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For women, appearance is an integral part of life. After all, appearance is associated with the person and his well-groomed appearance. Facial care has become an indispensable attribute of a successful life. Sometimes it is easier for us to deal with the stock index than to understand that the wrong food, bad ecology, the modern pace of life, age, and, finally, the stresses appear on our face. We do not want to solve the problem by doing a plastic surgery. So what do you do then?

Facial care

Our face is something that is given to us from birth, so we need to constantly take care of it and in no case should not be exposed to aggressive effects. You need to take care of the skin from the earliest years, otherwise you risk getting a lot of problems afterwards. Cosmetologists recommend already in adolescence to choose the right care for the skin of the face, then in the future you will be able to brag of beautiful clean skin. Unfortunately, most young girls neglect this simple rule or resort to too aggressive means containing in their composition a large amount of alcohol and salicylic acid, which literally drain and age the skin of the face. Because of this, at the age of 25 a woman risks getting the first wrinkles.

How to look after a face?

Proper facial skin care consists of several simple steps that must be followed constantly. It is necessary to accustom yourself to this almost from childhood to achieve the best results.

First of all, it is strongly recommended to contact a good cosmetologist who will help you with choosing the right care products. Many address to the cosmetician only when they have serious problems with a skin of the face, however, in many cases already to make something happens too late.

A good beautician will check the condition of your skin, tell about her type, how to take care of your skin, and also tell you what means you should avoid, what ingredients are included in the products, and also tell about the stage-by-stage care.

And in order to care for the skin at home, you need to know a few simple rules:

  • - always clean the skin twice a day, preferably in the morning( before applying makeup) and in the evening before bedtime( at night, the skin absorbs all the useful components from the skin more activelycaregivers);
  • - after cleansing in the morning, use a moisturizing cream that suits you according to skin type, or a combination of tonic + cream, after such a make-up will "lie down" better and last longer;
  • - in the evening after cleansing apply to the skin a special serum( there are now a lot, you can choose, for example, vitaminized or rejuvenating) and above it a nourishing cream. The cream will "fix" the serum on the skin, all active components will be much better absorbed;
  • - use moisturizing cream in the morning, and in the evening it is nutritious, it is more suitable for night care, for daytime use it is too "heavy";
  • - avoid any products that have alcohol and mineral oils in their composition, these ingredients are categorically contraindicated to any type of skin. Unfortunately, many manufacturers "sin" these components in their means, so always check the contents on the label and if you see the inscriptions Alcohol and Mineral Oil, do not buy this tool

Facial care after 30

Proper skin care is always individual,the benefit of everyone now can choose the most suitable product for him. If your close friend advised you to buy this or that remedy, then do not rush to immediately run after him to the store, because that does not mean that it will suit you. Therefore, look for your means, this way will be quite difficult, because now there are thousands of very diverse means on the market, but it's worth it. Also, do not seek to get as expensive as possible, because expensive - it does not always mean good.

What is the difference between skin care after 30 from skin care at 20?It's very simple: with age our skin is actually thinned, it loses some of its properties. We are slowing the production of collagen in the body, and in fact it is responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin. In 30 years, the means should be more sparing and saturated with useful substances, they should, as it were, replenish the skin reserves.

Use a cream marked 30+, this cream will be more intense and dense, it will better cope with moisturizing the skin of the face. Also change the foam and gels for washing to cleansing creams and hydrophilic oils, they cope with the cleansing not worse, but do not dry the skin, but, on the contrary, nourish it.

As for additional care, it is necessary to avoid aggressive face scrubs( for example, with crushed bones) and various drying agents. This does not mean that the latter can not be used at all, but be limited to only two uses per week.

Once a week, do moisturizing masks, such a mask can even be made from home remedies, for example, a very effective mask yogurt + strawberry + honey and a mask of coconut or olive oil( do not worry, these oils will not cause inflammation, the molecule of these oils is slightly largersize of the pores on the face).And instead of scrub you can use the system for home peeling or exfoliate the skin with simple oatmeal in combination with honey and sour cream, this recipe was used by our grandmothers, and it is still just as good.

Face care in winter

Many women do not know how to care for the face in winter, because in this time of the year you need a completely different care. In winter, the skin is exposed to constant exposure to cold, wind and bright sun, which becomes even more aggressive than in summer. That's why you need to know a few simple rules, under which your skin will always remain beautiful. Here they are:

  • - use as many nutrients as possible, it is nutritious, because moisturizers usually contain water molecules that can simply freeze in the cold, or else it is extremely unpleasant;
  • - replace gel-based products( eg, wash gels and moisturizing cream gels) with oil-based products( nourishing creams, hydrophilic oils);
  • - constantly "nourish" the skin both from the outside and from the inside. Make masks from useful oils, also do not avoid oils in food( even ordinary sunflower oil saturates the body with vitamin E, it is so useful for elasticity and elasticity of the skin), drink vitamins E and A in capsules;
  • - be sure to use sunscreens with a protection factor of at least SPF35 + before leaving the house, exposure to the sun in the winter is very dangerous for the skin;
  • - do not use deep exfoliating means, in the winter they can exfoliate the skin

By observing these simple rules, you will understand that facial treatment in the winter is not something complicated, it is enough to make your new care part of the constant everyday routine.

