What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with a rich history and interesting features that are inhabited by a peaceful and kind people. Every tourist who has visited here wants to bring to memory even a small part of the Czech Republic in the form of souvenirs and gifts to relatives. Consider what you should pay attention to on this wonderful trip.

  • Alcohol
  • Absinthe
  • Becherovka
  • Beer
  • Slivovitsa
  • Fernet Stock
  • Bohemian glass and crystal
  • Waffles
  • Toys
  • Krotikov
  • Puppets
  • Stone Rose
  • Cosmetics from Carlsbad
  • Shoes «Bata»
  • Cheese
  • Porcelain and Ceramics
  • Jewelryjewelery and bijouterie
  • With garnet
  • With vltavinom
  • Of gold and silver
  • Of beads
  • You can not take out


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Czechia is loyal to absinthey, which is under strict control in many countries of the European Union. This drink is known for its mysterious, to some extent mystical effect, because it contains thujone, a substance that is toxic to humans. In addition, absinthe has an eye-popping fortress - from 70 to 86 degrees!

This drink is often counterfeited, but in Prague you can find samples of this absinthe: "Absinte St. Antoine "," Toulouse Lautrec "," Fruko Schulz "and" La Grenouille ".

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Becherovka liquor is one of the most popular native Czech spirits. At its manufacture various medicinal grasses are used, thanks to what "Becherovka" use even at pains in a stomach.

The strength of the liquor varies from 20 to 40 degrees depending on the variety, however the canonical "Becherovka" has exactly 38. If you follow the tradition, then you should go to Karlovy Vary, whose famous mineral waters are used to create this liqueur.

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Beer is a Czech national drink. Therefore, every tourist needs to try the products of local breweries. What beer to bring from the Czech Republic? Among the best are "Pilsner Urquell", "Velkopopovicky Kozel", "Staropramen" and "Krusovice".

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Another symbol of Czech feasts is the brandy "Slivovice", also known as "plum vodka".The fortress "Slivovice" ranges from 45 to 75 degrees, but the delicate taste of plum softens it. In addition to slivovitz, there is still apples, pears and drinks from other fruits.

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Fernet Stock

Herbal tincture, consisting of a dozen healing herbs, with a strength of 40 degrees. Place of birth "Fernet Stock" - the city of Pilsen, where you can buy this drink in the most pristine form.

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Bohemian glass and crystal

Another business card of the Czech Republic - products from Bohemian glass andcrystal, made by centuries-old traditions. Here you can see an infinite variety of dishes before which no mistress can stand. From the blown glass also make amazing souvenirs and decorations, in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies. The most popular Czech brands are Moser, Egermann, Crystalite Bohemia and Rona.

Bohemian crystal is no less actively used for making dishes and chandeliers. It can be either polished, or smooth cast, colored or decorated with gold. Many samples are made by craftsmen manually, which greatly increases their value. Such brands as "Riva Glass", "Gold Crystal" and "Jihlava" provide a huge selection of crystal vases, decanters, glasses and other utensils. Buy all this splendor can be in the Prague shopping centers and branded stores.

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The Czech wafers, which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, are "paid", are a favorite treat for both Czechs and visitors alike. The dresses are two round thin wafers decorated with a factory crest with a filling between them, and have an incredible taste.

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Milk chocolate, caramel, cocoa, hazelnuts, vanilla, cinnamon, various fruits and a dozen different fillings make them the most popular Czech dessert. You can try these confections in special cafes or buy in a street kiosk.

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The most famous work of Czech animation is "Krtek", which was released in the mid-50's. In the Czech Republic, this cute cartoon character has received many incarnations in the form of the same figurines, plush toys, stickers, magnets and children's books.

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Puppets are an invariable attribute of wandering circus performers, which since the 17th century has become a real cultural symbol for the Czech Republic. For sale puppets in souvenir shops. These can be traditional Czech characters, such as Svejk soldier, one-eyed commander Jan Zizka or Princess Libuše, as well as heroes of folk tales and recognizable images of modern pop culture.

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Stone rose

The Karlovy Vary stone rose is a unique souvenir that can be found only in the Czech Republic. Dry flower or dummy flower from paper treated with a special solution, and then for a while immersed in one of the local mineral springs.

The chemical composition of this water contains calcium aragonite - a soft mineral with a needle structure of the structure, which gradually infiltrates the souvenir. Under the influence of aragonite, the dummy hardens, acquires a characteristic brown color and unique shape. Thus, a stone rose is obtained, each of which is unique.

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Cosmetics from Karlovy Vary

Cosmetics from Karlovy Vary are popular due to their healing properties. Natural ingredients, extracts of medicinal plants and mineral salts, which are part of creams, ointments, oils, balms and shampoos, provide exceptional beauty and health.

The most popular cosmetics manufacturers in the Czech Republic are FAON, Vridlo, Rior, Manufaktura and Dermakol. You can buy these goods in any city pharmacy.

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Shoes "Bata"

Almost the whole of the Czech Republic wears footwear "Bata" for almost a hundred years. The largest brand store is located on Wenceslas Square. The whole five floors of the famous Czech shoes for every taste. Do not miss the chance to visit this place.

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Czech cheeses are, first of all, cheese with mold and cheeses from the city of Olomouc. The most delicious molded cheese gourmets consider the products of the company "Madeta", highlighting the varieties "Niva" and "Kamadet".These products from cow's milk with blue and white molds have a special piquancy and are perfect for wine.

Cheeses from Olomouc are a cult sample of the national Czech cuisine. Produced from sour cottage cheese, this cheese with a pretty strong smell has already awakened people's appetite for many centuries. In addition, there is a Museum of Olomouc cheeses in Loštice, where you can not only look at the production, but also buy a souvenir at a local store.

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Porcelain and ceramics

The presence of Czech porcelain in the house always indicated that the owner possesses prosperity and good taste. Today, porcelain products attract as much attention as tourists. Such brands as "Bernadott", "Leander" and "Bohemia" provide a huge selection of dining sets, table sets and other utensils. Shops with porcelain products are located in any major shopping center.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

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With garnet

Garnet is credited with many magical properties: it protects from evil spirits, grants power over people and awakens human passions. Ornaments from this "frozen blood of fire" framed with silver or gold are a wonderful gift for women with strong energy. The main supplier of garnet jewelry in the Czech Republic is the city of Turnov, but you can buy them in Prague. Quality jewelry is also sold in the Museum of the Grenade, not far from Wenceslas Square.

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With vltavin

Vltavin is a Czech semi-precious stone of green color. It is believed that vltavin is a fragment of a meteorite that collapsed to earth about 15 million years ago. Rumors and legends associated with this circumstance give vltavin a certain strength that helps with headaches and meditation. When making jewelry, the stone is usually not processed, but simply fixed in an informal frame, which gives the products a special style. By cost, such products are available to every tourist.

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Gold and silver

Gold jewelry in the Czech Republic is made mostly of white gold. It is in this material that the most precious stones are assembled and sold in jewelry stores in Prague. In addition to world brands like "Tiffany" and "Cartier", here you can buy and work of local masters, including silver. Boutiques "Jitka Kudlackova Jewels" and "Vera Novakova Jewelry" will be an excellent place for such purchases.

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Bead from

Czech beads are the standard and especially coveted material for all needlewomen. In addition to the beads from the companies Preciosa Ornela, Black Diamond and Jablonex, souvenir shops of all Czech cities can also find beadwork. It can be like bracelets, earrings, necklaces and baubles, and flowers, toys, paintings and even icons.

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