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Those days when women were growing long braids, are in the past. The traditions are replaced by ultramodern variants. The most daring girls decide to create a short haircut. With all the convenience there is a significant disadvantage: the monotony of hairstyles. Get rid of boredom styling on short hair. Of course, you can visit the salon, where the master will make you a haircut, but it is much better to be able to cope on your own. Moreover, it will not be very difficult.

Styling tools

To ensure that the hair does not settle in the next hour, and curls hold the shape, you need to stock up with means for styling short hair.

  • To create curls or volume you need mousse. Thanks to him, the desired effect will remain for a long time.
  • Hairspray is guaranteed for every woman. He fixes the resulting hair and saves it for a long time. In order not to get a shock of glued hair, choose medium fixation.
  • With the help of wax you can fix the hairs in such a way that they remain even and neatly looked.
  • The gel will create a wet hair effect, comb the strands back and add shine to them.

The set must have a comb with small teeth and a thin tip to create a perfectly smooth spout. With its help you can easily separate the same strands. Lovers of voluminous hair styles should be armed with round combs of different diameters. They will allow you to create dynamic and more natural curls.

Smoothing curly hair will help ironing. The styler will allow you to create and curls, provided that your hair is obedient and easily curable. To minimize the negative effects of heated metal, use a special thermal protection. Varied hairpins, elastic bands are sometimes very handy, so complete the set with different kinds of clips.

Advantages of short hair

First and foremost short haircuts are very fond of girls for practicality. It does not take a lot of time to bring such hairstyle in order: wash, comb and pack. To dry short locks it is possible for couple of minutes, therefore in your morning schedule there will be a place for an invigorating cup of coffee. Those who choose such haircuts, often visit beauty salons, because stylish styling is possible only on healthy hair. Placed tips are removed, and the hairstyle looks attractive and well-groomed.

Another advantage is sexuality. It's hard not to agree that effective girls attract attention with subtle neck lines. A short hairstyle advantageously emphasizes the depth of the eyes and the beauty of the face. You can easily create various options for laying at home.

There is an opinion that shorn shortly people look much younger than their years, so more often women begin to give preference to such variants of hairstyles.

Correcting the face with a short haircut

It's no secret that short hair is considered the best assistant in visual correction of appearance deficiencies:

  • For an elongated face oval, a haircut with a volume starting from the middle of the cheeks is suitable.
  • Chubby will approach a smooth haircut, whose length is a couple of centimeters below the chin.
  • If you have a low forehead, then consider a haircut with a lush bang that covers the eyebrows.
  • Fix a flat nape can any haircut with volume in this area.

Along with the pluses, there are several significant disadvantages:

  1. Regular visit to the hairdresser.
  2. Frequent washing.
  3. Daily styling.
  4. Limited options hairstyles in comparison with the possibilities of long hair.
  5. Individual selection.
Short haircuts are specific, therefore not suitable for everyone. If you have cut off long curls, then it is not so easy to grow them back.

Short cuts delicacy

  • Short hair attracts attention to your face, so think about careful skin care and daily make-up.
  • It is not advisable to shear curly hair too much. In this case, you will get an extra volume that does not always look interesting. Put them in a neat shock will not be easy, and, therefore, you will get hair, weighted by stowage.

    do not need to cut your curly hair too short

  • Brunettes are suitable for any styling products, and blondes should choose light mousses to avoid gluing. Otherwise, the hair will appear dirty, which will spoil the image.
  • Oval face holders should prefer straight or curly hairstyles with volume, and broad-leaved - even and sleek versions.
  • To create a romantic image, you can slightly twist the tips upwards with a round brush and sprinkle lightly with lacquer.

Volumetric folding on short hair

How to style short hair? Most girls prefer volumetric options. This trend has been in the trend for several years. Recently, these hairdresses are trying to make it natural, so that the curls easily jump and move from the breeze of the wind. Hair, which are stacked with a lot of money, resemble a wig, so they spoil the entire image.

