How to pluck your eyebrows correctly

  • Where to start?
  • Choose the perfect shape of the eyebrow
  • Than pluck your eyebrows? Choosing the right tool
  • How to reduce the sensitivity of the skin?
  • Let's start the procedure at home
  • How to pluck your eyebrows( video)
  • Recommendations of experienced stylists

Eyes are a mirror of the soul, and to make them more expressive, you need to give proper attention to eyelashes and the correct line of eyebrows. If lengthening and giving volume to cilia is not so difficult - it is enough to use high-quality mascara, then to make the correct shape of the pins - the task is more labor-consuming, requiring certain skills and abilities. Therefore, women so often make absurd mistakes, not knowing how to properly pull their eyebrows themselves.

Where to start?

Those who first decided on such a correction, it is best to trust real professionals. In the salon specialists will perform the procedure taking into account all the individual features of the person, and the order of actions will serve as a useful lesson, with which you can perform correction at home. If you do not doubt your abilities, then dare.

Before you learn all the secrets of professional correction, we advise you to focus on several important issues:

  • How to choose the right shape of the eyebrows?
  • Which tools do you need to perform the procedure?
  • What precautions should I know in order to perform the correction painlessly?
  • Well, finally - how and where to remove the hairs?

All these questions will be answered in detail in this article.

Choose the ideal shape of the eyebrow

It is worth noting that there is no universal shape that would suit every girl. For each type of face should choose the right option, which will emphasize all the advantages and make the eyes more expressive. Stylists recommend modeling eyebrows in the shape of a face, so it is necessary to assess all the individual features of your appearance.

  • For the round shape of the face, a slightly broken bend of the line is ideal when the beginning of the eyebrow is slightly elevated and the short tip is smoothly lowered. It is not recommended to make the kink too sharp, such a mistake can make the face look even more rounded. Horseshoe bending of the eyebrow, made on the contour, also does not fit the chubby beauties.
  • If you are the owner of an oval-shaped face, then we recommend that you prefer a more even horizontal line of the eyebrows. Perfectly look straight or slightly rounded eyebrows, located a short distance from the bridge of the nose. Girls with an oval face shape should not make a high-rise bend.
  • Among the possible variations for the triangular type, experts recommend stopping the selection on a round, slightly raised form of the eyebrows. The horizontal line without bending in this case is not suitable.
  • Beauties with a square face should pay attention to the raised arched form, which will make the traits more feminine and refined. Avoid too fine line of eyebrows.
To properly emphasize the shape, it is necessary to observe one important point: remove unnecessary hairs only on the bottom line, without affecting the upper part of the eyebrows.
Above, the hair follicles are characterized by increased activity, so the hairs that are plucked in this area very quickly grow again and give the whole form a very untidy unesthetic appearance.

Than pluck your eyebrows? Choose a suitable tool

Make correction at home is not as difficult as it may seem. To perform a qualitative procedure, you need good tools that will not break off the hairs, but remove them along with the bulb. To do this, you should purchase special tweezers in the store.

The product range presented in the sales is quite wide, therefore it is very important to choose among the huge variety of tools the most qualitative option. To distinguish cheap consumer goods from professional products, customers need to pay attention to some of the features:

  1. First of all it is necessary to check the line of closing of halves. There should not be any cracks here, and two parts of the tweezers must be tightly connected to each other.
  2. To make the tool more comfortable to hold in hand, tweezers should have rings for the thumb and index finger.
  3. The plucking process will be fast enough if you buy tweezers with wide straight jaws that will tightly grasp the hairs.
Choosing a mirror in this case plays an equally important role. Stylists are opposed to a small mirror and advise beauties to carry out the process of removing hairs before a large or at an ordinary dressing table.
Thus, all necessary amenities will be created in order to properly and beautifully pluck your eyebrows. First, the shape will turn out to be maximally symmetrical if both eyes are visible in the mirror, and secondly, no extra objects will not hold hands and interfere with the convenient implementation of the procedure.

