What is the combination of a pencil skirt

The skirts of a cut pencil with an overstated waist or medium landing are now at the peak of their popularity and are not going to give up positions. This style is universal. With the participation of such a skirt, you can build a lot of elegant images. This is the secret of her continued success.

  • Who is suitable for
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Who is suitable for

The main feature of this style is that a pencil skirt with an overstated waist is able to visually make a female figure more correct, elongated and proportional. It adds to the growth of centimeters, it seems that the body is stretched up.

Most of all, a pencil skirt is suitable for a classical figure( an hourglass).

Also, if the figure is too skinny, the skirt will add where necessary roundnesses, making the lines more feminine.

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But if there are extra pounds, and here this style will be winning, only you need to use the length of the skirt belowof the knee. Judging from the above, it can be concluded that the pencil skirt is suitable for all types of figures, and practically for any growth, the only one who needs to be careful with such skirts is too tall young ladies to whom this wardrobe element will additionally increase visually.

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With what to wear

For office and business meetings choose a black, gray, red or beige pencil skirt made of simple fabrics. The ensemble can be built on the contrast of the color scale. For example, under a black skirt choose light tones top, and under beige, on the contrary, choose dark tones for the top. But the unity of color will also look elegant.

For example, under a black skirt you can choose a black satin blouse and separate them with a strap at the waist of red, black or white.

Under a beige and white skirt, a light top and a brown, golden or green strap fit nicely.

The red skirt will fit well with the dairy, white, black, yellow top, but the red top under it for a business situation is better not to do - it's too much. But for the evening is perfect.

The gray skirt is combined with many calm colors: mint, turquoise, ash rose, pearl, dairy and so on.

For the celebration fit skirts made of elegant fabrics such as satin, leather, velvet lace, lace and so on. Considering the fact that such a skirt already puts on itself the main accent, the top to it should be as calm and even monotonous as possible.

For leather a good combination will be a leather top. He will also suit a lace skirt.

For casual walks and meetings, a jeans skirt is suitable.

Here under it it is possible to allow non-standard decisions for top and footwear. So the top can be youth: bright tops, T-shirts, T-shirts and so on, and the shoes will fit both sports and classic.

Picking up a jacket under a pencil skirt, you need to consider that the jacket line should be either at the waist, or slightly lower.

The length of the sleeves should be either classical, or three quarters. In the youth and business style, short and long sleeveless jackets are allowed, and short vests are available in the business-official.

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The choice of shoes for such a skirt depends on its length. High shoes are only allowed for short skirts to the middle of the knee, the lower the length of the skirt, the smaller the shoes should be. Refuse the massive options. Ideal fit boots and classic boat shoes.

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