Photo-lesson how to make beautiful eye makeup eyeshadow

Girls begin to show interest in cosmetics in their childhood, sneaking mother's shadows, mascara and lipstick. But even in adulthood, not everyone knows how to choose the right makeup and create the right make-up. This photo lesson on how to make beautiful eye makeup eyeshadows will be useful for the beautiful half so that you can always be gorgeous and your look deep and expressive.

  • Selecting cosmetics and tools
    • Choosing shades of shades for eye color
    • How to apply shadows
    • For close-fitting eyes
    • For deep-set eyes
    • For eyes with a drooping eyelid
    • For widely planted eyes
    • For amygdala
    • For round eyes
    • For small eyes
    • For eyes with lowered corners
    • For eyes with swollen eyelids

    Selection of cosmetics and tools

    Variety and abundance of tools and cosmetics in specialized storesx in the selection can lead to a dead end even a professional. To make the only true decision to buy the right tools, it is necessary to initially decide what will be required in the process of creating a particular make-up.

    To create eye makeup shadows, it is worth buying a number of rounded( dome-shaped) brushes for shadows of different sizes and a number of applicators. The creation of make-up with the help of applicators is already slightly outdated, the brushes are more popular. It is the dome-shaped brushes with villi of different lengths that will help the shadows evenly cover the surface of the century. By all rules it is worthwhile to use a separate brush for a different color of shadows. Brushes of a larger size are used to cover the shadows of large areas of the century, and smaller for toning of individual small areas.

    When choosing brushes, pay attention to the quality of the goods. The ideal option will be brushes with natural nap.

    Selecting shadows will be just as complex, it's very easy to get lost in the variety of assortment. The choice should be appropriate considering personal preferences. The color scale should be selected individually, based on what is suitable for this or that eye color, as well as everything depends on the desired outcome of the use of shadows.

    Types of shadows and the result of their application:

    • Creamy - give a rich color( preferably not use during the day and in the heat, may flow);
    • Dry compact - lie flat, hold on for a long time;
    • Baked - with a dry application give softness of color lines, and when wet give a deep and rich color;
    • Matt - for light, day and natural make-up;
    • Pearly - give a shine, suitable for a holiday;
    • Satin - ideal for age make-up, medium between mother-of-pearl and opacity.
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    Choosing shade shades for eye color

    Correctly selected shadows make the eyes more visually, look deeper. If you choose the right shadows and apply them, then the makeup owner will feel confident and unsurpassed in any situation.

    Green eyes will be perfectly highlighted with green, olive, beige, chocolate and gray( silver) shadows.

    Pink, lilac, beige, brown and gray shades will perfectly emphasize and highlight the brown eyes.

    Blue eyes are best highlighted with shades of blue tones. The combination of a series of blue and blue shadows with blue eyes will bring a look of compelling depth and expressiveness. Possessors of blue eyes will be approached by olive, copper, golden, bronze, gray shades.

    Gray-eyed girls can easily find shadows. Gray eyes can be distinguished with almost any tones and colors based on their own preferences.

    Gray shades and their shades are universal and suitable for any color of eyes.

    The main thing in choosing shadows to take into account also the skin tone, to look uneasy brightly, and exquisitely.

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    How to apply shadows

    All of the above will help you find everything you need to create makeup for your eyes with shadows. It is important to consider what shape the eye and size have to put the shadows correctly and look irresistible.

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    For close-fitting eyes

    With this eye shape, the inner corners and the area around the nose should be underlined with the most light tones, which visually opens the eyes. Dark shadows should be concentrated on the outer corners of the eyes. Ink must be made accents on the outer eyelids.

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    For deep-set eyes

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    All upper eyelid should be covered with light tones of shadows. You should also avoid dark creases. In no case should you darken the mobile eyelid, this will make it small and even more emphasize that the eyes are deeply planted. Mascara should be applied to both upper and lower cilia, it is best to use an extension mascara.

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    For eyes with an impending eyelid

    To make the eyes expressive, it is necessary to apply shadows of a dark shade where the eyelid is maximally lowered and the inner corners of the eyes are lightened by lighter shadows of the selected shade. Mascara in this case is better to apply only to the upper lashes. And from the dark leaks have to refuse.

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    For widely planted eyes

    This is the only shape of the eyes when selecting which to apply shadows of dark shades to the inner corners of the eyes. Apply shadows best from outer corners shading the shadows towards the bridge of the nose. When making up with mascara, you need to allocate the central part of the eyelashes.

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    For almond-shaped eyes

    Almond-shaped eyes are the dream of any girl, because this form is ideal. To emphasize this form of the eye does not need special efforts and skills. Any make-up will look admirable, if you choose the right color. The only thing to avoid visual narrowing of the eyes, you should not draw a line of arrows podkovkoy far beyond the outer corner of the eye.

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    For round eyes

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    In this case, when using the liner, the arrow line should be as close as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Shadows of light tones are imposed on the entire eyelid, with medium shades allocated only the outer corner of the eye to a third. Mascara should be applied abundantly to the outer part of the eyelashes to visually extend the eye.

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    For small eyes

    To make the small eyes visually seem more open, the eyebrow line should be made as thin as possible. Shadows of light colors should be applied to the upper eyelid and shade them to the eyebrow line. Darker and medium colors should be applied to the crease of the upper eyelid. The thin arrow from the middle of the eyelid should be used to conduct the laying. Bright glare under the eyebrows can add to the eyes of expressiveness. Dark tones will make the small eyes visually even smaller, their use is better avoided at all.

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    For eyes with dropped corners

    Will make the eyes more expressive and slightly correct the shape of the arrow, made by dark eyeliner along the line of eyelash growth, along the entire upper eyelid. The darker shades of the shadows need to be applied to the crease of the upper eyelid, and the middle tones on the upper eyelid itself. It is desirable to cover with ink only the upper cilia, highlighting the outer corners of the eyes.

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    For eyes with swollen eyelids

    In this case, it is best to use dark shadows to cover the folds of the upper eyelid, and light ones to apply to the inner corners of the eyes. It is possible to draw an arrow along the entire upper eyelid as closely as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Only the upper cilia need to be covered with ink.

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