If you first decided on eyebrow correction, then you should buy a white eyeliner. With its help, you can mark the boundaries of the desired shape to accurately understand which hairs are subject to further removal. All the next time the pencil is no longer needed, you will only have to maintain a well-groomed appearance of the created line of eyebrows.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the skin?

Any of us knows by experience or heard about how it is painful to pull out the hair on the delicate sensitive skin of the face. The pain threshold for everyone is different, so someone like this procedure is accompanied by unbearable painful sensations.

  • To reduce sensitivity, before you pluck your eyebrows at home, we advise you to make a special compress. To do this, moisten wadded disks in hot water and attach them to the eyebrow line.
  • You can use the opposite method: to hold the skin with a frozen piece of ice. This method will create a slight numbness, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the skin.

Do not forget to follow the rules of hygiene to prevent the introduction of a dangerous infection. To do this, pre-prepare a lotion based on alcohol and a cotton pad. Before beginning the procedure, wipe the eyebrow growth line and tweezers with a disc soaked in alcohol solution, and do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

Getting Started at Home

The process itself does not require much experience, but for the best result it's important to follow simple rules.

To shape the eyebrows should be in daylight, so as not to lose sight of the thin and light hairs.

  • Grip the rod as close to the base as possible to pry the hair along with the bulb, and to avoid unpleasant pain the skin is slightly pulled with one hand.
  • It is not necessary to remove a few hairs at one stroke - such careless movements make it very easy to spoil a beautiful eyebrow shape.
  • It is not necessary to correct the first eyebrow completely, it is necessary to perform hair removal gradually. To begin with, you should correct the bend of one eyebrow, then the other. It is important to make sure that the shape of the two lines is maximally symmetrical.
  • To remove redness, at the end of the procedure, the skin is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a disinfectant.
To create the correct shape bend, you need to follow the rule of the three visual lines. Thanks to these lines, you will determine the beginning, rise and end of the eyebrow, which will look great on your type of face.
  • The first line is in contact with the wing of the nose and the inside corner of the eye. The place where the line intersects with the eyebrow at a right angle will be the beginning of the correct shape. Any hairs growing outside this zone, closer to the bridge of the nose, should be removed.
  • The second line runs from the wing of the nose through the iris of the eye. By applying a pencil in accordance with this straight line and indicating its point of intersection with the eyebrow line, you will find the ideal bend position.
  • To determine the third, final point, the straight line should begin at the wing of the nose and pass through the outer corner of the eye.

It is necessary to pull out all the hairs that are outside the line, so that the shape of the eyebrow neatly terminates at this point. Those girls whose natural line of eyebrows are slightly shorter than the resulting shape of the bend, you should carefully paint the eyebrow, using the appropriate shade of pencil.

How to pluck your eyebrows( video)

Recommendations of experienced stylists

To properly pluck your eyebrows at home, do not neglect some tricks experienced professionals.

  • Correction will occur much faster if you use a mirror with a magnifying glass at the time of the procedure. With the help of such a tool it is much more convenient to remove excess hairs, while the shape of the eyebrows will be more well-groomed and neat.
  • The belief that moisturizing cream can reduce pain, is usually considered an error. Stylists advise not to apply the cream to those areas where the eyebrow will be adjusted to facilitate the whole process.
    Cosmetic will cause the hairs to slide between the tweezers, so removing the hair shaft along with the bulb will be much more difficult.
  • It is best to conduct the procedure on the day when no particularly important cases are scheduled. Immediately after the correction, the skin can retain some unpleasant redness and slight swelling for some time, so it will be necessary to postpone the release until the next time.
  • Do not forget to systematically pluck out all the grown hairs to keep a beautiful well-groomed shape of the eyebrows. It is much easier to maintain the created bend lines than to constantly carry out a painful procedure from the very beginning.


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