To create a magnificent hairdo, you must:

  1. Wash your hair. For a natural and light hairstyle, pure strands are needed.
  2. Wet hair before styling.
  3. Use styling tools to achieve the desired effect and keep the hairstyle as long as possible.
  4. When drying, use round brushes. Brush from the roots to the tips and dry the strands along the entire length from top to bottom.
  5. Hot air from the hair dryer gives the hair smoothness and shine.

How to do a volumetric stacking on short hair - video

Create a negligence effect will help one trick: lean forward and comb the curls at the roots in different directions.

Accurate laying with an elongated bang

The originality of this haircut on short hair is a spectacular, bangs on the face. Recently, there has been a trend towards ultra-long variants. The fringe can reach the middle of the chin.

The bangs with the oblique line on one side look the best. It can cover the eyebrow or completely the entire forehead. Such a haircut allows you to highlight the eyes and focus on them. The image can be lightened with the help of thinning and reducing the number of laying means.

Fashionable fleece

Naches - one of the options for evening styling. A distinctive feature is the volume in the crown area. In order to do it, you need to divide the hair into strands and use a comb to comb them. The rest of the hair is pulled back with the help of a hair dryer and brashing, opening the forehead.

If you want to add a hairstyle of extravagance and shocking, apply a little gel on your hair, separating them with your fingers. Fix the result with lacquer without the effect of gluing.

Short fringe

Smooth laying on short hair with a small bang is considered an interesting option for evening activities. Make it easier for girls with very short hair. The advantage of this laying is in the absence or minimization of laying means. It is enough to put a drop of gel, and the hair will play with new colors.

If the hair is about 5-10 centimeters, you can straighten them with iron and fix it with wax a little.

Original hair looks on hair of interesting and bright shades. For this purpose, a black, red, chestnut or blond is ideal.

Beautiful waves

One of the express folds are curls. They will create an original and mischievous image. Make them on short hair is very simple. Many lovers of whimsical curls pass the procedure of long-term styling, which significantly saves time for creating a hairstyle.

To curl curls for one day you will need tongs, hair curlers or curling iron. If you want to introduce negligence into your hair, then use the diffuser nozzle.

You can make two kinds of curls:

  1. Small, which will create a bouncy and easy image.
  2. Large, which will give their possessor sexuality and charm.

The resulting hairstyle must be fixed with varnish. If your hair is unruly, then use the foam during the curl.

Hollywood curls on short hair - video

Traditional square and bean

Such haircuts are chosen by purposeful girls who know their own worth. To emphasize the haircut lines, you need to do the following:

  1. Wash your head.
  2. Divide the hair into parts.
  3. Gradually, starting from the occipital area, dry the strands one by one.
  4. Comb the strands from the roots to the tips.
  5. Thoroughly dry the tips by wrapping them inwards.

It's best to use medium size brashing when laying. Restraining the air on the roots, you achieve an additional volume.

Beautiful weaving

Who said that short hair can not be braided? Small flagella allow to achieve originality of the image.

  1. In order to create such a hairstyle, you need to divide the head of hair into parts and apply foam to them.
  2. From each strand twist the flagella, fixing on the nape of the invisible.
  3. After the upper part is assembled, hide the hairpins under the hair, twisting the last tourniquet. It is necessary to sprinkle all the varnish with a strong fixation.

Instead of flagella, you can make small tails that gather in one on the back of the head, but this option is suitable for very young people.

Feminine hedgehog

Not every girl can decide to wear a hedgehog. This option is considered the most extravagant female haircut. This opinion is explained by a kind of disorderly strands on the head. However, many of the fairer sex, who decided to experiment, are recognized as the most stylish women on the planet.

  1. The beauty of this styling is that it can be made on short hair of any length. To create, you need mousse or gel.
  2. Hair dyeing with short hair should be from the roots to the tips. Try to direct a stream of hot air in the same way.
  3. After you have sprinkled your hair with varnish for firmness, pass your fingers through the hair and smooth the whiskey.

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