Oily skin care

If you have oily skin of the face, then do not worry, because many underestimate the beneficial properties of this skin type. The thing is that the oily skin of the face grows much slower than any other type of skin. Yes, yes, that's right, so rejoice in the fact that nature has given you such a skin.

Of course, this type of skin has its own properties, and with the wrong everyday care, dignity can become a flaw. In order to properly care for such skin, you need to know a few simple steps:

  • - never use products containing alcohol. For some reason, most cosmetic companies add this particular component in all means marked "Matirujushchy".Yes, your skin will actually appear less greasy, but this is misleading. Because of too aggressive exposure, the skin begins to produce even more sebum;
  • - also almost on all labels of matting means is written Oil free, it means that the tool does not contain oils. Also a common misconception. Useful oils are good for any skin, and in their complete absence the skin again starts to produce even more sebum;
  • - do not use too heavy dense creams, they clog pores and contribute to an even more secretion of sebum;
  • - try water based products, for example, light moisturizing cream gels, they will fill the skin with useful moisture, but will not cause unpleasant sensations on the skin.

Follow this simple care, then your skin will be really happy. And in makeup avoid too shiny and transfusing( for example, brilliant blush and bronzer), give preference to matte and low-fat textures.

Dry skin care

Dry facial skin requires certain rules of personal care. Unfortunately, such skin ages the fastest, on it very soon the first wrinkles and cracks appear. But do not panic! Proper skin care and good nutrition will help you cope with excessive dry skin of the face. Here are the basic rules:

  • - give preference to cream textures, use rich moisturizing creams based on oils, cleansing creams and nourishing masks;
  • - try to avoid any kind of peelings and scrubs containing abrasive particles, from them on dry skin will appear peeling;
  • - pamper yourself and your skin with nutritious and deeply moisturizing masks, so that the skin maintains the right level of moisture;
  • - do not use drying agents( for acne, for example) 1-2 times a week

As a matter of fact, care for dry skin is very similar to skin care after 30 and 40 years, you must constantly maintain the required level of moisture.

Care for problematic skin

Problem skin of the face is like a time bomb, you never know what and when to expect from it. Problems of this type of skin appear usually from adolescence due to a spike in hormones, in most adolescents this problem disappears after 19-20 years, but it is not uncommon for problematic skin to occur in very adult women.

The problem skin of the face is characterized by acne and frequent purulent subcutaneous and external inflammations, they appear everywhere and with frequent regularity. More often than not, women with problematic skin types suffer from the fact that new inflammations appear immediately on the site of the cured, because of this the entire positive effect is reduced to zero.

In 80% of cases this is due to improper skin care. Simple steps that will help forever forget about frequent inflammations:

  • - use drugs that contain salicylic acid, but not more than 2%, this is enough to dry inflammation foci. Do not use pure salicylic acid on the face skin, many girls buy it in the pharmacy and apply it directly to the face. Do not do this! The skin will become dry, and inflammation will appear with a vengeance;
  • - buy a special point means, which must be applied at night to the focus of inflammation, it will remove the redness and dry the pimple;
  • - however, remember that such remedies will not help to eliminate acne. The only remedy that will help cope with this problem is a remedy with BHA acid. Look for a remedy in which there is this acid, it happens in different concentrations, start with the smallest amount, and if this does not help, then try a drug with more concentration;
  • - clean the skin at least 2 times a day, then all the bacteria that cause the rash will be removed from the skin surface.

You will notice the progress after 1-2 months if you follow all these simple steps, and inflammations will appear much less often.

Combined face skin care

Combined face skin requires special care, because this type of skin includes, as it were, two types: fatty / problem type and dry type of skin. Therefore, you need to somehow combine these two types to achieve good results. How correctly to look after the combined skin? Here are the simple rules:

  • - Avoid too aggressive means, they will make dry skin areas even drier;
  • - Do not use products with alcohol and high concentrations of acids;
  • - select products marked "for combination skin";
  • - give preference to nutritious and moisturizing agents;
  • - use products with a low concentration of AHA and BHA.The first will help restore a beautiful color to the face, and the second will eliminate acne;
  • - use desiccants only pointwise or in problem areas( usually the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin)

The most important thing in any care is the regime and constancy. If you carry out the necessary procedures for the skin 2 times a day, then after a month you will see the result. Try to choose the most suitable products for your care, schedule additional procedures, then your skin will be really grateful to you, and even after 20 years you will have a beautiful complexion and perfectly clean skin.

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