Beautiful knitted summer dresses for women

Which season in a row on the world's high fashion podiums is supported by the success of the beautiful yarn as the main material for the summer dress. In this case, the style of such knitted dresses is introduced the most diverse. But, even if you did not manage to find the right one, you can always create the perfect knitted female summer dress crochet by a simple scheme.

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Feature of yarn dresses

Initially, summer dresses made of yarn were popular in the post-Soviet space in the mid 80'sof the last century, when there was a massive shortage in the clothing market. At that time, fashion came into fashion. But then knitted dresses almost disappeared from the wardrobe of our women of fashion. Today they returned and got new outlines, remaining the same feminine and original.

Popularity of knitted products of this type is undeniable due to its properties: created from yarn and under the figure the dress is able to visually hide the shortcomings of the figure, which in the summer season is not so easy.

In a knitted dress on the body, folds are not visible, and the lines become softer in the transitions, even if the dress is slouching.

Another plus of such a product lies in its convenience and practicality. The lace dress is not hot, but if it is also tied from natural raw materials, it is pleasant to wear, natural fine yarn does not cause irritation on the skin and does not interfere with normal sweating.

You do not have to look for similar dresses for shopping. If you have skillful hands, you yourself can create similar masterpieces with the help of spokes or hooks.

Then apply your skills in practice and start creating your masterpieces by choosing high-quality yarn. Choose a beautiful fishnet pattern for your dresses to make your dreams come true!

Diagrams and patterns for interesting crochet crochet you can find here
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Product variants

Models of summer knitted dresses are very many. We advise you to pay attention to the following popular styles:

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Any knitted dress can be combined: using not only yarn, but also other materials.

For example, an etched bodice and a chiffon skirt or knitted inserts, etc. Evening dress can be selected as fully connected, and combined, as for all variants of models.

This outfit should reflect the summer romance. Color is better to choose a classic: red, black, beige. Summer crocheted white dresses look great.

Style is also better to choose classic. For example: a mermaid or with a small train, or with a little flared to the bottom of the skirt. The cutout will fit the V-shaped, but, either on the back, or in the front.

The length of the product can be varied, depending on the characteristics of your figure.

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This model should be distinguished by recognizable ease, openwork, playfulness. Summer beach dresses, as a rule, are very short, rarely their length is below the mini, but the long knitted lace dresses on the floor look great, looking at which you can say that you are rather undressed than dressed.

The color range is the most diverse, the color is usually selected under a swimsuit or other beach accessories, but if this is the problem, then it is better to choose a neutral color: beige, white or black.

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This product should preserve the external business appearance, so the patterns can be only slightly openwork. Fit dresses with vertical or horizontal small patterns, corresponding to the business style.

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Beautifully dressed dresses with an overstated waist combined with a short strict jacket, selected specifically for this outfit.

The ideal length is just below the knees, and the length of the sleeve is three quarters.

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The shape of an everyday summer knitted dress should be as convenient and versatile as possible, suitable for home and street.

Therefore, most often these outfits are designed like a tunic without a clear accent on the waist, hips or chest.

You can wear such a tunic dress with leggings, trousers or, if the figure allows, wear it yourself.

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Knitted cocktail dress can repeat the styles of classic cocktail dresses. The length of it often varies from the mini to the middle of the patella.

The color gamut is much wider than for other models of knitted dresses.

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The dress can be with a knitted item. Most often there are models in which the knitted top of the product, less often the designers choose the bottom, because it can turn out to be slightly massive.

In combination with a knitted top looks beautiful free, soaring bottom of any length, especially maxi.

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With what to wear

Knitted summer dresses also require accessories. Shoes under these dresses should be open and light to emphasize the lightness and airiness of your image.

To emphasize the waist, you need to use a belt or belt, and to complete the image perfectly fit wicker ornaments and ethnic accessories, wicker jewelry for hair and costume jewelry.

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For everyday dresses are also good decorations made of wood, stone, and for evening pearls will suit.

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Scheme of a simple dress

If you are not an expert in working with a crochet, it is better to try to translatesomething simple and uncomplicated, like this dress on straps. After completing it, you can work on the same principle with more complex shapes and patterns.

The standard size( 42-44) requires about 450-440 grams of mercerized cotton yarn, as well as hooks No. 3 and No. 4, and a long, no less than fifteen centimeters zipper.

The dress is matched with a double thread.


  • One shell in the pattern consists of 4 columns with a crochet;
  • Two crossed columns with a crochet are made as follows: at the first shell we skip the first 3 columns with a crochet, the first column with a crochet in the next column with a crochet, then two air loops, all this equals the arch. After you take 1 bar with a crochet on the first column with a crochet in the first of the missed columns with a crochet;
  • 1 motif in 2 rows: 1 shell in an odd row and 2 crossed columns with a crochet in an even row.

We begin the work on the dress from the back. We start it with a larger hook. We dial a chain of 132 air loops. Knit a simple pattern in the first row of 32 motifs, which is equal to 130 loops. To knit about 25 cm from the set row then to reduce on both sides 3 × 1 motifs for 6 rows, which equals 26 shells or 106 loops.

After 51 cm, which is 51 rows from the first row, it is necessary to take the No. 3 hook, make 2 air loops( instead of the 1 st half-pit), 1 half-bar in each of the first 3 bars with the next shell, * skip 1 column with the crochet,1 half-column in each of the next 3 columns with a crochet, at the end of the row, connect one half-column to the 2nd air loop, until the beginning of a series of 80 half-columns.

Next, knit a pattern of polustolbikov, starting with the second row of the description and adding on both sides 3 × 1 polustolbikov in each 6th row.

3 x 1 half-columns in each 6th row / 3 x 1 half-columns in each 7th row / 3 x 1 half-columns in each 7th row,( connect 2 air loops( instead of the 1st half-pit), 1 half-bar in1 st loop, then complete the series to the end and connect the second half-loop to the last loop) = 86 half-columns.

After 68 cm there should be 78 rows from the first row. At this length you can leave.

Before the dress is performed on the same principle as the back.

Shredders: hook number 3.A chain of 55 air loops. Bind the 3 rows of a pattern of polustolbikov.

When all the parts are ready, you need to assemble the product and sew a snake.

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