and long hair

Biochemical perm is a procedure that appeared relatively recently, but has already won the love of many women. Today, with her help, even at home, you can create quite resistant as small curls, and large curls. However, do not forget about the rules of care and possible contraindications, because when they are not observed, you can damage the curls and the body as a whole.

  • Photo before and after
  • The essence of the procedure
  • Advantages of
  • Types of
  • Features of the procedure
  • Technique for carrying out
  • Care after the biowave
  • Disadvantages
  • Contraindications

Photo before and after

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The essence of the procedure

Bioclavice is a new curl curling technique,at which rigid components are not applied. Undoubtedly, it can not be said that the means for biochemical hair curling are 100% natural, but unlike the chemical curling products, there are no preparations containing ammonia and thioglycolic acid compounds. The effect after biochemistry is stunning.

The main component of practical any means intended for curling is cysteamine. The element is a synthetic acid, which is similar to cysteine. It is used to improve the structure of ringlets. It thickens the protein found in the hair, forming and fastening the curls of the desired diameter. This compound can give an unpleasant smell to the hair, however, along with it it improves their condition.

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Advantages of

  • Bioclavicular can be made on any type of curls.
  • It can be made for long, medium, as well as short strands.
  • After the procedure, the structure of the hair will not change: they will be quite soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • The procedure can be performed after staining, but the hair color does not change.
  • With the help of bio-wig you can give hair volume at the roots.
  • If you apply iron, then after straightening hair will be straight. After washing their head they again become wavy.
  • Curls do not require additional care.
  • The boundary between the curled strands and already growing is poorly discernible.
  • The procedure can be done at home or in the salon.

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Kinds of

Biocals are classified:

By length of hair:

  • For long hair .Biochemical perm is performed by the composition, which is selected individually, based on the wishes of the client. Of course, for large hair, large curls look best.
  • For medium .This length is considered universal, because it looks equally good curls of any size.
  • For short .At this length of hair look fine curls. The fixation level must be strong or moderate.

For hair:

  • for normal;
  • for hard, hard to lay down;
  • for weakened, stained.

Beauty salons use various means to carry out this procedure. By their composition, several types of means can be distinguished:

  • Silk Wave .The products include various silk proteins. This procedure is characterized by a mild effect, so it should be done to girls who have discolored or dyed hair.
  • Italian biowave .This technology allows you to get elastic curls of strong fixation. It is usually used on short strands, however, it is suitable for shearing quads and cascades. As a result of the procedure, small curls are obtained, which last for up to a year.
  • Japanese biowave .This type of procedure includes amino acids and proteins necessary for hair. Apply it if the hair is quite long and thick, as it is known for its "stiffness".The effect lasts up to six months. After this, the correction must be made without fail.
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Each composition for bio-zavivki depending on the purpose has the following marking:

  • 0 - for stubborn, unpainted hair;
  • 1 - for normal hair;
  • 2 - for weak, depleted, previously lightened or colored hair.
Basal volume is up - pluses and minuses of the procedure
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Features of the procedure

The biochemical hair wave keeps on average from 3 to 6 months. However, there are factors that can influence this effect, for example:

  • period of critical days;
  • exacerbation of any disease;
  • reception of hormonal medicines;
  • period of pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding.

After the biochemical perm, hair can be stained, but it is better to wait 1.5-2 weeks. Whichever hair was used for hair, a break before coloring is necessary, they must be restored. The regeneration process should be carried out gradually. In the first week it is not recommended to make masks for deep cleansing. Mandatory use should be made of products intended for the care of colored and damaged hair.

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After the biochemical hair, the hair looks alive, as this procedure acts on the hair gently.

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Technique for

The day before the procedure, it is necessary to make an allergic reaction test. Some amount of the mixture must be applied to the skin. If the allergy has not appeared, then the composition can be used for bio-zavivki.

This procedure is quite expensive, however, the cost can be significantly reduced if you perform this procedure at home:

  1. Locks should be thoroughly washed with a special shampoo that provides moisture to the hair shaft.
  2. After they need to dry, so that they do not drip water, but they were wet.
  3. Hair should be divided into several zones - from 4 to 6. Everything depends on their density. Strands that will not be used immediately need to be bandaged with an elastic band.
  4. The remaining curls are to be wound on the curler curlers of the desired diameter. Hair does not need to be heavily tug, because otherwise they can get damaged and start falling out.
  5. When all the curls are wound, they need to be treated with a special activator. If necessary, the product can be slightly rubbed with fingers. Please note that it is recommended to work only with gloves.
  6. Based on the instruction, to withstand the composition on the hair( approximately 20 minutes).
  7. After 10-15 minutes, apply a neutralizing compound, curlers do not untwist.
  8. Rinse the curls under running water and gently untwist curlers. Do not scratch your hair!
  9. Apply a special conditioner to the hair, which will moisten the curls and fix the curls.
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Care after the biowave

To curl as long as possible held on the hair, the following actions should be performed:

  • During the first 2-3 days the formulation is fixed. In this period of time, hair in no case can not be washed, damped, tied with elastic bands, pierced and braided.
  • For combing hair, pick up a wooden comb and a few prongs.
  • For washing your head, use products intended for damaged or dyed hair. Shampoos for curly hair apply senselessly, since they are designed for curly hair from nature.
  • Dry the head in a natural way, without using a hair dryer. Do not wear a towel on your head for a long time and rub your hair hard.
  • Plow and iron should be used as rarely as possible.
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Disadvantages of

Although biochemistry is considered a gentle way to curl, however, it still causes significant damage to strands. They can start falling out and splitting.

Cysteamine has a sharp and unpleasant odor. That is why within 2 weeks after the conducted procedure of a biochemical perm, an unpleasant smell which reminds more a smell of a wet wool can be felt.
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  • Individual intolerance to components;
  • Open wounds on the head;
  • Monthly period;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation period;
  • Depressive state;
  • Diseases of the scalp;
  • Reception of antibiotics or hormonal agents.
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